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  1. 1 hour ago, Gilbert Green said:

    I don't believe in worshiping devils, so I don't want to make too much of Mad Euron's badassery.  Nonetheless, between Euron and Victarion, it is clear that Euron is the senior devil, and Victarion merely a junior devil, who thinks he is out for himself, but is in fact merely Euron's puppet.

    my real wish for these series is that Greyjoys will be wiped out . it'll probably be a more pleasant world ... maybe Harlaws can take over?

  2. 9 hours ago, The Bard of Banefort said:

    How many people do you think are going to receive Fire and Blood as a Christmas present this year, read the first twenty pages, and then give up? I feel like that happens every time there’s a successful book-to-screen adaptation.

    Fire&Blood is not a very good Christmas present . what is the appeal for a non-asoiaf fan ? ..  

  3. 1 hour ago, SeanF said:

    I like Dany, but so often, less is more.  Dany only has six chapters in ASOS but they’re great.  Her first five chapters in ADWD are just spinning wheels.  Her story only comes to life at Daznak’s Pit.

    you should tell that to George Martin . it certainly feels like his editing judgement is at times clouded when it comes to Daenerys , Tyrion and (in clash and aSoS ) Arya. the first three Tyrion chapters could easily turn into one . same goes for a lot of Dany chapters.  

    Brienne's story in feast suffers from conclusion too, in my opinion . sure , she goes back to Cat and her vow and in Dance she goes to Jaimie ; but both characters needed that final confrontation . honestly , Jon's death and Bran's final vision is enough Cliffhanger for both books .

  4. 32 minutes ago, SeanF said:

    I mostly enjoyed both books, but they are frustrating.  They’re leading up to a climax that never arrives.

    I think the biggest mistake George and his publishers have done  is not including the final battles in the Dance . which I believe might very well hurt Winds too . I mean , that book's gonna start with a conclusion , then it'll start from a beginning point, again! I liked Dance and Feast (as a package) better than the first three books . the first three were fun but most chapters in Dance and Feast were very well written short stories.  however , it is still quite frustrating that the books as a whole feel unfinished . 

  5. 7 hours ago, Takiedevushkikakzvezdy said:

    As I understand it, GRRM had this ending in mind for years and years, so he definitely seems happy with it. 

    does he though?

    doesn't even matter if you're a "gardener" or an "architect" , most often when you have an idea for years , at some point it doesn't seem as good as it was when it first occurred to you . maybe that's one of George's problems with these series . I mean, he himself keeps saying that his characters are going in unexpected ways that even affects some of the things he had told D&D . and that's the point , if he has too many unexpected turns in the journey , the conclusion has to change .

  6. Joffrey . 

    I understand why most people find this conclusion dissatisfying . the whole catspaw story line is the most plot driving factor in all the books . it's fair to assume when George was writing aGoT back in the day , he might not have thought of all the details and conceivability of the plan ,making it come off as sloppy.  he may have only thought of the outcome which is basically the events of aSoIaF . whether it was an afterthought , a retcon or the original plan , I personally think Joffrey as the plotter is the smartest answer to the Catspaw Mystery . he's a sadist and  the prince, and annoyance seems reason enough for this character to order murder. besides, he may be the likeliest character to toss a Valyrian steel dagger to a random guy and doesn't recognize it . 

    that said, as much as I believe this mystery to be as good as solved in the books , I think if George decides to revisit it , Cersei could be a potential candidate . her denial in front of Jaimie aside , in the case of Blue Bard , Margery and Melara, there are occasions of self-injected delusion and denial in Feast to show she might deny her involvement .


  7. 17 hours ago, Jaenara Belarys said:

    I'm honestly curious as to what those reforms were. Ideas, anyone?

    He should've just made Daeron the heir, IMO. All the sons were idiots, but he seems like the best, and with Olenna by his side, he would've been fine. 

    And on another tangent, completely unrelated. 

    @The Bard of Banefort, I've come to register a complaint for a thread with TWENTY SEVEN pages, while my lily-white threads were locked at 20-21. 

    but Daeron also ditched his betrothal. however , since his lover was a guy, he didn't get to marry him or end up in bard songs and history books.

  8. 12 hours ago, The Bard of Banefort said:

    The reverse is true too. In no world were Jaehaerys I (a third-born son), Viserys II (fifth-born son), or Maekar (fourth-born son) supposed to ascend the throne, but they all did well once they did. George seems to like these tropes.

    At the same time, I don’t know if we’re supposed to see Aegon V as a bad king. He’s never referred to as one, unlike the other kings you mentioned.

    I like Egg and the idea of his reforms.  however, while he wasn't as bad as Aerys and AegonlV,  he might have been as bad of a king as Daeronl and Baelor. his reforms supposedly would've only benefited the commoners,  but even the smallfolk wouldn't remember him as a good king because his plans never happened.  then he pissed more nobles by the marrage aliances fiascos that ended with a pointless civil war that would've likely ended in more resentment from nobles AND snalllfolk,  all the while with the threat of another Blackfyre rebelion looming over the kingdom.  and finally he supposedly got obsessed with the idea of dragons and killed most of his families and a bunch of other people. 

