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  1. Peter Franzén = Davan Lanister next: Gemma Arterton
  2. in whatever format it might be ,I hope it comes out in 2022 or 2023... after all there's going to be a show he needs to promote and a play full of spoilers
  3. technically yes. Tysha was still Tyrion's wife since only high septon can annul marriages in this world. but Tysha and Tyrion's marriage was problematic on its own. if I remember correctly there were no witnesses in their wedding, only a drunken septon whereas Tyrion and Sansa had a wedding party and everything . and even if we take their marriage as valid, Sansa's marriage to Tyrion won't be affected because there is no proof for the first marriage ( I hardly think a westerland septon , Jaimie or the lost bride say anything)
  4. a rich merchant prince ... far more luxuries would you rather be opposing Bitter Steel or Bloodraven in a war?
  5. easy! I choose eating over listening to gut wrenching music every time! we are talking about eating before the killing and not knowing what comes up next though .. right?! here's another one: would you rather be Maegor's architect or Aerys II's hand?
  6. I agree with you , Bran seems to be destined to do more than being just another king . though the show runners said that "king Bran" came from Martin himself and as @The Bard of Banefort says Bran has proved himself more or less capable of ruling . still I don't think he'll sit the Iron Throne or any Westerosi throne for that matter . I think he'll be some sort of peacemaker king . someone who brings back children of the forest perhaps and brings magic back . he might even make some sort of peace with the others after realizing what they want and who/what they are. he'll be someone in my opinion who guides kings/queens of westeros the way bloodraven wasn't able to do . maybe that would be the way he becomes the(green) king ... who knows?! but I don't buy it for a second that he becomes king of westeros by choice of a great council of nobles... they wouldn't look twice at Bran stark the cripple magical old-gods worshipper skinchanger weirdo boy who was beyond the wall all this time. not when Jon, Sansa and even Rickon ( who will be back in the story in winds and is capable of producing heirs in the future ) are his rivals as head of house stark .
  7. Aerys II. he was just depressed in his first 20 years. also, Maegor scares me! now , would you rather fight Strong Belvas or Robert Strong in a fighting pit?
  8. Val the wildling princess Next: Synnove Karlsen
  9. if Bob Morley was cast as Quentyn , I'd be even more frustrated with Dany for rejecting the good guy
  10. alright... is it how it works? Oliver Jackson-Cohen= Osney Kattleblack Next: Bob Morley
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