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  1. 21 minutes ago, frenin said:

    Indeed, once again, not fleshing the Velaryons would bite the series in the ass. They're vital to the Dance and have been given zero screentime before they start to die like flies.

    not only they are vital to the dance , but whatever arc they go through in season 1 should be as important as Targaryen's . after all , these are the people who didn't start a war for their own inheritance , now fighting for another's cause:/

  2. 1 hour ago, Takiedevushkikakzvezdy said:

    although all I can remember of first 4 episodes of GoT is that I initially wanted to drop the show, I think a lot of the article is fair enough . and all of us discussing here knew that they can barely get deep into the characters . the only thing they can do with the structure they've chosen is to work on 2-3 characters from the beginning , start highlighting 1-2 secondary characters in the second half and treat the second generation as Sansas and Aryas and flesh them out in later seasons .  though even as that, GoT's structure alone was an advantage against HOTD . considering only deaths , in GoT season 1 there were 4 major deaths with impacts . but we were with those characters from beginning to end. in HOTD , there will be 8 that I can remember that affect the story in some fashion , but only one of them is properly in the story . the others get what ? 15minutes each? 

  3. 1 minute ago, SeanF said:

    I take it they’re the sort of clothes medieval royalty wore, rather the stuff the cenobites wear in Hellraiser, which we got in GOT?

    as far as I remember medieval portraits , no. but they're a lot better than GoT dresses in my opinion .

    speaking of dresses , I hope they have used better fabrics for Rhaenyra's dresses in remaining episodes. in this last episode , I swear to god , both her dresses(Red and Cream) were made out of hotel curtains! 

  4. 3 minutes ago, RumHam said:


    I didn't even think about that, once they have all the sets it should be a lot cheaper to do more Fire and Blood or Dunk & Egg/Blackfyre rebellion stuff

    that's true . but I hope they also consider how that gets repetitive pretty quickly.

    if there has to be a Westeros TV universe, I think Nymeria show could be really good . they could both have her travels which would basically be the seasnake show and her Dorne wars  which would be GoT/HOTD (with the difference that this princess WINS). besides , won't all the diversity they can have be title worthy? 

  5. 51 minutes ago, The Bard of Banefort said:

    I think Alicent takes her position and her duty very seriously, and she thinks that Rhaenyra is flouting all responsibility by behaving the way she has. And in that respect, Alicent is right—we saw just how rude and undiplomatic Rhaenyra was at the beginning of the episode, and earlier at the hunt and when meeting the kingsguard candidates. She has not behaved as a future ruler should. We can criticize Viserys for a lot of things, but I’m sure he probably would have handled all of those situations better when he was her age, so it’s not even a question of double standards in this case.

    I think both girls are actually implied to take their duties seriously, though in different ways . Alicent accepts her specific role and no matter how much it frustrates her (whether her role as and obedient daughter or a wife) , she does them exactly as told .but Rhaenyra does not follow the rules blindly . I believe this is perfectly shown in their first garden scene , where Alicent reads their lessons as told , while , Rhaenyra , despite already knowing the lesson , is not in the mood to listen to what septa has asked them to do . 

    however , I think showrunners have kinda failed to communicate Rhaenyra's sense of duty in the last two episodes simply because of her story in these two episodes . 

    as for the double standard , Viserys's council meeting in ep1 where he interrupts Corlys to talk about his party , ep3 where he ignores Tyland Lannister to enjoy his other party and all his drinking in the last two episodes are not that different from Rhaenyra's frustration of ancient suiters .


  6. I think Alicent's reaction to the situation is more of a genuine disgust and disappointment in Rhaenyra , proven by clear relief when Rhaenyra swears nothing has happened. and that is not just because of "Targaryen's queer customs".  so far, we know Alicent is religious , how religious is yet to be seen . but if I know one thing about religious people who view pre-marriage sex as a some sort of sin , it's that they are usually quick to judge and condemn (in my experience at least). she might also feel betrayed by Rhaenyra when she has defended her inheritance despite deep down agreeing with her father that as the first male descendant , it's Aegon's right in eyes of "Gods and men". and she'll potentially feel more betrayed when she knows Rhaenyra has not only lied to her but is also responsible for her father's dismissal  ... I believe we will see Alicent's jealousy over Rhaenyra's lifestyle and freedom in marriage  whether she'll know the nature of her feelings or not , but that's yet to come. 

