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  1. Has any great lord in history actually gotten trial by combat for high treason? Lord Gormon Peake, Ser Otto Hightower, Lord Larys Strong, Rhaenyra, etc all got executed. I’m not even sure any of them even got a trial (maybe Larys, but Cregan Stark did not appear to care much for legal procedure).
  2. Daeron would likely have been more pragmatic, one assumes. He seems to be similar to Charles (“the wise”) V of France, in that he he was himself not a warrior, but rather bookish and physically weak, but kept his kingdom together during civil wars. While his sons led in battle, he must have been shrewd to keep enough allies to avoid the Blackfyres being able to conquer. One so shrewd, would have not allowed the dirty laundry of the house to be so openly shown to his vassals. Perhaps Ser Duncan might have quietly vanished?
  3. This is the answer. Three Kings Guard faced seven. If one of the 3 survived, that might mark him as a legend. But not the other way around.
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