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  1. Weeell shit. :X That was not the quote I should have answered to! #LikeAnAssOneLooks #OutIWillLetMyself
  2. No, I get that can be one of the reasons. Totally Makes sense from a viewer perspective who knows his situation but wouldn’t it make sense for characters in court to ask for Justice because let’s say Harry Westerling for example: wouldn’t he be horrified one of his knights just murdered someone with no explanations?! Wouldn’t the Velaryons since it was their knight? That’s what bothers me more than anything.
  3. I rarely jump to conclusions. I tend to read or listen a lot before I type anything. It simply sounds like you have a more similar view on what constitutes a grey character with Condal and Martin than I have. Kudos to you for understanding their writing better than me. However you asked a question and I answered since no one seemed to and I don’t see any reason to go further into it.
  4. Yes, I think you took my comment out of the entire exchange between myself, RhaenysBee, who hasn’t read the book but was responding to a comment made for the book Daemon and Ser Yorkic, who did talk about book Daemon. However, to answer your post while keeping the parameters of the exchange: Book wise (which is the original quote that initiated RhaenysBee response and my comment) at that moment Daemon did not needed her to die pronto. He also supposedly fell in love with Laena after he flew back from the Vale and married her after provoking and killing her suitor in a duel. No designs in Rhaenyra quite at that moment bookwise.
  5. A 6 for me. As most here pointed out I also think the ending was a bit of a disaster. This is supposed to be the height of Targaryen ruling, the high society. I do not believe audiences need meta explanations on the side, in professional reviews or in forums or from producers behind the scenes to guess, assume or invent why Criston attacked and killed Ser Lonmouth. This is one of the things I think It should be plain. Show don’t tell. It’s made out as a linchpin for some big characters and it’s difficult to comprehend that plain murder with hundreds of witnesses has absolutely no repercussions or explanations so the court and characters in universe understand what the hell just happened. I just don’t see it: Viserys and Corlys simply don’t care why a knight of the KG killed someone?! Targaryens not having their house in order? Otherwise the ep looked decent to me.
  6. Have you listened to Martin and Condal ever talking about Daemon? Like ever? Because it raises the question if these two men have an actual grasp of what’s a bad boy and what is a monster. Clue: they both state at diff times in my readings of interviews ever since Martin published The Rogue Prince that Daemon Targaryen is not a monster. That’s he is a conflicted gray character and a bad boy. These are the words they use even though I can’t look for direct links right now. So what happens is that some of us always assume that grey and not a monster is not associated with what amounts to cold-blooded-multiple-murders-no-remorse-killer. Which show Daemon seems to be. Book Daemon is from unreliable narratives, with one source extremely biased against him and one that’s Mushroom of the big penis stories… so readers have a large latitude on what to actually believe about him as a character as it is hearsay at best. anyway not sure if yours was a rhetorical question or not but that’s the explanation why I personally was surprised why they wrote him like this. All black.
  7. Eh, if that’s a thing we can just say in order to accuse that whoever we want to was behind a murder, then I’d go with Lady Rhea’s nephew. He wanted those lands and Runestone for himself and couldn’t wait for her to die, he also knew nobody at the Erie would give the inheritance to Daemon and Lady Jayne proved him right. He had motive and means. And no alibi we know of! :P
  8. Not sure how reputable you'd consider it, but Half Price Books does have an online platform and is based in TX. I personally buy used books from them, but I go into their brick and mortar stores. The other one I use for used books is Abe Books which I know is reputable, but I'm not sure where their headquarters are located.
  9. I feel attacked by your comportment instructor, Jace. Maybe it's time for a new cup of coffee so I can read what "the rabble here says" about Kavanaugh, according to DMC!
  10. I've been listening to audiobooks for a long time. Free, like Librivox (which I saw mentioned in the thread) or rented books, purchased or subscription based (Audible). Until I read this thread I never thought of speeding up! So I did it for Pride and Prejudice for one chapter on both Rosamund Pike's (on Audible) and Karen Savage's (on Librivox) readings. To me it sounds like they are running to catch a train in British When I speed up these two to 1.5 X, the narration seems to me to loose inflection, pauses that I thought are supposed to be meaningful for dialog between characters are basically skipped over and intonation is sharp and almost aggressive/ strident. Long story short: it may be due to them acting it out with different voices and a bit of theatrical interpretation. I also think I'm probably one of the weirdest audio readers, since I've never even thought the narrations were slow to begin with.
  11. You know, when you consider that among the first words that come out of Damon’s mouth when confronted by Viserys are: give Rhaenyra to me as a wife, and them you add Mysaria (the White Worm) as the provider of info to Otto… it sounds like he was expecting that throne room scene and also that Daemon could possibly have been in the know about the spy going to Otto. Looking back that kid was just sitting there and then when Daemon decides to just take her hair cover off right outside of the brothel, kid sees the white hair and goes straight to the palace… well, it’s possible that Daemon and Mysaria just had him there to make sure he’s reporting (?) I do agree that Daemon stopped because he knew it was wrong and couldn’t follow through with his plan. It’s the fact that he frowns and angrily hits the wall behind Rhaenyra before leaving. I saw posters saying the director said he lost interest once she responded but man… that Daemon reaction is not of a man who loses interest. If that’s what Matt Smith was supposed to convey, he didn’t get the memo… maybe he lost control of the situation, realized he cannot handle the innocent lust he awakened in Rhaenyra and that she’s liable to make him lose control of his own self. But he definitely didn’t look like he lost interest her or in having sex with her.
  12. The way they adapted the Damon / Rhaenyra speculation from the Mushroom’s account was really well. I liked it so much better that it wasn’t for half year that Damon stayed and bought his way into Rhaenyra’s heart with tales of his exploits and gifts from across the Narrow Sea and daily rides on dragons. It was still in character, so depravedly he WAS trying to show her that there is a life outside of the palace, there is enjoyment in the act of sex for both men and woman without the purpose of squeezing out heirs and there is still a choice after marriage. Mind you he failed to impress on her that rules for men and Women drastically differ if you are caught… but there was substance to the interaction and there was more than teaching her how to please a man as Mushroom told it. Rhaenyra’s curiosity and the scene with Criston was frankly perfectly set and endearing, a very sincere young love scene. I cannot believe how that will turn out just looking at it now. Rhaenyra / Viserys / Otto - well done scenes. I enjoyed them tremendously because let’s face it Ser Otto deserved it and Viserys grew some big balls and rose to Rhaenyra’s standard and challenge: I do my part, you do yours. Hats off to all three actors. They nailed it. And the young Rhaenyra actress is so talented holding her own against Paddy! They DO make Alicent much more mellow and sympathetic. Here is she a real of Otto’s manipulation. I assume she’ll turn on Rhaenyra when she figures out Criston Cole situation rather than pure ambition for her son to be on the throne. All in all, I gave it a 9. You’d think it would be a slow ep, but for me it passed really fast.
  13. I feel like something went wrong, Ormond https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/president-trump-called-smart-six-times-before/story?id=52209712 Maybe we all just needed to hear it more times(?) (though I gotta say I’d be probably trying to stab myself with a cookie if I had heard it more). PS: there’s only one Keanu unfortunately. No American actor comes close!
  14. I never trust anyone who doesn’t root for a Keanu Reeves victory. Those people always seem to me up to no good…
  15. To date it was a record breaker for UK too apparently: https://variety.com/2022/tv/global/house-of-the-dragon-uk-premiere-ratings-1235348076/ I’ve read to WotW that it was generally across all European countries where it premiered. Don’t have the numbers or anything like that, but it sounds like it was a big success.
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