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  1. on a second watch , I find it more unnecessary  to age down Laena and use a child actress . although Viserys complained about Laena's age here and there , there were more reasons for him to turn down the match. and the whole Viserys's issue with ages will go down the toilet when he potentially considers Aegon for Rhaenyra. in the end of the day , he mostly wanted to show Corlys who's the boss . it honestly seemed to me that he was frustrated by Corlys's proud . not to mention , this version downplayed the oddity of him choosing Alicent instead of other candidates . if their problem was that Viserys could not possibly turn down Vhaegar's rider , well, then they could have Laena claim her dragon at the age of 16-17. 

    P.S.I hope they do justice by Laena/Daemon relationship . although I don't know how they're gonna do that considering that in the next episode she just turns 15! and yes, I favor "singer" version of the story there!

  2. 6 minutes ago, zajaz said:

    I mean, there seems to be a hint of mutual attraction between those two, so whatever happens in this version must be akin to a really bad and nasty breakup, by my estimation.

    yeah. a nasty break up + a power imbalance between princess and stable boy + a vengeful ex lover that cannot let go after 20 years 

  3. I finally got to watch the promo for episode 3 , and damn ... I did not expect to find myself so excited for Stepstones! but I am excited .


    another thing there , I know we've been focusing on how aging up Rhaenyra has whitewashed Alicent for the beginning of the series ( I still think we can properly hate her in future!) , but the impact is much higher on Criston Cole ... I mean , as Rhaenyra's sworn shield throughout her childhood , Criston feels much more like a creepy uncle figure than Daemon ever did , considering Daemon left when she was a kid and returned when she was a grown woman (by Westerosi standards of course) . this has totally changed the dynamic there and in this version Rhaenyra could potentially be the bad guy in that story...

  4. 8 hours ago, Corvinus85 said:

    Probably would have taken too long to talk about the recyclable Vulture kingdom. But I am curious if the non-reader audience is aware that Dorne is independent here.

    I'm guessing they could mention Dorne's current independence in a future episode when they discuss whether a Dornish prince would be a good choice for Rahenyra's husband in order to unite the 7th kingdom with the IT .



  5. overall I liked the episode . I expected it to be slower than premiere. so not a big deal there.

    starting with the opening , the blood running reminded me a bit of Tim Berton's Sweeny Todd's opening. lol . I liked its graphic but the theme song didn't suit it ,in my opinion . 

    Laena Velaryon is so adorable. reading F&B I kinda assumed Corlys and Rhaenys expected Viserys to choose their daughter but didn't effectively work for it . maybe because they did not live in King's landing in the book :dunno: I wonder what show-viewers think of them now ... 

    I also liked Rhaenys and Rhaenyra's conversation . judging by a previous shot when Rhaenys is looking on Rhaenyra choosing a new Kingsgaurd in a way that is more idealistic than the actual "order of things " , makes me wonder if Rhaenys sees a bit of her younger self in Rhaenyra and that's what sparks her unnecessary conversation with her that is not friendly but is enlightening . this actually makes sense with the books in my opinion . Rhaenys like Rhaenyra was an only child expecting to inherit the throne one day . and instead of playing by rules and taking her cousin or uncle as husband (you know, just to be safe in line of succession) she goes to someone who she probably likes a lot and will bring her even more wealth and power as if her own position is already safe. Rhaenyra isn't a far cry from that , she defies marriage to Laenor ( the best political match by all regards) and later secretly marries Daemon who is already her ally instead of marrying her younger brother to make peace with Hightower or allying herself with someone like Tyland Lannister who brings her wealth of house Lannister and his voice in small council.

    I like that Alicent is pretty smart and has a subtle manipulation.

    Misarya was a true let down . if only someone tells entertainment industry that Asian women do not sound like that when speaking English . not after years of living in a country that speaks common tongue .

    finally , why was the episode called Rogue prince? he was just being a man child for two scenes , that's all.


  6. 44 minutes ago, Raksha 2014 said:

    I am somewhat concerned as to how well the numbers of watchers will hold as the series progresses and they realize how much violence and mayhem most of the protagonists commit; and that there are not too many characters to cheer for, not to mention so many characters being killed (Game of Thrones had several like a people survive).  So far, there are just two characters I like as people (considering their entire arcs) and one of them will die.  I plan to watch the show until the end; but I'm not sure how much dropoff in ratings will occur over the course of this season and the next (hopefully not too much, but a certain scene involving Blood and Cheese, whenever it appears, might have an impact; though I'd be fine with their choosing not to include the scene at all)...

