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  1. 2 hours ago, RhaenysBee said:

    What in fresh hell happened here? How do you screw up 53 decent minutes in only 5 more? How do you ruin something in literal minutes? Who approved this scene? 

    so if you take away the first 5 minutes and the last 5 minutes, the episode was a solid 7-7.5. ridiculous. 

    I couldn't put it better . those 10 minutes killed the episode in an unredeemable way

  2. 4 minutes ago, TheValonqarThatWasAzorAhai said:

    But was anyone witness to their conversation.  With Lonmouth dead, Cole can say anything he wants.  He is a knight of the Kingsguard, who now has the backing of the Queen, who would dare call him a liar.

    the heir to the throne and her husband. 

    Joffrey's death was the worst change from the book so far . in the book , Laenor , Rhaenyra and house Lonmouth(who probably care about their kin) have nothing against Christon Cole because it was an accident . it is only clear for the reader that Cole may have beaten up Joff and Harwin on purpose due to his anger . in the show beating a noble man to death with bare hands and screwing up King's festivities shouldn't go well, especially with both the princess and her husband against him .

  3. 19 minutes ago, The Bard of Banefort said:

    You know what? I agree with that. Daemon is a really boring character. 

    I liked this article. It nicely summarizes how cartoonishly evil he is now: https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/tv/features/house-of-the-dragon-daemon-matt-smith-b2167537.html?amp

    it's really funny how they keep saying " well you don't know what Daemon thinks" "you don't know what Daemon will do" ... well actually 5 episodes in and we know what Daemon would do : the worst thing possible  . 

    book Daemon is interesting because there is room to think he may not be responsible for some of the accusations and still see where he was coming from when when he commits the worst crimes (B&C) . but more than that , book-Daemon is competent . people wouldn't think they are losing the fight in SS because of Daemon , they'd think they are winning because of him . he displays  charm and charisma . and one would think there should have been something by this point to get Daemon from his StepStone and smash the mob mode to a Daemon who is against using dragons in war unless necessary after the time-jump. 

  4. 4 minutes ago, TheValonqarThatWasAzorAhai said:

    Ser Cole could always say that Joffrey threatened the King or Rhaenyra.  That would be a good reason to beat him to a pulp and NOT face any consequences.

    Joffrey was Velaryons' honored guest and by default a guest of the crown . he had eaten their food at the party . doesn't he have guest rights? even with that excuse Cole didn't have to kill him. and if Alicent and Viserys believe the lie , Rhaenyra and Laenor won't and Cole should certainly know that there will be consequences whenever they are in power. 

  5. 3 minutes ago, Mark Antony said:

    Funnily enough out of all the mysterious deaths that Daemon benefited from in F&B I always thought Laenor was the most likely Daemon had a hand in. And there’s zero chance he did his own killing for that except to dispose of Qarl Correy. 

    quite the contrary , I thought the idea that Daemon has Laenor killed didn't make sense in the light of the fact that Corlys and Rhaenys never doubted him , despite the fact that he had the most to gain . but this show-Daemon has gone further than I imagined and Cole has already showed us that there aren't consequences for your murders . 

  6. 2 minutes ago, C.T. Phipps said:

    Yeah, he's silent and beaten down as well as arriving disguised.

    Lots of ways to read it


    Inside HBO says it's confirmed as deliberately ambiguous and not that he went there to kill her.


    so , they wanted us each to feel different about it . I gotta say , this is somewhat smart to adapt F7B and manage to maintain some ambiguity to it . although , I'm personally no fan of it . I think most of my disappointment is because of other things regarding Rhea which I have explained in this thread.

  7. 9 minutes ago, C.T. Phipps said:

    Daemon didn't go to kill his wife.

    The horse was spooked, it knocked her over and she was paralyzed.

    He finished her off with a rock after one too many insults about his ED.

    it sure looked like it! if he didn't plan on killing her , why the creepy silence ? why the disguise ? and why not entering Runestone from the front door?

  8. I'm not gonna lie , I enjoyed a lot of things in this episode . the wedding had the ability to be really entertaining with that music alone . and Rhaenys/Corlys conversation was a highlight for me . BUT there are some major issues with this episode that I cannot overlook , including two idiotic murders and the character of Daemon Targaryen. so an episode that could be 7 or even 8 if improved got a 5 from me . I am frustrated  .

  9. it's such a shame . this episode had so much potential. the music was great , character interactions were mostly good , High Tide was alright... BUT there were a couple of big problems that I did not expect to see :/ and that makes me see all the small details I usually ignore . 