  9. 2 hours ago, butterweedstrover said:

    I think Aegon was meant to come off as a lovable loser, who also is a sexual pervert. 

    naah. I think they wanted to shout that Aegon's a monster (look Ep9 and 8) , while trying to explain why he's so messed up . 

    2 hours ago, butterweedstrover said:

    They did something similar with Daemon, make him a monster but hope people saw the fun loving side to him. 

    But for some reason people ignore Daemon's bad stuff but they can't do the same for Aegon. Why is that?

    you got me ! I suppose it could be a combination of less screen time for Aegon (would it kill them if they showed Aegon with someone he cares about? say , his kids or his dragon?)  , lack of love interest for Aegon (I bet a lot of love for Daemon is thanks to Rhaenyra's love for him ) and Matt Smith having a bigger fan base and bigger marketing . 

    53 minutes ago, The Bard of Banefort said:

    I think people prefer Daemon because of his swagger and because of the weird cult around Matt Smith. People love Aemond for his swagger too. The funny thing is, I’d say that Aegon’s actor might be the best-looking in real life, but he carries himself in a much more pathetic way as Aegon.

    that's pretty much true . people usually like over confident jerks better than pathetic jerks !

  10. 4 minutes ago, KingEuronGreyjoy said:

    While I understand wanting more morally grey chapters, I will think you can be evil, even if not pure evil. I think that sometimes given the right circumstances of birth, nurturing, and nature can create someone as close to pure evil as possible. Someone like Euron, and I also think Aegon IV

    I think it's not fair to assume that Aegon IV had always been so different from his siblings and cousins . they all grew up together after all and with the exception of Baelor and Aegon , they all turned out fine .  I'd say he was more of a grey character in youth and turned almost pure evil as time went by to the point he was ready to get rid of his siblings and his "son" all in the same time , not to mention , his treatment of Bethany was his lowest point. we are talking about a kid abandoned by his mother and I dare say neglected by his father who entered a relationship with a 24 yr old at the age of 14 . he definitely had some problems ! it's different with Euron and Ramsay , they show their sociopathic signs early on  and their upbringing doesn't help . (the fact that Victarion is considered the best Greyjoy brother speaks volumes of the fucked-up-ness of Greyjoy household!)

  11. On 11/14/2022 at 6:15 PM, KingEuronGreyjoy said:

    After all the injustices of Aegon IV’s reign it’d be really satisfying that his successor was not his son and that his heir was the result of being cuckolded.

    me too ! 

    and as far as Daemon's situation goes , I think he was right . he was Aegon III's descendant and Daeron's Aemon's son in my head canon . however, I'm team king Daeron because he's the better king , no matter how much of a great guy Daemon was.

  12. On 11/14/2022 at 10:56 PM, nik854866 said:

    For some time  now i have doubts that jon is born at tower joy ,many things just dont add up at tower of joy

    tower thing seems kinda stupid to me too * . but I neither been able to find good arguments for it nor against it , so, I have decided to ignore GoT's confirmation and wait for  more reasonable accounts of tower of joy and Jon's birth by Martin!

    * then again , in the same book that we hear of toj , Cat , a noble lady , travels half of Westeros with only ONE knight . then , perhaps we shouldn't think that hard about any of it 

  13. 1 hour ago, frenin said:

    Lucerys did not get the memo and then it was obviously too late.


    I'm still hoping for him to get toned down as time goes on.

    Hell, if Aegon and Aemond can be toned down... Btw,  Sara Snow is obviously going to be introduced right? I mean, it's the only way to add some spice in Jace's trip but i do not know how are  they going to keep him likeable after he cheats on his bride.

    I hope not. at least not as his lover/wife . that's a very very stupid move especially without the excuse of grief that Robb Stark had . not to mention , it'll be out of character . but I think it'll be a good idea for Jace to befriend another bastard and come to terms with that part of himself . he seems troubled about that  (= with the little of him we've seen , they can go that route) 

  14. 52 minutes ago, Lord Varys said:

    There is little chance that the view of Rhaenyra changed overtime considering her descendants sat the throne. That in and of itself should have protected her reputation. Hell, what we should expect is Rhaenyra being turned into a martyred saint by the singers, just as they turned Aegon the Conqueror into a hero king.

    I think Rhaenyra never turned into the martyr hero of the songs because neither of her sons cared enough about popularity and perception. unlike queen Rhaenys who knew how to turn herself and her siblings from foreigner tyrants into dragon-god heros through songs .

  15. On 11/10/2022 at 8:19 PM, The hairy bear said:

    I don't see any in-universe problem with Rhaenyra not being considered a legitimate queen by the end of the third century.

    During Aegon III's reign, why would anyone want to get involved in the discussion of who had actually been the rightful king?! He was the heir of both Rhaenyra and Aegon II, so it was a moot point, but at the same time concluding that either of them had been an usurper would have the ugly implication that half the lords of the realm had been traitors. There was even one of the regents who had declared for both claimants!

