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  1. I really like to read Jade Compendium and Septon Barth's book " The unnatural history of dragons". Share what you will like to read and also possibility about a new fictional book. Thanks!
  2. What happens if Robb stark sent Roose bolton/Catelyn tully w. Blackfish to the Iron islands instead of Theon Greyjoy? Share your thoughts
  3. What happens if the nine free cities join their armies together and wage war upon westeros? Share your thoughts.
  4. Mates, we need to wait and be patient. Like good old times... Like GRRM says after started to binge watching, we forgot the essence of waiting. Stop asking the question "when will be TWOW release? "..start live by dreaming how good that book is going to be... Learn to wait like the watchers on the wall....Learn to be patient like Jalabhar Xho who still believe that someone help him.... Learn to wait like the ibbenese people that they thought someday GRRM will inculde them in a story...If we can't learn to wait we can't be happy.. You know after finishing TWOW.. We will forget to celebrate the book and start asking "when will DOS will release? ". Celebrate mates! If you still think waiting is bad, just think about BLOODRAVEN!
  5. For a long time I tried to write a song/ballad verses about situation stands at the Mereen as we last know. I titled it as "The queen who's away ".I only wrote a middle two verse i.e 'The kraken is on Slavers Bay Volantenes are on their way' It should be included the queen' hand, tattered prince, tyrion, quarth, yunkai. I thought it would be ended like this... 'All this for the queen who's away ' Can we complete the song together?
  6. Man! They are everywhere. In iron islands, kingslanding, gulltown etc.... Even during the voyage of Alys westhill they had been seen near targaryen islands. I mean I know they are hunting whales and sell the whale oil but ...it's just their native place is lot of leagues away and remotely located and the people also looks like neanderthals. There is also no mention about where exactly they found lot of whales...By seeing the map I think they will find it in bay of whales. I hope GRRM will give some chance for them to involve in the future asoiaf story. They are the only ones who had been seen everywhere but didn't make any impact to the ongoing story. Man, whenever they cam across the story, I started to root for them. At one time, there was some news that kraken attacks the whaler ships..Please god let it be a REAL KRAKEN!. Please just share your fun thoughts about them. thanks.
  7. That would be awesome though the white book will be a huge book. I mean it's about every white cloaks... Not all chapters would be small one like the hound's.
  8. That's right. I hope atleast there will be one fictional book... After fire and blood 2.
  9. Not all books.... I thought it would be interesting to read few books like nine voyages ( I love to read sea adventures) and Jade Compendium... Don't you want to know what Septon barth wrote in Unnatural History? Also Lomas book?
  10. I say... Euron greyjoy never visited Valyria (or) not even near the valyrian coast. I think the reader (Rodrik Harlaw) is right. After we know what happened to Aerea targaryen, we can see that no one can visit valyria and came back and alive. (Even Balerion the black dread came back with wounds) Still, I can't guess where he get that Dragonbinder. It may be fake like Joramun's horn but the red priest moqqoro says it has valyrian glyphs in it. ( This is my theory. I don't know... maybe valyria beacame less dangerous after all these years.)....But If that dragonbinder is fake, I am going to really feel bad for my favorite character "The Iron Captain". Please share your thoughts....
  11. After reading Fire and blood, I really wanted to experience the other fictional books in the asoiaf universe. I hope someone will write Jade compendium and nine voyages. I know nine voyages is going to be a tv series but reading a sea adventure is more fun. I also like to read Dragon unatural history by septon barth. So guys, Do you think GRRM will let someone to write the fictional books later someday?
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