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  1. I've seen that too . however , I cannot see why , no matter how much I try ! I mean first of all, dragonriders don't get roasted , they burn the others. As a person who loved this change from book to show I can only say that I prefer (knowing what I know about her) that she dies in dragonfire rather than on the stairs trying unsuccessfully to get the Vaghar. I wouldn't use "get roasted" myself. To my ears that sounds like she had no choice in the matter and Vaghar just decided to burn the shit of our her, while in fact it showed to my eyes a very, very deep bond where the dragon refuses and then decides to acquiesce simply because it's her request, she breaks down by the end of her requests and he probably feels like she's dying. Reminded me of Drogon's anger at the IT when he saw Dany's the lifeless body. There's feeling and hurt in both for different reasons. I do get that that book death may have show to advantage a better, more feeling side of Daemon. But it looks like show producers and writers prefer Daemon at this time to be much colder and more dark, plus I don't want another badass woman character to die a death so a badass man character gain development. Though I gotta say a softer side to the Prince of Dragonstone just about now would do a bit of good for my soul.
  2. Hah, yes that's what I meant! Freudian slip I suppose, showing which Clegane I would put in the same sentence as Joffrey equaling as monsters of the Westeros! I also suppose my greys are a different shade than Condal's. In fact I'm sure of it. I was trying to think of any good acts that Daemon does, so he cannot be wholly bad/dark and could not find any yet. Neither could I see remorse or doubt for the cruel and/ or criminal behavior he displayed so far which would make him a more ambiguous character. Maybe later.
  3. Ok that explains a lot. Not only in regards to Daemon but in general why there’s is not a single truly redeemable more central character alive in this series. His predilection for portraying villains with minor acts of goodness also fits with what period he chose so I suppose it’s a match made in heaven (?) It also makes sense that Gregor Clegane is his fave. Definitely not a grey character until his Silent Sister stint! And Condal knows it too since he’s mentioning him in the same breath with Joffrey as boogiemen. Do I like the answer? Not necessarily since I enjoyed the ambiguity that allowed some to come off a little more good than evil in F&B. However in the light of what he likes to write, it makes more sense they’d write now-canon murderes to make characters as villains really with some monstrous behavior and a their small share acts of humanity that hopefully will make the audience stick around for them. Thank you for an interesting read!
  4. Stay safe. Get high. we all know that the Storm is all your fault anyways, possibly the US people as a whole and you should take full responsibility
  5. All this talk about us being guilty of everything in the world, reminded me of something I wanted to post a while back when James Arryn in the Ukraine thread was talking about how the Russians feel about it and how Putin blames that special operation on US: https://carnegieendowment.org/2022/09/07/my-country-right-or-wrong-russian-public-opinion-on-ukraine-pub-87803 I get the limitations of the study and I acknowledge that the sample is small however it’s interesting and they do detail the methodology of those surveys in the referenced sources at the bottom. That’s if anyone has the patience to read it.
  6. Rewatched Buffy the entire thing last month and started Angel too. Incredible how well it held up.
  7. YES! Exactly the same reaction and conclusion I ended up with. Initially due to reading what they said in the BTS I ended up thinking it was a physical issue because apparently he couldn’t perform in a couple scenes with different persons AND Rhea also took a shot at this issue (“couldn’t finish”) which ended up to be the line that killed her. but yes, after last ep I concluded the same as you. You should post in the HotD threads! I could at least read stuff like this! (not only Ser Yorick being mad that only morons like myself like the scenes that make no sense to him in HotD, you know )
  8. Personally I think The Behind the Scenes started to get ridiculous during GoT. The one from the episode where “Jaime / Cersei was rape but then by the time they finished it wasn’t” (I’m paraphrasing here some of the explanations from the producers/director) was where I started to just skip them. Every once in a while I fell for it (like Shiereen ep because I wanted to see exactly what they said about taking this from Martin) but nowadays I just read what they say and shake my head sometimes in full disbelief.
  9. Mellos = Dr Hoffmann had me in stitches. in honor of the Blackadder reference I’ll just post this here because it’s worth it: I caught only the outrageous giant reference from the Pentos scene but I could not remember much about it. Cool background namedrop.
  10. I have a feeling you would be wrong about this. "America First" most likely, like "Global Intervention for Global Good yet First America", would keep the commitments it benefits America. And by America I really mean the US.
  11. Agreed. Your girl should definitely not be ashamed! neither the rest of the doggos. I'd tip at the counter if possible tho. I have a feeling that's not something the peeps sign up for when they apply for work there. I could be wrong though, I don't know.
  12. Hahaha Omg this is beyond hilarious! So meta! No wonder he’s the real first casualty of the Dance. He totally knew who’s in the right and how’s everything supposed to go and he wasn’t going to take it anymore! Ps probably took a look at the hour of the wolf ending with Cregan Stark threatening Justice for any wrong done and said: fuck it, I’m not staying here to hear you traitors stealing her throne…
  13. I must say when it comes to Alicent and the time jum, I felt like the previous ep ending did a decent job of showing her dig in her heels and turning against Rhaenyra. If young Alicent's reaction was calling the banners to war at Rhaenyra's wedding feast in front of the whole elite of the realm, simply because Rhaenyra slept before her marriage with someone for fun and "betrayed" her trust while she was suffering Viserys for the realm and her House advancement, well then... it makes sense to me to see her extremely strong reaction after three kids of Rhaenyra's love affair with Harwin. Her stepdaughter is still enjoying herself while keeping the title of heir to the throne. Something she's not allowed to have. Loved her outburst "partial to me" and Olivia Cooke's acting it out. Then she basically went: oh shit, did I say that out loud in front of Larys Strong?!?! I felt it was amazing.
