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  1. one of the best qualities of Oberyn Martell is his loyalty and love for his family. yet, if we were to blame one person for their tragedies, we reach Oberyn who fucks them all up with two simple acts: mocking Baelor Hightower and killing lord Yornwood! see.. After she doesn't marry Baelor, Elia marries Rhaegar , leading to her death. Doran has to promise his son to Yornwoods in exchange for Oberyn's action, destroying his relationship with Mellario. Arianne and Quentyn have a nonexistent relationship because he had to be sent to Yornwood. Arianne's relationship with both Doran and Quentyn is affected because Doran cooked up a super secret plan in order to avenge Elia who wouldn't have been dead if she was married to Baelor Hightower! Arianne might screw Dorne up because she apparently lacks the proper education to rule over Dorne since Doran had prepared her to be Queen of 7k instead of the princess of Dorne. if only our favorite rogue prince was more cautious!
  2. does the champion of the melee gets a laurel for QoLaB in the tourneys or is it just the jouster?
  3. that's definitely the way the show's Eyrie seems to be built and it's one of the best castle designs in the show imo. my head canon for Dragonstone and Valyria is that they manipulated lava with fire magic to shape their dragons and such. Dragonstone hardly seems carved out of stone.
  4. yes, but that's not something they can so easily fix in season two because by now, every major character is pretty much established. they can't give over-serious Jace funny lines for example. which leaves new characters, most of whom , again, are people without a sense of humor. granted though, they can make an Olenna out of Jeyne(which I wouldn't appreciate) and Daemon can be in a better mood in chaos.
  5. guys! you NEED to see this! lol.... especially the ending: "actually all you really need is a Stark with two working hands"
  6. I doubt they change the castle completely. Most likely, they will only add a few details. otherwise, if retconning castles is an option, I'm all for a new Winterfell anyways, it'll be nice to see lady Joanna and lady Sam from earlier in the series, especially since lady Sam is in a terrible situation, being married to the enemies of her house. And later, she singlehandedly stopped the war( the Hightower boy wanted to continue, didn't he?)
  7. Tywin and Walder Frey are on the same level occupying #1. Joffrey, Aerys, and Ramsay , and other members of the crazy bunch, come next. and afterward I'd say Ironborn(especially Balon) , Lysa Arryn, and LittleFinger (his cruelty comes from his pettiness).
  8. I find Jon Snow is Arthur Dayne's son and will be the next Sword of the Morning intriguing and I like it a lot. but in all honesty, I don't have much hope! my other favorite theories, regardless of evidence: 1. Dragons and the Others will survive the conflict and human exploitation and will live in the wild by the end! 2. Seasons will become normal after the Long Night 3. Jon Snow will become a Night King figure who is a tragic hero who will be remembered as a villain. 4. Aegon is Aegon and Lemore is Ashara . (I like the Ashara=Jyanna Reed theory but when I think Ned and Howland killed Arthur I cannot imagine how Ashara might want to have anything to do with either of them...) 5. Lem is Richard and Jaimie will reveal it 6. Tommen is the Valanquer and he'll mercy kill his mother . dark . I know . but it's GRRM.
  9. The problems with this scenario are Ned Dayne's age, the Dornish culture being more open to an inheriting lady who's just given birth to a bastard if she is indeed the last person in Starfall, and the situation between Ashara and Ned being too rocky at that point for her to be grateful. I'm afraid I have to disagree with Rhaella=Septa Lemore theory. and it has nothing to do with looks which is hardly the thing one can get from a book's pages. I believe in figuring out Lemore's identity , we must pay close attention to Jon Con's chapters. Jon is everything you expect from an arrogant, proud nobleman and a Targaryen loyalist. men like Jon care about the class system A LOT. he cares about hierarchy whether in the Red Keep or on a small boat on the other side of the world. this guy respects Lemore like almost an equal. but it ends there. he doesn't see a reason to listen to Lemore's council after hearing it , despite his fondness and respect for the woman. this is not the treatment Jon Con would give his queen. whether he likes it or not Rhaella Targaryen would be above him , not an equal. he would have to convince her of his plans and wouldn't dismiss her worries in an order. no. Lemore is a Westerosi Lady.