  7. regarding Viserys and Daemon , I think showrunners have actually gotten it right! yes they are both menchildren , Daemon in particular  . but it makes sense with the story. people pleaser /party king Viserys is described for the beginning of his reign when he and queen Aemma according to F&B held many feasts and tourneys.  post Aemma Viserys is more of a blind king who doesn't like to face problems . ignoring the factions at court , threatening everyone(including his own sons) to keep quiet about Strong-Velaryons , banishing his brother twice , threatening his daughter to be disinherited and firing his best bud after long service is not much of a party king! so, although I'm personally starting to feel frustrated with how gloomy  Viserys's court is , I think it makes total sense within the story . Daemon , too , works well in my view . his motivations are depicted well so far . 

    what I don't like is how "the realm's delight" feature of Rhaenyra has not really been depicted and I am still waiting for Alicent to get in her manipulation mode which I suspect will happen when she wears her first green dress and finally gets some agency . 

    what I just can't understand is the so called theme of "decadence" with all the noble kills left and right . 

  8. 13 minutes ago, C.T. Phipps said:

    I think the implication is that Daemon has an incredibly large history of sexual congruity given his descriptions of working with his brother through halotry and his mistresses. It's just that we're seeing his family is the area that causes performance anxiety.

    yeah , it's a bit too soon to say Daemon always had a problem , even back at Vale when he didn't have anything to worry about . we've seen him only twice and once with his niece! any normal man can't get it up with his niece

    13 minutes ago, C.T. Phipps said:

    I am curious how they will portray his wife, though.

    I'm predicting she's a perfectly sweet and nice person.

    was Rhea Royce even cast? I mean , they'd have to have Daemon widowed AND married again in the next episode

  9. 20 minutes ago, Takiedevushkikakzvezdy said:

    But the show runners and the director have different accounts on that scene.

    funny how in most reviews I saw , the reviewers thought the same thing as what Miguel said ... I mean what the director said was pure bullshit! which is odd considering she has actually directed it perfectly well to show anything BUT what she says! not to mention what she takes from what she thinks has happened (girls like sex too) is not the main take away from that line of thinking at all ! clearly Daemon has been established to have problem in sex when he has things on his mind , like most people . and he never had been shown to have problem with not being in control , whether in everyday life or in sex . 

    so , yeah , it's a bit unprofessional to see director and showrunner are not on the same page about what they've created! it's just clumsy !

  10. 2 hours ago, Takiedevushkikakzvezdy said:

    I have a strange feeling that most of ROP's viewers are fantasy fans , while HOTD's viewers are mostly from the general public. :wacko:

    makes sense to me! I don't think HOTD has much to offer as a fantasy ... at least not anything that hasn't been in GoT .  these writers should really work hard on the characters, especially during the actual war that even the book gets kinda boring,  to keep the audience interested . 

  11. 1 minute ago, The Bard of Banefort said:

    Usually they speak in their native language. As far as we know, the common tongue is both Daemon and Rhaenyra’s first language.

    well, considering they put eggs in cradles and talk to their new born dragons in high Valyrian , it's not far fetched to think they learn Valyrian either before or simultaneously with common tongue . 

  12. Daemon is absolutely crazy , but to my own surprise , my least favorite character in E4 was Viserys I !  my most favorite?! .... believe it or not ser Christon Cole !

    Daemon: I liked how they started with Daemon , I liked his conversation with Rhaenyra , taking her to the city .... when she was running and he was going after her , they were like a normal uncle and niece ! I didn't even mind the brothel scene until he started kissing her and WORSE , left her alone , confused and half-naked right there . if there is one guy who is nuts at this point , it's Daemon . poor Laena and Rhaenyra for ever having to endure him.

    Rhaenyra : admittedly, I was disappointed . I figure the opening courting scene was supposed to be reminisced of Realm's Delight progress .  there was a duel, just as there was a duel in F&B . but difference is that lowborn knights and common folk would later pick up sword for her , which gave me the impression that she was actually a likeable princess in the book. 

    ser Christon Cole : man , changing ages does wonders ! lol ! this guy is a completey different man from the pervert who watched a 7 year old grow up into 16, sleep with her and take revenge for the break up! his sex scene with Rhaenyra was actually sweet . yes , there was power imbalance which will be there in almost any relationship princess of Dragonstone would have . but though it started not so great , they made it clear (especially with cloak scene) that it was consensual . furthermore , although the whole thing was sullied with Daemon creep Targaryen's previous scene , the morning scene with Rhaenyra seeing Cole again was smart . she may not love Cole but she certainly comes off as a high schooler  who has sex for the first time with a crush . I also liked that they added their little conversations and exchanged looks in these two episodes to show they are actually close.

    Alicent : her scenes broke my heart . I loved everyone of her scenes with Rhaenyra . I also liked the contrast drawn between her life as the Queen and Rhaenyra's life. 