    I think it should be fine in that regard . what matters is how these characters' arcs will unfold as they move from point A to point B . take Alicent for example ,there is no reason for someone who's got no prior knowledge about the story to dislike her or not root for her at the beginning . especially with how her dynamic with Rhaenyra as the evil stepmother is changed . quite the opposite actually , everyone will sympathize with her .and when she finally reaches her point B when she is ready to cut out a 5 yr old kid's eye out , you'll get Haelana on Green side for people to root for and sympathize with. likewise , when Daemon reaches Blood and Cheese incident you have Baella to root for and care about and Jace/Joff whenever Rhaenyra reaches her low point . therefore, in the entirety of the story there will be more than a character or two for new fans to like and that's the whole point.

  7. 7 minutes ago, Lord Varys said:

    Yes, that's why I've started calling him 'Mr. Crown'.

    And speaking about Otto and Viserys - their relationship could work better if we understood why Viserys trusted Otto as much as he did. Have they some backstory together?

    that's one of the things I really want to see them explore . F&B doesn't have much on that other than Otto was Jaeherys's hand as well. but one wonders why on earth did Jaeherys called for a pretty young second son to be his hand when there were all the Targaryens , Velaryons and older more experienced courtiers around him.

    7 minutes ago, Lord Varys said:

    Pretty sure book Corlys never fell in love with Rhaenys. She was sixteen years old and he a man who had seen the entire world ... and who had had at least one love earlier who he lost.

    For the show they can make it a love match on his part, too, I guess.

    well the show is already establishing them as a love match according to interviews and obviously that's what we were talking about.

  8. 16 hours ago, Lord Varys said:

    Well, it shows how Otto basically grasps every straw to get rid of Daemon. The point there is to get him to return to Runestone. The odd thing there, however, is that he presumes to speak as if he was Daemon's father or Viserys himself. Only Daemon's father or king could command him to live with his wife or sleep with her.

    I mean .. the man speaks for the Crown in front of the king himself :dunno:

    14 hours ago, The Bard of Banefort said:

    I don’t know how this never occurred to me before, but if they go through with the Corlys show, we probably will meet Jaehaerys, Alysanne, Aemon and Jocelyn, Baelon, etc. Sadly, Rhaena will probably be gone by then though.

    isn't the point of 9 voyages that they feature in other parts of WoIaF? 

    13 hours ago, teej6 said:

    Did anyone see the similarity in Viserys “Promise me Rhaenyra, promise me” and Lyanna’s “Promise me Ned, promise me”? Was it just a coincidence or intentional? 

    it definitely sounded as such to me . which unfortunately I found as cheesy.

    45 minutes ago, Daeron the Daring said:

    Getting hyped up for the next episode. Hope they don't rush this too much and let relationships flesh out.

    my hopes too . especially the romantic ones who will die pretty soon , meaning Laena and Harwin. 

  9. 1 hour ago, James Arryn said:

    and the other Varys (Strong) was a strong voice in the council but gave no particular indication of the underlying genius spymaster he’s supposed to be, might easily have been mistaken for a Master of Ships or w/e.

    this was Lyonel Strong . you are referring to his son , Larys, who'se not currently in the story. Lyonel is master of laws as far as I recall . that's why he is the one who cares so much about the precedent .

  10. I thought I was done with Game of Throne analysis video essays ... but the video below just made me laugh so much .he describes GoT as "a masterpiece and a complete disaster" which I fully agree with.

    alas, @Ran thinks Rant and Rave thread is not needed anymore so I'm posting this here . by the way Ran I tagged you to say with HOTD we need Rant and Rave thread more than ever ! a lot of people may have revisited GoT before starting HOTD!



  11. 6 hours ago, The Bard of Banefort said:

    I don’t think we’re going to get any actual romantic scenes between them, just some vibes (that’ll presumably disappear when Alicent marries Viserys).

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    It doesn’t sound like Rhaenyra and Laena interact at all.


