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  1. I once saw a theory on youtube that said the Others behavior in the prologue was as if they were testing Waymar. then , it went on to say that maybe prince that was promised was a prince promised to the Others or that there is a prince promised to them other than AA (I think it was LML's). I should re-read the chapter...
  2. this second one was so beautiful.. especially the artist's attention to details... really, I never imagined someone cares to draw Duck's sigil on his pin:) though ,it's such shame that Sansa , Arianne and Dany didn't make it to this piece.
  3. a BitterSweet ending: Aegon & Shireen : https://pin.it/Jjrw5sR the Queen Who Never Was & the Queen Who Should Have Been : https://pin.it/6fypP4h Father of the Era: Daemon Targaryen!: https://pin.it/5KnHdHZ Exiled Targaryens: https://pin.it/48vZ2aF Daemon & Laena (this reminds me of a scene of Wuthering Heights) :https://pin.it/71HYKkD Rhaena & Elissa: https://pin.it/32X4OZp Bloodraven & Shiera : https://pin.it/6VA6Hwa Greens: https://pin.it/4sF8oKg Bobby & Cersei's wedding : https://pin.it/2GgMiZz Cersei's mourning dress: https://pin.it/1cFmqjP this last one isn't ASOIAF art. but let's say the other side of his face is burned and they are the Hound and Sansa! shall we?! https://pin.it/685PFC0
  4. it just said she had a bump on her belly? not huge? so, at least 3-4 months.
  5. I wonder why battle field threads like this one don't get shut down , but if a few people start having fun with shipping then that goes down! honestly , the concept of Craster Stark could be an intriguing discussion..one that could lead to ideas about possible connections between Starks and the Others .. or how Starks (obviously series' protagonists) can defeat them.... but NOOOO... the OP has to be written in a manner that has no evidence and is clearly not at all open minded about the consequences of his theory
  6. I thought he looked like Rhaegar! I guess my fantasy guy is different from yours
  7. really?! I'm quite surprised ! on the contrary , the first piece of his that I liked was Sansa (I didn't include it here because I felt we are always posting Sansa and I wanted to be fair!) . unlike most artworks of Sansa , she had the famous cheekbones and didn't look too old or too young... grantedthough, she wasn't exceptionally beautiful. but for me the fairest of them all is Ashara Dayne:) I'm desperately waiting for Denis to finally get to her... if there was one artwork I didn't like from this artist, it's Lyanna! honestly where was the horse-face ,wilderness and boyishness? she looked all ladylike and gentle!
  8. let's get back to Denismaznev:) Brienne of Tarth: https://pin.it/4Apzq4j ( you know what I like about this? she is not ugly but she is also not conventionally attractive. she is really what's been described in the books. but more than that I like the armor ) Bobby and his brothers : https://pin.it/7tTtOsV (still got the charisma in his gaze) Young Griff : https://pin.it/34Rlmpl (cute) https://pin.it/6YovjuJ KING IN THE NORTH ! : https://pin.it/RMJ38Id Conqueror Trio : https://pin.it/5SNhwl4 (I can't decide if I like Aegon's chin better or Blackfyre?! )
  9. speaking of arts not originally meant for asoiaf, today I came across this gorgeous portrait in Instagram . this is done by William Oxer and is called "faith" , however, the Instagram user was an asoiaf fan and had seen it as a portrait of Elia Martell. https://pin.it/rUbWQF7 delicate beauty and a gentle sweet vibe indeed imagine her eyes to be darker and it's really Elia.. later, I was checking out some other portraits by Oxer and with asoiaf all over my head , I recognized some other characters as well "Divine Light" ( Sansa at her wedding) : https://pin.it/4VVWqvP "Remember Me" ( Dany in Pentos) :https://www.art2arts.co.uk/media/catalog/product/cache/0a7205368ef7e48501fd9f49c95f7956/r/e/xremember_me_small.jpg.pagespeed.ic.m9dv7FNxWM.jpg " the Artist's Model" (playful Arianne smiling at some lover) :https://sites.create-cdn.net/siteimages/15/9/4/159417/17/5/4/17549765/750x1123.jpg?1564351357 "Glance" ( Myriah , Daeron II's wife) :https://www.saatchiart.com/art/Painting-The-Glance-2/1162/2620051/view "Silence and Mystery" ( Elia again, between Trident and Sack) : https://s3.eu-west-2.amazonaws.com/media.hallforcornwall.co.uk/images/Art Raffle/William Oxer- 'Silence and Mystery'.jpg PS. sorry for long explanations!
