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  1. Mel has other kings blood nearby tho. She has Cregan Karstark(Bc of ancient Stark line), Monster, the descendants of Raymund Redbeard and even Jon(if R+L=J)
  2. I think this is because the Starks were annihilated by Aerys. He killed Brandon and Rickard and Lyanna died. Also the Baratheons are famously fertile but Stannis doesn’t enjoy sex and Renly is homosexual so…. And yeah Martells are super promiscuous but they have no legitimized children. Like why couldn’t Oberyn just marry Ellaria??
  3. Yeah an ideal ending for me would be what @Lord Lannister mentioned because it fits with his character more than burning shireen to try and summon the stone dragon or something
  4. I do hope that it is a revision though. Stannis burning his own daughter would make him lose a lot of popularity points
  5. I’m curious is this in the show or the books because Stannis is not with shireen rn
  6. Just curious, why does everyone believe Shireen is going to be burnt by Stannis? I thought it was just a bad decision for the TV Series. Why would Stannis burn his only living heir and issue and for what? He explicitly states that he loves her with all his heart and he would never sacrifice her for whatever Melisandre promises him.
  7. Stannis Baratheon. The man needs no introduction. A seasoned battle commander and badass, he is arguably the best suited to the Iron Throne. But even the most hardcore Stannis fans agree that he will not sit the Iron Throne. But he won’t die a wimpy death like in the show. How would Stannis’s eventual death be poetic and meaningful ? How would you write Stannis’s death so it is relevant to the plot and not just an off-screen death?
  8. Ok that is true. They should have released better numbers for who died at the Red Wedding.
  9. I feel like Stark loyalists are nearing as bad as complete Stark haters. The Starks are on a way higher moral ground than the Lannisters but they too do bad things like Robb plundering the Westerlands and him breaking his betrothal to Roslin Frey.
  10. Yep, I can’t seem to find the interview but Barristan is plugged in Bc we need eyes In merreen. He is a boring pov and definitely not a main character. Neither is Arianne. What have either done to make them main characters.?
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