  14. I concur Firebrand Jace. the voice of reason I mean dude just called US- America and the US companies- American Co. He'd be assassinated in some international forums from South America I know of, simply because well: geography. We clearly are the "Los Estado -Unidenses"! Fucking "muricans need to learn geography...
  15. Ooooh would have loved to see that! Honestly though it doesn’t make a huge difference to me as I interpreted his taking his daughters to the roof, his own place of refuge after Leanna’s death, as a clear sign he was comforting them. As shown in the previous scene that’s where he seems to go when he needs to think and feels safe and comfortable, more at peace than anywhere else in that mansion. But I see many didn’t think that’s what the roof represented so maybe it would have made sense not to cut it.
  16. I think the way Larys is played, so creepy and manipulative, and the fact scriptwise he is portrayed as willing to sacrifice his own fam for a later favor from someone on who he to bets on, allows for a lot of latitude. Writers could very organically write him in a “hedging his bets” situation, playing both sides. It would make sense.
  17. Hilarious because true. However I agree with MarkAntony. Can’t really address it with a 10 yr jump without looking hamfisted. Was Harwin supposed to say: hey guys, good to see you know how to intervene when a fight breaks out, any reason why you didn’t do it 10 yrs ago at Rhaenyra’s wedding?! You have 5 book choices: fire accident, Daemon (a classic by now), the SeaSnake, Larys and the King. Which one you lean towards? I was frankly shocked they didn’t put it on show Daemon, but it would have been overkill considering he has to murder another soon, I suppose. And for the same reason. I personally incline to think Book Viserys, to make sure there’s no more mention of the “Strongs”. He probably only meant for Harwin to die, but Lyonel’s trip to Harrenhal was not known to the king apparently, so it was collateral damage. My book suspicion has now been cemented by the fact show Larys uses the hot pincers to remove the tongues, which is exactly what book Viserys said he’ll do if he ever hears his grandsons called like that. Weird, right?! Lol
  18. Knives come out, bitches! All the knives. A 10 from me. I know I loved the change in how Leana died! Oh and Cooke and D’Arcy? Why did I ever worry about them taking over? I forgot why. It’s irrelevant anyway. Nailed the parts and hit the ground running. lots of contraction in the timelines and clearly they feel they need to get to the dance by the end of the season but changes worked for me.
  19. Weeell shit. :X That was not the quote I should have answered to! #LikeAnAssOneLooks #OutIWillLetMyself
  20. No, I get that can be one of the reasons. Totally Makes sense from a viewer perspective who knows his situation but wouldn’t it make sense for characters in court to ask for Justice because let’s say Harry Westerling for example: wouldn’t he be horrified one of his knights just murdered someone with no explanations?! Wouldn’t the Velaryons since it was their knight? That’s what bothers me more than anything.
  21. I rarely jump to conclusions. I tend to read or listen a lot before I type anything. It simply sounds like you have a more similar view on what constitutes a grey character with Condal and Martin than I have. Kudos to you for understanding their writing better than me. However you asked a question and I answered since no one seemed to and I don’t see any reason to go further into it.
  22. Yes, I think you took my comment out of the entire exchange between myself, RhaenysBee, who hasn’t read the book but was responding to a comment made for the book Daemon and Ser Yorkic, who did talk about book Daemon. However, to answer your post while keeping the parameters of the exchange: Book wise (which is the original quote that initiated RhaenysBee response and my comment) at that moment Daemon did not needed her to die pronto. He also supposedly fell in love with Laena after he flew back from the Vale and married her after provoking and killing her suitor in a duel. No designs in Rhaenyra quite at that moment bookwise.
  23. A 6 for me. As most here pointed out I also think the ending was a bit of a disaster. This is supposed to be the height of Targaryen ruling, the high society. I do not believe audiences need meta explanations on the side, in professional reviews or in forums or from producers behind the scenes to guess, assume or invent why Criston attacked and killed Ser Lonmouth. This is one of the things I think It should be plain. Show don’t tell. It’s made out as a linchpin for some big characters and it’s difficult to comprehend that plain murder with hundreds of witnesses has absolutely no repercussions or explanations so the court and characters in universe understand what the hell just happened. I just don’t see it: Viserys and Corlys simply don’t care why a knight of the KG killed someone?! Targaryens not having their house in order? Otherwise the ep looked decent to me.
  24. Have you listened to Martin and Condal ever talking about Daemon? Like ever? Because it raises the question if these two men have an actual grasp of what’s a bad boy and what is a monster. Clue: they both state at diff times in my readings of interviews ever since Martin published The Rogue Prince that Daemon Targaryen is not a monster. That’s he is a conflicted gray character and a bad boy. These are the words they use even though I can’t look for direct links right now. So what happens is that some of us always assume that grey and not a monster is not associated with what amounts to cold-blooded-multiple-murders-no-remorse-killer. Which show Daemon seems to be. Book Daemon is from unreliable narratives, with one source extremely biased against him and one that’s Mushroom of the big penis stories… so readers have a large latitude on what to actually believe about him as a character as it is hearsay at best. anyway not sure if yours was a rhetorical question or not but that’s the explanation why I personally was surprised why they wrote him like this. All black.
  25. Eh, if that’s a thing we can just say in order to accuse that whoever we want to was behind a murder, then I’d go with Lady Rhea’s nephew. He wanted those lands and Runestone for himself and couldn’t wait for her to die, he also knew nobody at the Erie would give the inheritance to Daemon and Lady Jayne proved him right. He had motive and means. And no alibi we know of! :P
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