    :bang: well, that one would certainly be a lost opportunity. and I'm not really about "being more than fond of" here . I'm talking about their friendship . we've been complaining enough about how sisterly bonds are rare in asoiaf as opposed to brotherly bonds . besides , Laena/Rhaenyra relationship would work perfectly in contrast to Rhaenyra/Alicent 's ruined one . 

    5 hours ago, C.T. Phipps said:

    The Blackfyre Rebellions have plenty of magic going on but it's all subtle Bryden Rivers stuff.

    I also think that the Blackfyres aren't very interesting villains compared to the Hightowers.

    its magical elements are not as bold as Dance's 

    that's more of a question of taste I suppose but the interesting thing about Blackfyre rebellion ,in my opinion, is that its villain are not really villain . Daeron and Daemon are definitely heroic figures in each side and closest you get to villains, it's with Bloodraven and Bittersteel which makes it even more curious to see why the hell they fought . 

  12. 2 minutes ago, The Bard of Banefort said:


    Take solace in the dumb culture war blowback. Alicent and Rhaenyra’s actresses have been teasing a romance between them for a while, which we know is BS, so you can expect some queer baiting think pieces within a week or two.

    errr... are you saying we might not even get Laena /Rhaenyra's friendship but we might get hints of Alicent/Rhaenyra's romantic feelings ?!

  13. 35 minutes ago, Benjencold said:

     the Blackfyre rebellion may have more interesting characters but no dragons , people love dragons more apparently 


    4 hours ago, butterweedstrover said:

    But anyways I don't find the Targaryens interesting in a high dosage and the Dance with Dragons has less interesting characters compare to the Blackfyre rebellion.  

    I agree that Blackfyre rebellions (the first one specifically) had more interesting  characters and more intriguing relationship dynamics. but it would have been just a fictional historical drama . there are already many good enough examples of those. the only thing new with it would have been some incestual love triangles which hardly sounds like an advantage  . dance of the dragons however, has the potential of a more fantastical world ,with dragons and Alys Rivers which could make it stand out amongst other succession/power struggles on TV . I don't know , I guess we should wait and see if they can actually make something special out of it other than a money factory entertainment.

  14. 57 minutes ago, Daeron the Daring said:


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    Bonus question to everyone: I know it'd be cliche, but if we get Aegon III and Jaehaera marrying, do you think they shouldn't kill off Jaehaera? I mean, it's just unnecesary in every way possible, and horror for the sake of it. The two branches would unite and they live happily ever after or something. Probably won't happen but makes more sense than what actually happened in FnB.


    if they'll add Aegon II's later obsession with preventing his sister's line to  continue (whether with Aegon III's killing or castration) , then they'd probably  include Jaehaera's death in some fashion , most likely in written form .  

  15. I finally spoke with some friends who were GoT-only fans or were book fans who have not read F&B yet . turns out , HOTD does have a hook for a general audience (at least for the ones I spoke to) . not only that, after I described how F&B is written, some were excited to read the book in the mean time . Gold Cloaks scene was not initially understood as I had imagined but the next scene seemed to have cleared everything out .surprisingly , despite lack of consensus over "heir for the day" thing, everyone more or less has a positive opinion of Daemon after the episode is over! although, most had disliked him at first. Rhaenyra turns out as a likeable character but the favorites are Alicent and ser Criston Cole!! also , no one had much of a problem with the tourney and they thought it's not different from GoT. 

  16. 30 minutes ago, The Bard of Banefort said:

    As an aside, for all the emphasis marketing has placed on the dragons, pretty much everything I’ve seen said about them has been negative. A lot of people thought the CGI looked bad and was better on GOT.

    to be fair, the variety of movements these dragons have alone , makes the CGI better than before which is simply expected after 3 years of advancement in the field. 

  17. 1 hour ago, Daeron the Daring said:

    I doubt they couldn't marry each other if they wanted to. 