  10. I do like Sansa/Ashara parallel. but, Wylla/Alayne doesn't align at all. Wylla is a servant, Alayne is a bastard lady. their roles, purpose and connection to the family are different. then of course there's the logistics part that should be considered to a degree. if Wylla is indeed Ashara, then Daynes have turned their daughter/sister into a servant . not to mention, this situation doesn't explain a Ned Stark involvement at all... if anything, it would make Daynes hate Ned even more. what with Knocking up their sister, leaving her to be a servant, and killing Arthur who was doing his job. the fact that Wylla was both Ned's and Jon's wet nurse simply means that she has at least 2 children: one is 15 , the other is 12. I still tend to stick to my theory that Ashara is Lemore and that Ned has covered for her and house Dayne. he clearly fucked up there! maybe that's why he always has a "sad smile" in memories! he was the perfect knight and had to stop being the perfect knight to be the perfect Kingsgaurd. likely, by the end he was neither. one could say Arthur made the choice that Jon's friends stopped him to do. Arthur chose to be a kingsgaurd to be by his brother's(Rhaegar's) side, while Jon was persuaded not to follow his brother(Robb) . aaand ... another cover up by Ned Stark for Daynes. I mean, what did Robert do to Rhaegar's family when he thought Rhaegar has hooked up with Lyanna?! totally plausible. but what a disappointing development! a man of the night instead of the knight in shining armor
  11. i'm pretty sure his involvement with Beric was to make him people's champion. I still don't put it past him to eventually wield Dawn. he is 14 which is the same age as Jon when he got Longclaw. though, I personally like for Jon to wield Dawn, if it's going to be important. it would have to go against some popular theories, but then it'll respect #1 fantasy rule: the hero gets the shining blade
  12. please! Dawn wouldn't work for someone unworthy, it'll be just like an ordinary sword.. say, like the elder wand!
  13. he said that? in the world book specifically says a knight of house Dayne and any doubt I had was gone with this line : " There are boys who secretly dream of being a son of Starfall so they might claim that storied sword and its title"
  14. Daynes already have more than enough reasons to hate Ned. If he'd taken Dawn too, I can't imagine what makes them name their heir after him.
  15. I'm ranking by wealth, military and political influence and between every house that's not one of the big 6 : 1. Hightower 2.Velaryon 3.Redwyne 4.Yornwood 5.Mandely
  16. absolutely not . Blackfyre rebellions ended in his reign but the praise for ending Blackfyre line goes to Maelys himself. if I recall correctly, he killed his cousin and the rest of the family before styling himself king. and crushing the ninepenny kings wasn't more difficult than any other Blackfyre rebellion . probably even easier, as it is likely that the Crown had foreign alliances . then , there's the issue of the Tarbeck-Rein rebellion. he was far too lenient with Tywin imo . yes Tywin was collecting debt and he was crushing his enemies but he went beyond the king's justice and should have been punished for it . lastly , let's not forget the heir he groomed was Aerys and that he forced his own children into a marriage that was far from ideal for either of them.
  17. Tywin Lannister , Gregor Clegane , Kevan to a certain extent , Pycelle , Qybern , Roose Bolton , Cersei
  18. the problem is not that the sword doesn't have a hilt , it's that it shouldn't be a sword in the first place and if it is you've gotta use it with open eyes. the way I see it , the magic in itself is not alien to this world ,rather its exploitation by humans is ; which we had seen with Valyria for example. magic is a disrupter to the system that this world functions in. however , all we see of this system throughout the story is corruption and disfunction . maesters try to craft a scholarly world without magic , but the result is their ignorance of a huge element of this world which is somewhat equivalent of the disregard and fear of medieval era for new scientific discoveries. so , by the end of the story , I don't expect the death of the Old Gods or the death of magic . I'm expecting something like freeing these forces .lol . meaning dragons and the Others will go back to their natural habitat
  19. this is refreshing! predictions: 1. Daenerys will go to Westeros in the last chapter 2. Barristan Selmy betrays his queen ! 3. Sansa will take down little finger by the end of the book 4. Aegon takes kingslanding and Cersei flees 5. Jon is not dead . he'll be warging Ghost and will be guided by Bran until he wakes up halfway through the book and in a very Night's King manner realizes that in order to keep the watch in order and save everyone, he has to be some sort of tyrant commander! hopes: 1. we'll find out what is up with crypts 2.Starks take Winterfell 3.Ramsay and Roose die 4. SH and Arya meet up 5.Victarion dies wishfull thinking : 1. we'll get to see what is up with Varys 2. Jon Con won't go mad and survives the book 3. Aegon DOES NOT kill Tommen, instead, he names him lord of Stormsend to make Tyrells happy and keeps him as his hostage. 4. Cersei won't survive the book 5. Gregor dies .
  20. I don't think Daenerys would go mad. but it'll be kinda poetic if Barry contributes to her madness path. she is going to see three treasons and the only one whose loyalty she does not doubt is Barry. now, imagine Barry goes over to Aegon's side for whatever reason ... Dany would totally go mad! most of them had worked for Aerys for years, way before he became the rapist we know and hate. that probably affected their judgment. however, I think it's more than possible that the younger ones, namely Arthur Dayne and Oswell Whent, had the same experience as Jaimie. meaning they were shocked by Aerys's actions, only to be shut down by the elder members of the Kingsgaurd. that could explain why they were seemingly prince's men rather than kingsmen .
  21. No . she won't . she'll be ruthless against her enemies , she's the mother of freaking dragons after all ! but she won't be mad .
  22. you're probably right .... but hopefully, they push him to finish Winds first and then move on to FnB2 . winds could be a huge publicity... . they already have enough material for 3-4 seasons after all and even if they wish to continue , Regency could be 2 more seasons .
  23. I'm hoping that HoTD's Golden Globe would be such a positive development that George enjoys Winds more and finishes it faster... is it false hope?
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