    1. Joffrey Lonmouth's death was the stupidest thing that had ever happened in the show . the book's tourney works so well because it is not really apparent to a contemporary that it's not much of an accident . only in hindsight a historian can put things together and see Criston Cole was pissed at Rhaenyra and Laenor and hurt Joffrey and Harwin in the process. to say they killed Joffrey in that brutal manner in the wedding because of budget makes no sense . because they didn't need a tournament , just not this. I expected Ryan Condal , the devoted book reader that he is, knows that for a new up-jump Criston Cole to murder a ser Joffrey Lonmouth in the royal wedding out of the blue and to throw away new prince consort in the process means dire consequences !
    2. the other big problem of the show is Daemon wife killer . this makes absolutely no sense in the show . if he was willing to kill Rhea , he would have done so before he asked for Rhaenyra's hand . and the manner of it? did Daemon somehow bewitched the horse or something?.... but worse than this is his future marriages , one could argue that Rhaenyra would be foolish enough to marry Daemon wife killer later but it makes no sense for Laena to marry him considering it's Corlys who is going to agree with the match despite the accusation he is well aware of . in addition to that , Rhea issue could bite them in the ass when Jeyne Arryn supports Rhaenyra . murder of her cousin is so much more than treating her unfairly .


    then there are some problems  I could have ignored , if the first major flaws hadn't been there :

    • firstly , is Driftmark empty? where are all the knights practicing in the yard ? does it make sense that there are only Laenor and Joffrey there ? 
    • I think the problem of Laena's age comes to surface now . she is clearly more mature than Rhaenyra and Laenor who stands by his friend and doesn't utter a word when king comes in.
    • I'm surprised that they are going to resolve the problem of Laena's betrothed in the time jump . especially that they did not really establish any connection between Laena and Daemon. they could have Daemon go to Driftmark instead of Vale and connect with Laena . then  have the sealord's son challenge Daemon in the wedding. this would have been in character for Daemon not to give a fuck and they would have had their precious chaotic wedding .
    • how come Joffery thinks Rhaenyra match is better than they hoped for? if anything it's the worst for the two of them . Laenor is heir to Driftmark , he'll be the wealthiest lord in the realm and his lady wife would have to obey him. Rhaenyra Targaryen would be the only woman who could question him if she wishes so . 
    • not enough time has been invested on Cole's conflict . 
    • it's silly for Joffrey to approach a clearly upset Cole as such.
    • aren't there other rooms to perform the ceremony in?
    • can't the king shout : enough ser Christon stand aside?!
    • also , are we going to pretend Vhaegar isn't a Velaryon dragon? did Laena swim to Kingslanding? where the hell is her dragon?



  10. 6 hours ago, LynnS said:

    He did? i missed that completely. I thought Littlefinger said he won it off of Tyrion, who bet against Jaimie in some contest or other.  At least this is what he tells Catelyn.  Tyrion later tells her it's a lie because he never bets against his brother.  He doesn't say whether the dagger was his or not.  If it belonged to Littlefinger, then I'm puzzled as to  how it came into Robert's possession, in order for Joffrey to take it.  It seems to me Robert had it all along.  Spoils of war.

    Yah, I'm not really sure if it's significant that the dagger shows up in HotD with an origin story.  But I can see it being passed down to heirs apparent until Robert got his hands on it.  Do you think GRRM knew the showrunners were going to use it in this way?

    as far as I remember , in one of Jaimie chapters he thinks about the drunken king Robert who bet against Jaimie and the dagger that was passed from LF to Robert . he then goes on to think about how Joffrey's role .

    yeah , he had read the scripts .


  11. 5 hours ago, Colonel Green said:

    Laena, Laenor and Harwin aren't actually important characters, though. They're the parents (or non-parent, in one case) of important characters.

    I agree that they are not important on their own . same as Luke . but these people's death should have an affect on their loved ones . and that can hardly be explored if they come off as convenience deaths. for example you got Corlys and Rhaenys who despite always hoping to get their blood on the throne, never had actually entered a war for it , now they team up with their in laws even though their grandkids aren't even their grandkids . and on the other hand , you have Larys Strong , a pretty mysterious guy in the dance, it's fair to assume his brother and father's death has some affect on him . and he , like Corlys/Rhaenys , should have an opinion about Strong princes .

  12. 1 hour ago, Melifeather said:

    HofD is making a little fuss about this blade and the HBO version of AGoT used the same blade and had Bran give it to Arya. It might be an indication that it will show up in the books...at least I don't recall reading about such a blade that reveals words when heated.