    Imagine of Laenor wasn't gay. It means he would've ultimately ended up developing a crush on a girl, with a Targaryen mindset, far away from Rhaenyra, sincs he wouldn't have lived at court. Tell me it would not have happened if Laenor was into girls (as well, at the very least).

    obviously , they could if they wanted to even with faith complaining about it . Laena had the most terrible dragon of the time for god's sake! but your question was if Rhaenys and Corlys intended for their kids to wed , had Laenor been straight ... well.. why would they?! if Rhaenys had ended up on the throne , it wouldn't have been a question . they would've married . but with Viserys on the throne , it's a whole different issue . they wouldn't want their kids to marry , not get close to the IT and make a new enemy in faith . what Laenor and Laena would have wanted if Laenor wasn't gay , we can never know .but it's plausible that with their Targ mindset , they could develop romantic feelings for each other .

    1 hour ago, C.T. Phipps said:

    I think the crowning of Aegon III seems a natural place to stop.

    yes , but they'll need to include Viserys's return as well , not only because it's an important piece of the story , but because they'll need it to make the ending (Rhaenyra's death and Aegon III's depression) less bitter. I imagine they would show the coronation and with a time jump , they'll show Targaryen siblings' reunion . they'll probably move  the timeline a bit so they won't have to deal with regency (which is different in tone than Dance)  and Jaehaera's death which they could include in the outro .. for example " Alicent Hightower died in a mad state ..etc. etc. ... Aegon II's line died out with queen Jaehaera's mysterious death .... Aegon III was followed by his sons and later his brother whose line was continued until Daenerys...." something along those lines .

  18. 30 minutes ago, Daeron the Daring said:


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    Bonus question, applies for the books: Do you think Laenor and Laena were supposed to marry each other, but once Corlys and Rhaenys were aware that Laenor is gay, they decided not to make both of them unhappy?



    no , I don't think so . although Laena and Laenor were technically Targaryens , they did not have Targaryen name or royal family status. they were nobility of house Velaryon . they had no reason to marry each other and make enemies of the faith. therefore , I think after Rhaenys was set aside (especially the second time) , Corlys and Rhaenys had every intention (and expectation) to see their children marry Viserys's offspring . so , Laenor would have always married Rhaenyra and if Viserys had sons sooner, it's fair to assume the eldest would have married Laena.

  19. on the subject of "no one to root for"... well that seems like a bit nonsense to me! Corlys and Rhaenys can easily be the ones to root for , unless the idea of Viserys marrying 12 yr old Laena comes from them instead of the Grand Maester .  Rhaenyra , Harwin , Laena and Laenor do not do anything questionable in season 1 material as far as I recall ... definitely nothing till episode 6 that's been given to reviewers . (to be honest Rhaenyra is often rendered as a worse character than she is actually written as by fans ) Criston Cole should be fairly a good normal guy until half way through the season . and I'm not even sure if Alicent will become anything like a villain till she tries to cut Luke's eye out . and later you'll have all the kids , people will easily will root for Velaryon princes , Helaena , Baella , Rhaena and (later in season 2) Daeron and even Aegon III if they flesh him out (which I believe they should) . 

  20. 19 minutes ago, Takiedevushkikakzvezdy said:

    To be fair, Charles Dance did portray Tywin as a legitimate badass.

    yes , but that's mostly just Charles Dance being a terrific actor. besides, the details of Elia Martell and her children's death was enough to show him as he is.

    20 minutes ago, C.T. Phipps said:

    Apparently, until the daughter pimping scene, Otto Hightower was viewed as a Ned Stark figure.



    Yeah, there's a lot of people who think Daemon is being set up as the villain.

    I mean I get that Daemon's viewed as the villain , but Otto a Ned Stark figure?! didn't they see him interrupting Corlys's discussion about an actual issue to talk about a party instead?!!! Ned hated tourneys!  

  21. 2 minutes ago, C.T. Phipps said:

    It is rather funny:

    1. The Tournament

    Book Readers: Deaths during tournaments are big deals! They're breaking the rules! The deaths of highly important noble house members is being shrugged off.

    Show Viewers: WOOT! That is awesome and metal.

    2. The Purge

    Show Viewers: Oh my God! That is awful! Daemon is a monster! He's just murdering people left and right.

    Book Readers: Flea Bottom is just THAT much of a shithole and the people will love him for this.

    3. Otto Hightower

    Show Viewers: Oh my God, he's pimping his own daughter!

    Book Readers: Well, that's pretty normal in Westeros. Also, yes, he's gross and disgusting.

    thankfully people will universally despise Otto ! oddly ,same could not be said for Tywin!

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