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  1. GRRM skipping this year too? He removed Chicon 8 from his site!
  2. I would love a Tyrell POV. I hope we get to see what's going on at Highgarden!
  3. Given how late the book is, and the fact that GRRMs mention of no new POVs was years ago, how likely that GRRM added a new POV or three to overcome new story knots?
  4. Is it based on GRRM script? I believe GRRM once mentioned he wrote a script for one of his stories, and would only option the script rather than the rights to adapt the story. Was that THE ICE DRAGON?
  5. I don't have much expectations for the spin-off shows. In the last few years, GRRM tried to flesh out as much stories as he could. This work took Stan Lee, Steve Ditko, and so many other writers decades to create. And GRRM is spreading himself too thin working on NINE shows and WINDS, F&B II, & D&E. I love GRRM, but I don't think he can do all of those well. I wouldn't be surprised if only HOTD survives. On the other hand, I have a very high hopes for the WILDCARDS show. The writers have a rich universe with fully completed story arcs.
  6. Would you mind sharing the english version of the chat?
  7. The thing is he's not done. He keeps adding characters up to the last chapter. WINDS sample chapters include new characters that never appeared in any of the other books.
  8. WINDS characters would be my guess. Plus Ran said they can't comment on whether the scope of the Who's Who book will encompass WINDS or not (that's a dead giveaway in my book; if it doesn't, then it's an easy no).
  9. Can GRRM publish F&B 2 without spoiling D&E? I think the 200 pages he mentioned are D&E stuff he wrote to help the show runner, and we won't see F&B 2 not until D&E is done. Hopefully the new show nudges GRRM to wrap up the two stories he partially wrote years ago.
  10. Will it include characters from Winds or stop at Dance?
  11. The "Who’s Who in Westeros" book is a printed version of the app?
  12. This was the plan for THE BIG FEAST https://www.westeros.org/Citadel/SSM/Entry/1352
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