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  1. Agreed, the Northerners are hardened by winter and cold weather but for the Stormlands, it is only the Marcher Lords. I would argue that martial houses would also be the House Mallister, the Shields and a lot of Dorne.
  2. Most of it is assorted. They come from The Battle of The Bells, some from Mace Tyrell's host and Gulltown loyalists and Houses Darry and Mooton.
  3. Most likely. Although I think it depends on how pure the Valyrian steel armor is.
  4. If around 50 houses can only raise around 10,000 and this includes the city of King's Landing, that means that the Crownlands are super depopulated.
  5. This is a pretty good theory. I've also speculated that Blackfyre was lost by Bittersteel a long time ago. I would like to hear your opinion on whether Blackfyre will play a role in the upcoming novels.
  6. Has it been established that Dunk saved Rhaegar and not Aerys? I think Rhaella and Rhaegar were safe but Aerys and Jahaerys were probably super close to the Aegon.
  7. After the Rebellion, Hoster should have betrothed Brynden to Shella Whent and given Brynden Harrenhal. The only problem I see with this is neither Brynden and Shella are fertile so this House will die out with them.
  8. Aemond is possibly the worst Targaryen military commander along with Aegon IV. All these points plus the fact that he had the largest, most battle-tested dragon ever and went out like the biggest punk ever. He also torches the riverlands for no apparent reason and kills randos and innocents. Daemon deserved better but his ending was truly one of the best arcs in Fire and Blood.
  9. We know that kingdoms weren't super loyal or Westeros wouldn't have a history of such bloodiness. Also even if the system does protect itself, what about foreign invasions? The Triarchy, Braavos and Volantis are all threats that could easily take KL with a fleet and around 40,000 selllswords.
  10. This doesn't do anything if there are no people to farm and cultivate that land. It's not arguing about how much land the Crown owns. It's how fortified and strongly held the Capitol of the Seven Kingdoms is. The answer is, even with potential expansion, the armies of the Crownlands are useless.
  11. Ok I'll clarify. After Aegon III, why wasn't there a fortification of the crownlands. The Dance of the Dragons showed how weak and vulnerable the crownlands were. Borros Baratheon, Kermit Tully, Cregan Stark and Ormund Hightower's armies are able to make good progress into the crownlands without anyone stopping them. Houses Rosby and Stokeworth are super ineffectual and field like 500 and 600 men each. Against the 35,000-45,000 men that the Riverlands and Stormlands can raise, this is pathetic.
  12. Agreed, everything Tyrion is predicting is happening. I think this is one of the primary reasons he'll become Hand as opposed to Barristan.
  13. Most of the Royal Navy is crewed by men from Massey's Hook, Claw Isle, Swordfish Point, Driftmark, Dragonstone and the islands surrounding them. Not from areas like Rosby, Stokeworth, the Antlers and Duskendale.
  14. This doesn't help against massive armies from the stormlands or the riverlands both of whom are pretty rebellious and rowdy. If you want to keep KL militarily secure, you need the same armies that your neighbors have. In order to do that, you need more peasant levies in the Crownlands which is some of what you said, expanding the Crownlands. But to ensure your army is good enough, you do some drilling and train the peasants or provide foreign mercenaries gold and lands to settle in the crownlands.
  15. It's not a standing army, its just populating the crownlands a little more with peasant levies who can be raised during times of war. As I've pointed out before, the gold cloaks are the primary form of defense and they are unreliable at best.
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