    Otto : I was surprised to see him so conflicted in reporting to Viserys . was he conflicted because he is still reluctant to move against Rhaenyra? did he fear King's reaction? ... another point regarding Otto is that we needed to see him push Viserys to name Aegon as his heir. right now, he hasn't done that much to deserve to be sacked . I think , the fact that both Rhaenyra and Viserys see through Otto's ambition is a writing mistake . Otto has done nothing but suggesting a marriage proposal and discussing inheritance in PRIVATE with his daughter . Rhaenyra , in particular , doesn't have much reason to doubt Otto . I mean , she does but we are hardly shown that.

    Viserys: this guy was my least favorite guy in the episode . he is not exactly polite to his wife at the party , he ignores his daughter . well maybe the list doesn't exactly go on and on but I just didn't like Viserys this episode , all right?

    maybe it's due to his marriage . In my watching experience , most period dramas get to one side of spectrum in arranged marriage : they are either in love and power imbalance is ignored because *love conquers all* or the wife hates the husband  .  here they have gotten it just right . Viserys may not be a bad guy , but he takes what he sees as his right as husband and king and Alicent , although seems more or less content in their companionship , lies like a dead woman during sex with an older sickly guy (king or not) and feels imprisoned in her marriage where her role is reduced to heir producer. she may come to fully hate Viserys and Otto later on , but right now it's much more complicated than that . it blames the customs rather than just Viserys and Otto , which I appreciate .

    ed. actually Medici was good in depicting arranged marriages . but again , Medici men were all handsome and experienced and their wives at least enjoyed the sex .


    P.S. for all those who were after comedic relief : "he called me a boy"! .... boy they ruined the sweet uncle /niece scene by the Daemon creep scene ! I was hoping we don't see Daemon and Rhaenyra together until she becomes .. Emma D'Arcy!



  13. 5 hours ago, The Bard of Banefort said:

    My grandparents, who are in their 80s, mentioned watching this show the other day. They are both GOT fans. My grandmother doesn’t like HOTD, and my grandfather (who’s read all the books) doesn’t seem to either, but he’s hoping it’ll pick up. They didn’t say anything beyond that, but I thought I’d share the anecdote, since I don’t know anyone else who’s watched HOTD.

    I was talking to my friend today , she wasn't a GoT fan and never ended up watching the whole thing ,especially that when she finally got to season 4 lately , both me and her boyfriend urged her to stop! but she now really likes HOTD ! funny thing is , we've been discussing on how it was confusing for the audience to see a Velaryon on dragon , turns out for people who know almost nothing of the material , Velaryons are just the other silver head family who have dragons! 

  14. 18 minutes ago, C.T. Phipps said:

    As the heir, I am curious who DOES have the right if not her?


    it seems the Westerosi are expected to be after modern democracy , otherwise they are counted as selfish bastards !


    now in all seriousness , I've never understood the argument of people who see book Rhaenyra as bad as Aegon II for fighting in the war and see her right to the throne as vicious entitlement . I mean , this is Westeros for god's sake , like it or not lineage rights exist ( correct the wording please, if it's incorrect ) . the same way in the main series we feel like Starks have a right to Winterfell and we see Theon and Ramsay as villains, Rhaenyra has a right to her father's seat which is the Iron Throne . how defending her right and honoring her father's wishes is entitlement of a pampered princess , I do not know..

  15. 2 hours ago, Lord Varys said:

    Back to the episode:

    Is it only Caraxes and Seasmoke on the Stepstones? There is a reddish looking dragon blasting folks in one scene which shouldn't be Caraxes since Daemon is doing his John Wick stunt at the time. Was that Meleys, or is Seasmoke reddish from above?

    Even I am confused now. Would be pretty weird, though, to have Rhaenys and Meleys being there but not actually be part of the war council ... so I guess she isn't there, right?

    it's Seasmoke . under its wings are pink-reddish in movement . Seasmoke has turned out to be a very pretty dragon:) 


    regarding Mad Queens , honestly Rhaenyra never becomes Mad Queen in the book and I doubt they go in that direction in the show . when it comes to Mad Queens , we should be worried about Alicent and Haelena  . 

  16. 40 minutes ago, zajaz said:

    On a more serious note, do you guys think some of the female viewers will get upset once they see how Rhaenyra's story ends, considering a good chunk of them still have a bitter taste in their mouths thanks to Daenerys' fate?

    yes , but I don't think it'll have the same impact as Daenerys for the audience , regardless of gender . because :

    1. the story is set to be a tragedy from the start , so I doubt anyone would assume the chosen heir in episode 1 will sit on the IT at the end .

    2. Rhaenyra , while is probably set to be a decent person, will never be as much loved as Daenerys was because she lacks all the accomplishments Daenerys had.

    3. Daenerys's disaster was never about not sitting on the Iron Throne , it was due to lack of a proper arc to take her from the role of the Liberator to the Mad Queen . among my personal acquaintances ,for example, many thought they could accept Dany's ending ,even like it,  if it hadn't been so rushed .