  10. honestly , this quote and everything else we've seen of him suggests to me that High Sparrow can potentially be one of the darkest characters in the books . and knowing Martin used to be a catholic and probably familiar with the concept of religious leaders misusing people's fear and misery, he must have created High Sparrow to be more of a villain in the story . Yet, when I put High Sparrow among top 5 monstrous characters right beside the likes of Tywin and Euron , people mock me!
  11. I don't know . it might be a matter of perspective more than anything but I think it's insensitive of him to often talk of Jon's father's killer, friend or not , specifically from the time he put his hammer in Jon's father's chest(what other tale would be said of Trident?). he talks about Howland too but clearly he tells stories about Robert and not about Howland or Arthur Dayne or even Lyanna Stark ( Bran's knowledge about her seemed limited to general history and Arya was surprised to know she was like her aunt)
  12. I just realized if Rhaegar's Jon's dad, then this quote makes Ned a total asshole in Jon's eyes whenever he knows of his parentage... we know from Bran's POV that Ned is not much of talker , he doesn't tell old tales about victories against famous knights if he doesn't want to (Arthur Dayne) , he doesn't talk about old parties even they have cool stories, etc. he has no obligation to talk about Robert so often and especially not about how he was demon of the Trident when he killed Jon's dad , how he was the fiercest warrior (so he could kill Jon's dad) and how he was a giant among princes (as compared to Jon's dad for example)! ... I wonder what he wanted to tell Jon when he saw him and talked to him?! " so .. yeah .. you are my sister's son with the Targaryen prince.. you know the one I told you how Bobby was a total badass when he slew... they fought for your mom..and I lied about your identity because when Lannisters killed your siblings Robert called them dragonspawns so I feared he might kill you as well.. by the way courtesy Robert's half-Lannister children who technically have taken you and your sibling's place .... don't worry ,though, you are not a child of rape.. that basically does make your father an innocent but whatever, you are in NW so don't even think about revenge or IT or any of that nonsense!.. " OUCH!
  13. I suspect she didn't tell for the sake of Naerys too.. plus if you sleep with the biggest jerk in the family who happens to be married to your cousin -out of desperation from 10 year confinement , 3 unsuccessful escapes , disappointment of a too healthy brother/prisonkeeper , loneliness and lack of any other guy - you won't shout out about your affair afterwards either... anyways , the point is that Viserys was the only one with the power or influence to oppose her ... as I assume, the country was at peace and more united than ever . the fact that in spite of her confinement , her bastard and her lack of penis, still some thought she would be queen is telling. the world book says she didn't have powerful supporters , something Viserys had . he was too old to be a pawn so all I can think of is that Viserys took the throne because he wanted it. he probably thought it was his turn.
  14. he did try to free them (and I believe it) but afterwards there was basically nothing to stop Daena from ascending the throne and legitimizing her own son (hell.. if Freys and Lannisters were planning on presenting Robb as the beast who slew everyone at the red wedding , then Daena could definitely present herself as the Maiden Mary in history books). Targaryens were one single faction, the realm was united due to dornish war and during the 10 years of Baelor's rule there was limited enmity with Dorne...yet for some reason Viserys took the throne knowing that it not only destroys his poor mother's legacy but it also puts AegonIV next in line! the more I think about Baelor , the more I come to the conclusion that his interest in religious corelated with his shame of being a deep deep pervert! he probably wanted all his sisters but since it contradicted his religious beliefs and it scared him he took an oath of celibacy and then due to jealousy towards others who might have them, he kept his sisters in Maidenvault.... OR he was another sort of psycho! look, there definitely is a chance that all your theories turn out to be true .from what I've read, you have gathered a good piece by piece set of evidence for each small theory. however , every small part is supported by yet another theory when you look at the large picture, which makes the whole thing a bit of a stretch... definitely a good read... but you cannot expect us to take them as facts and say "oh you guys don't get it ..only I do.." ! you might be right but yet again you might not. and it's not like a scientific fact that we can prove and set aside.. it's incomplete fiction in the head of one guy and all these are basically imagination of each of us! some theories are more supported than the rest but the bottom line is that these are all just guess games!