    And a few decades later... the Targaryen kings would much prefer to paint Aegon II as the rightful king: the idea that a woman could inherit the throne would immediately make the Blackfyre line (through Daenna) as the legitimate one. Even the idea that a king could decide unilaterally over the succession could be seen as dangerous, given that Aegon IV's favoritism towards Daemon.

    exactly . obviously , Aegon III didn't need to get into that , especially with two sons as his first and second born children . and later on , it came to Viserys and Daena and if Viserys wished to be legitimate and over his niece at that, it would have been more than foolish to push for Rhaenyra's legitimacy as a ruling queen .

    I wonder what Aegon III might have done if his first born was Daena (probably his favorite?) , considering he addressed his mother as queen in the council were he dismissed Manderly and his closeness to his mother ...

  16. It's kinda funny how it's almost a routine that Targaryen princes are promising ,yet, they suck as kings . Aerys II , Aegon IV , Aegon V , Daeron I and Baelor were all alright . Aerys and Aegon's biggest flaws were sleeping around , while Egg , Daeron and Baelor were all nearly perfect . though in the end, they all pulled some sort of madness! Rhaegar could easily be in the same category and if GoT's ending is anything inspired by George's version ,so will Dany's . 

  17. so , I finally watched it!

    this was my favorite episode this season , followed (not closely) with episode 1...

    the acting and music in this show is just great . no other word necessary for it:) 

    focus on Luke this episode was much needed for his conclusion . and Aemond's change fit well within his characterization . another benefit to this was introducing dragons' agency early on , before we get to Syrax and Silverwing .

    as long as we are on dragon subject, has there been a more pointless scene in the series that Daemon singing for Vermitor ?!  I can see the benefit in showing Daemon's sole interest(=obsession) as well as his utter recklessness (Vermitor could kill him if it didn't like the song) , but there were so many dragon moments they didn't include that this felt too unnecessary to spend budget on . 

    I'm glad they included the choking scene ! I once said mid season that they've already made Daemon so villainous towards secondary characters that if they want it to be believable , he can't always be the "hero" when it comes to Rhaenyra and that Daemon-Rhaenyra ships sucks in that context. and yeah , there it is , they committed to it . of course , this Daemon would hurt her too whenever she has her voice against him and doesn't fulfill his dragonlord fantasy . well done. 

    also , how ironic is it that Boros (least Baratheon character of Baratheon book characters) is the most Bratheon-looking Baratheon in GoT universe? ! 

  18. 23 minutes ago, The Bard of Banefort said:

    It’s especially weird that there’s now a panic that they’re going to “ruin” Daemon and Rhaenyra’s relationship. Many shippers have read FnB by now. Daemon isn’t some loving partner. He starts up his relationship with Mysaria again as soon as Rhaenyra takes the throne, then ditches her for a teenage girl. I can only imagine the amount of absurd hate Nettles’ actress will get when that happens.

    I mean , in the book there was some chance that Daemon has an arc and changes slowly after his exile , but there's never much of a hint that he's a loving partner to Rhaenyra . in the show , Daemon's even worse and his love for Rhaenyra is clearly an obsession with Valyrian customs . so , I'm very much lost when it comes to all Daemon fans and Daemon/Rhaenyra shippers ... he may be his best self with Rhaenyra but she is her worst version with him... why is there so much love for this?! 

    17 minutes ago, Ran said:

    The clothing designs -- just look at what the ladies are wearing in the Vale. And speaking of the Vale, here's the Eyrie. And consider the initial design of the Great Sept that they thankfully eventually moved away from. The baroque and exaggerated Red Keep, as well, though that's something the new show has had to inherit... but you don't get many shots of its  towering heights compared to what you saw in GoT, I think. The grand sept and Dragonpit are huge, Romanesque buildings, very much grounded in real world architecture, OTOH.

    The Lannister armor was inspired by Japanese samurai armor (to the point that, I was told, initially D&D wanted their swords to be katana-like, but apparently were talked out of it), for that matter, with the idea of a more fantastical, exotic mish-mash of styles. I suppose Cersei's clothing was also a bit Japanese-inspired. And so on. Clothing on HotD generally feels to be much more unified in styles across regions, and with some very deliberate references to medieval and Renaissance clothing in a way that GoT often strayed from. Jaime's whole get up for several seasons, with the leather coat with the flap closure that wouldn't be out of place on a WWI pilot....

    I don't know, it read very far, in some places, from what I think George imagined personally, while this show is closer.

    ah , yes I was thinking of Cersei's custums as I was asking that question . I don't think HOTD is much grounded in sets and armors(read Helmets). but yeah , in general I found HOTD to be closer to the image I got from the books.

  19. 54 minutes ago, Ran said:

     OTOH, visually F&B comes closer to capturing George's world. D&D deliberately wanted to push things into the more fantastical, in terms of architecture, set design, costume design, and away from the more grounded look that seems to permeate HotD.

    umm... I agree with the rest of your post , but what is more fantastical about GoT's season1 ? I honestly don't recall...

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