    4. unlike Daenerys who's downfall was supposed to be justified , Rhaenyra will be avenged though her faction's victory will be ironic . 


  17. 39 minutes ago, Lord Varys said:

    What do you think of the dream business?

    I'm not sure Viserys another motivational layer to name a son his heir. I mean, it is all there for him, considering that he only got the throne because he was a man, basically, so the notion that he should name a female heir was always very, well, unusual.

    And Otto is very much right in the episode - the birth of a royal son should make everything more clear, it is like Viserys returning from Lys later on, a clear male heir is there.

    In that sense, I think, it could have been much more potent if Viserys had dreamed about a daughter on the throne rather than a son ... and thus his conflict would be about tradition and how he himself gained the throne vs. the whole prophecy/destiny/magical sphere.

    Especially in light of what happens later with Rhaenyra, Criston, Laenor, Harwin, and Daemon ... a mythical or magical backing of this decision to name an heir could have worked better than the reversed thing. Because as things stand now Rhaenyra is basically only kept as heir because of Viserys' guilt trip over Aemma's death. Regardless how the various scandals go down, the show didn't really sell it strongly enough, I think, that Viserys just loves his daughter so much. For that they quarrel too often.

    Hell, they could have even played around with Jaehaerys II weirdo decision to marry Aerys to Rhaella because of prophecy ... Viserys could have correctly guessed that the promised prince would be born from Rhaenyra's bloodline.

    Also, I must say, I really like Otto's reluctance about turning against Rhaenyra and Alicent's even greater reluctance. It is something very few people seem to get that this conflict slowly developed. The war could have been averted the entire time, it was never a given ... most especially not back when Alicent married Viserys or when she gave birth to Aegon. This is the time when they were all still friends or at least cordial.

    And the context is also pretty good there - Rhaenyra starts as somebody who is more or less at daddy's mercy. He can name her heir ... or somebody else. It is all about him and his decisions. Once she comes into her own, has a family of her own, and power of her own ... things are more complicated.

    Pushing aside Laenor's wife would already have been a considerable challenge ... and once she and Daemon marry harder still.

    according to one of Milly Alcok interviews , Rhaenyra starts off as someone who didn't expect to be heir , then rebels when she doesn't know how to play the role in the society until she learns how she should act . well , we have seen phase 1 and 2 in these 3 episodes and I expect episode 4 will be somewhat of a transition point . and in the light of one of the articles that claimed adult Rhaenyra is more solemn , I guess despite all the scandals , Rhaenyra and Viserys will regain their good relationship and she will prove herself to him . besides , as you mentioned , after Rhaenyra married Laenor , for Viserys to choose a new heir would have been to spur Velaryons for the 3rd time . Strong scandal or not , Rhaenyra had become a part of house Velaryon and had their support . and add to that Daemon(who was one of the Velaryons anyway ) , Aegon's incompetence and Alicent's hostility towards Rhaenyra's sons?  ... I'd say they could give Viserys plenty of reasons to stay put on his decision 

  18. 1 hour ago, Ran said:

    I feel like they next episode is going to address some of the thoughts people have about Alicent and Rhaenyra. It's a fairly important episode for their development.

    I'm guessing they'll make Alicent's part huge in what happens with Daemon's second exile and Rhaenyra's marriage . that's what I read from the trailer any way . 

    by the way Ran , do you have any info on portrayal of smallfolk and their general feeling about the weak peace king and his three heirs that you can share ? 

    my own assumption is that next week we'll finally see smallfolk , most likely watching a comedic play  (the brother.. the daughter .. or  the babe..) . maybe we can finally see people referring to the Realm's Delight. I mean .. if we don't see that , they won't be showing the hedge knights and smallfolk of Riverrun rising for Rhaenyra at the beginning of the war.

  19. 28 minutes ago, Lord Varys said:

    But more importantly, if the final presentation of Aegon III indicates anything, then he did bottle up a lot of anger during those six years.

    Viserys was always his closest companion ... but next to him clearly comes his mother. And we also know that he idolized his Velaryon brothers all of whom were also killed during the war.

    The idea that this guy - whose family are also all Black affiliated Targaryens/Velaryons - would continue favoring former Greens or their narratives is just not very likely.


    dude , you don't have to explain Aegon III's sympathies . the guy literally wore all black all the time ! 

    I think , the whole line of succession problem stems from 2 things: 1. Citadel preferred Aegon II , 2. George did not initially plan for "Rhaenyra triumphant" and later just didn't want to mess with the published succession line.... mostly the latter 


    by the way, hair dialogue was great ! I grinned the whole time ! I expect they make the hair thing a big deal for Aemond and Haelena , too . so when Jace is born , even the audience notices the hair

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