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  1. Speaking as someone who has worked on an art project for 5 years, you don't start with the enthusiasm that you did in the beginning. Or, more accurately, that enthusiasm waxes and wanes through the process. I honestly think the series wrapping could be a weight off his shoulders, and perhaps motivation to show people how he wanted to end his story. His greatest success happened at a age when most people thinking about retirement. It is a blessing and a curse. I love the guy, wish him well in finishing the books. I think he will, but really, who knows?
  2. Did you expect that Jon and Dany would have happy endings? I thought both might die. I agree how we arrived here was mindblowingly clumsy and rushed but this is more or less the ending I expected. Ultimately Dany thought she was entitled/destined to rule Westeros because of who her father was and because she had Dragons.
  3. One possibility I see is she does not go crazy but Jon kills her to make Lightbringer before the final battle against the Others in Kings Landing.
  4. I thought the implication was that he already knew he would become King.
  5. I am confident that GRRM will write a better path to the ending. For me, Dany's turn was not handled well enough in the show but the 'lords elect a king' voting is close to what I expected (I thought the Night's Watch voting system would be adopted), Jon's fate made sense, Arya going west like Nymeria, Sansa as Queen in the North, etc. Overall the broad strokes of it felt right.
  6. This is the ending I expected for him while reading the books. I never thought he would be King. My question is, when will he kill Dany in the books? do the others reach kings landing?
  7. Have not posted here in years. Old fan of the books. I always thought that there was a reasonable chance that the Night's Watch custom of electing the Lord Commander would be applied to the Throne and that Bran would prove to be very important (he was the 1st POV character). I suspect the order of events will play out differently. For example, Jon will kill Dany to make the magic sword earlier in the story, before the final battle with the Others. So parts of that ending felt right to me but the setup by D&D was generally poor.
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