  15. we shall see! ps. check out Artworks thread. I put something you'd like...well.. you , Corvo and Loras Tyrell:) In my head canon , Daemon B was actually a good guy forced in an impossible situation . so yeah , I think he probably had more relationship with Aemon -hero of all- than his absent selfish father. yeah.. the guy was sensitive tnx you're probably right agreed... almost. it would have been great if he either supported his poor niece's crown or disinherited his son in favor of his grandson... finally , someone with good shipping sense they'll even be parallel to Ashara the desirable maid and Shy Ned!
  16. well.... Sansa will marry a Ned if that means anything! I thought Cregan might be popular , he sure seemed like a badass... I've got the feeling that Elaena was a bit of a kissass... I mean ... why wouldn't she support her own nephew?! as doomed as his cause might have been! there were two Targaryen naming that were particularly interesting to me: 1) Aegon III 's children: first of all his first son is named Daeron . closest paternal relative with the same name was Daeron the daring whom we can be pretty sure was not an inspiration to Aegon! but his father-in-law's name is also Daeron ... it seems to me there is at least one Targaryen king who seemed to care about his wife's opinion when it came to naming their firstborn. also, Baelor might be out of respect to Baela ( the same way she was named after Baelon) and Rhaena is obviously named after Aegon's other sister, Rhaena. 2) Daemon Blackfyre's twins were Aegon and Aemon . Aegon is a pretty standard Targ name but Aemon here is interesting since we are explicitly told that Daemon's dad did little to honor Aemon's memory but it seems Daemon did. Daemon's third son is also named after his father.
  17. shall we take a look at the recently popular house Umber?! Crowfood Umber: https://www.deviantart.com/themarkygallery/art/Mors-Umber-874451227 SmallJon Umber: https://www.deviantart.com/themarkygallery/art/Smalljon-Umber-874451068 Whoresbane Umber: https://www.deviantart.com/themarkygallery/art/Hother-Umber-874451407 and... Honorable Mention: Cregan Stark: https://www.deviantart.com/themarkygallery/art/Cregan-Stark-874451526
  18. that was really interesting ... George might only be a romantic but I think it makes kinda sense. if you can't manage your lust you probably can't manage a country! regarding Jon Snow , I think whether he breaks his vows again won't exclude him from the pattern you found. he'd only be like Jaimie whose monogamy seemed to be intended as one of the earlier signs depicting him in a more positive light.
  19. good (and sad) point... meanwhile , the characters who are called old seem to come back from dead! we've already talked about Loras calling Cat old and she comes back as LSH. and here's a quote for Beric: it's worth mentioning that (believe it or not!) , young curse had applied to young Lord Beric , too!
  20. he might have Stark blood. but I agree that Jon seems to be set up to become Nights king. I also speculate that Nights king was actually the Last Hero and the horror stories about him are just how his story has evolved over the years. if you look at two heros of the current story - Jon and Dany- one is killed although he was doing basically anything in his power to protect the realm and the other one is told to be a merciless tyrant although she is farthest thing from that.
  21. good call for Dany/Athena... I think Demeter works for Margery better than Olenna. but Calliope is good too. Gaia could be a better fit for Olenna , I suppose .since she's more ruthless... oh and while Persephone is a good match for Sansa , I think she could be Stark family's Hestia later on:)
  22. Arya is totally Nemesis I think Hera would work for Catelyn(hating Jon and all that).
  23. I mean you could at least say Rhaegar was inexperienced or something and what about Lewin Martell? he should've been able to see that... forget about the rebellion battles... George clearly just wanted an epic battle in a river and it seems he gave Bobby and co. a THICK plot armor in every single battle while he kinda forgot to give Rhaegar something other than looks to make it believable so many people had faith in him ...
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