    19 minutes ago, LynnS said:

    It's the same prop, apparently.  Surely Ryan Condan knows how it was used in both the book and the show.  Bookwise, I'd say Robert ended up with it as part of the Targaryen property after the Rebellion.  Which is how Joffrey ended up with it.  I doubt it was ever Tyrion's property or Littlefinger's property.  Although, he took advantage of everyone's ignorance to claim it for himself.  He's the last person in the chain of custody.  Sansa getting her hands on it could be something GRRM decides to write into the books.

    Not sure if the castle made of snow is Winterfell or the second waycastle (called Snow) at the Eyrie.

    clearly HOTD showrunners want to have some connection to GoT . the whole prince that was promised thing that they have put in the show is a silly attempt to connect the shows. although Aegon's vision could be accurate in the books in some form or another, I personally doubt the dagger has any new importance to it . it's not a blade that passes hand to hand to get to Arya ,the Nights king slayer, who didn't need any help from Targaryens by the way !  it's a plain looking Valyrian dagger. it's richly enough that makes Starks wonder about its origin but not so clearly luxurious that someone like Joff or the catspaw know its price.  and Robert won it from LittleFinger . he didn't inherit it through Targaryen armory. I believe the dagger is now more of a symbol of deceit in the books . the last time it showed up was when LF was talking to Sansa about (I think) Joff's murder, an event not unlike Bran's murder attempt . in both, sons are targeted , in both mothers think Tyrion is behind it , in both they are completely clueless about who is truly behind it. 

  13. 25 minutes ago, Takiedevushkikakzvezdy said:

    Yeah, I do enjoy all the episodes individually, but the plot structure is a bit of a mess. There is speculation that Blood and Cheese will happen at the beginning of next season, but in order for that to work, viewer need to care about Helaena and her children. And yet she's still a baby herself midway through this season.

    I mean .. I totally understand why they have chosen this structure. but they at least needed more episodes ... I refuse to believe it would have been impossible for HBO . but man , there will be some characters that no one will even remember ,namely Laena , Laenor and Harwin . "Bronze Bitch" has more presence than those 3!  I doubt anyone would care for their deaths especially that in universe they'll be merely obstacles in way of Daemon/Rhaenyra . but then there are Luke and Helaena who have to be fleshed out before season ends . it'll be quite an accomplishment if they make people actually care for Helaena and Luke in 5 episodes .

  14. 27 minutes ago, The Bard of Banefort said:

    Another fascinating trend on the internet: I compared three shows that are all airing right now (HOTD, LOTR, and Cobra Kai) and there’s almost a perfect split between the western and eastern hemisphere:

    https://trends.google.com/trends/explore?date=now 1-d&q=%2Fg%2F11gh329g28,%2Fg%2F11f4034qyf,%2Fg%2F11j0n257zd

    that was certainly interesting . by the way , what does Cobra Kai have ? is it really any good? 

  15. 46 minutes ago, Ran said:

    Oh, the "I don't want to be a mother/don't want to get married" thing is 100% show canon. Book canon, while we don't really know Rhaenyra's mind, there's no great reason to think she had any particular hangups, and no great reason to think she didn't welcome motherhood. But since we don't 100% know, the writers (rightfully) decided to make a choice for their story... with the odd consequence of having the realization that, oh, she's happy to be a mother just something that happens off screen after spending half the season telling us she didn't want to be.


    you'll probably not answer this... but am I too optimistic to think they'll at least try to explain how Rhaenyra has come to embrace motherhood in episode 6 forward? 

  16. :):):)

    I finally saw the released photos for episode 5 and I have a few thoughts :

    I'm happy to know dragoness king Viserys will go to Driftmark . High Tide was what I anticipated the most about the HOTD:P

    there are some photos of princess Rhaenys ... I hope she won't be in the background when her husband and her cousin sort things out...

    it's shameful that they have hired a handsome actor just to put a mop on his head! where is taste? where is common sense?

    it's always good to see Harwin and Larys! 

    no sign of Vhaegar frustrates me . 

    and do you guys think Daemon will kill his wife in the show? I'd be VERY disappointed if he does:( 




  17. 4 hours ago, Ran said:

    Having seen episode 6, not a chance. They make everything very plain. You’d have to have the attention span of a fruit fly to not understand it.

    I've been told some viewers thought Rhaegar in his cameo was Viserys . then I guess those people actually thought the young guy we saw in season 1 was another young guy's FATHER who we also met in season 1...:rolleyes:

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