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  1. I think Rhaenyra never turned into the martyr hero of the songs because neither of her sons cared enough about popularity and perception. unlike queen Rhaenys who knew how to turn herself and her siblings from foreigner tyrants into dragon-god heros through songs .
  2. exactly . obviously , Aegon III didn't need to get into that , especially with two sons as his first and second born children . and later on , it came to Viserys and Daena and if Viserys wished to be legitimate and over his niece at that, it would have been more than foolish to push for Rhaenyra's legitimacy as a ruling queen . I wonder what Aegon III might have done if his first born was Daena (probably his favorite?) , considering he addressed his mother as queen in the council were he dismissed Manderly and his closeness to his mother ...
  3. It's kinda funny how it's almost a routine that Targaryen princes are promising ,yet, they suck as kings . Aerys II , Aegon IV , Aegon V , Daeron I and Baelor were all alright . Aerys and Aegon's biggest flaws were sleeping around , while Egg , Daeron and Baelor were all nearly perfect . though in the end, they all pulled some sort of madness! Rhaegar could easily be in the same category and if GoT's ending is anything inspired by George's version ,so will Dany's .
  4. so , I finally watched it! this was my favorite episode this season , followed (not closely) with episode 1... the acting and music in this show is just great . no other word necessary for it:) focus on Luke this episode was much needed for his conclusion . and Aemond's change fit well within his characterization . another benefit to this was introducing dragons' agency early on , before we get to Syrax and Silverwing . as long as we are on dragon subject, has there been a more pointless scene in the series that Daemon singing for Vermitor ?! I can see the benefit in showing Daemon's sole interest(=obsession) as well as his utter recklessness (Vermitor could kill him if it didn't like the song) , but there were so many dragon moments they didn't include that this felt too unnecessary to spend budget on . I'm glad they included the choking scene ! I once said mid season that they've already made Daemon so villainous towards secondary characters that if they want it to be believable , he can't always be the "hero" when it comes to Rhaenyra and that Daemon-Rhaenyra ships sucks in that context. and yeah , there it is , they committed to it . of course , this Daemon would hurt her too whenever she has her voice against him and doesn't fulfill his dragonlord fantasy . well done. also , how ironic is it that Boros (least Baratheon character of Baratheon book characters) is the most Bratheon-looking Baratheon in GoT universe? !
  5. I mean , in the book there was some chance that Daemon has an arc and changes slowly after his exile , but there's never much of a hint that he's a loving partner to Rhaenyra . in the show , Daemon's even worse and his love for Rhaenyra is clearly an obsession with Valyrian customs . so , I'm very much lost when it comes to all Daemon fans and Daemon/Rhaenyra shippers ... he may be his best self with Rhaenyra but she is her worst version with him... why is there so much love for this?! ah , yes I was thinking of Cersei's custums as I was asking that question . I don't think HOTD is much grounded in sets and armors(read Helmets). but yeah , in general I found HOTD to be closer to the image I got from the books.
  6. umm... I agree with the rest of your post , but what is more fantastical about GoT's season1 ? I honestly don't recall...
  7. he's got mostly bad things going about him and unfortunately lacks the depth they are clearly giving Aemond with so little screen time (I thought it would be the other way around!) . I think Daemon shines because of Matt Smith ... and that's about it . absolutely . this actor is great . re age differences , as others mentioned , Ewan Mitchel is younger than Tom Glynn-carney . considering Aegon is a pampered soft prince and Aemond is the warrior prince , I'm fine with their depictions . where it doesn't make sense is with Jace and Aemond's age difference . as far as we know , Jace and Aemond are pretty close in age , unless Alicent somehow managed to have Aemond when Rhaenyra was on her tour and they kinda forgot to tell/show the audience!
  8. I fully agree with this . despite the fact that I found ep8 one of the best episodes of the season , I found myself quite uninterested in the show afterwards and one of the main reasons for that was the lack of any Aegon/Rhaenyra interactions in any shape or form . for all the clash of two women advertisements , the dance story is a war between two siblings . one that goes so far that Aegon becomes obsessed with ending his sister's line. well , it's the show that there's no name dropping of Daeron the Daring although he's apparently gonna be in the show. so , I wouldn't say it's weird ! but disappointing ! I think Jace's education scene could've been way better with showing him interested in Westeros , say Starks and their strange gods , rather than dead old Valyrian language . book-Jace is a savvy politician who can befriend a Stark and convince an Arryn and a Manderly to join his mother's cause . he should also know enough of Westerosi history to be fully aware of weird first night rule ,unlike queen Alyssane, in order to use it in sowing of dragon seeds plot (probably without Mushroom's help!) . clinging to heritage and your slaver ancestors' dead language is all good and well for kings but not all that much when you have a foreign heritage in the kingdom you rule . i mean that I expect someone like Daemon to be interested in learning Valyrian history and someone like Jace to be interested in Westerosi one!
  9. I wouldn't know much about the clinical diagnosis of schizophrenia. but frankly, I doubt it was intentional on the writers' part to make Alicent anything but a sympathetic antagonist. whether a schizophrenia patient or a stupid naïve girl without agency, she has become an incompetent villain which is just boring.
  10. my first thought too! is Daeron going to be in the show? I'm getting worried, I expected that someone mentions him in ep8's dinner ...
  11. who said anything about her emotional reluctance? she is an idiot because she's been accusing Rhaenyra of high treason for 16 yrs and had been telling her children that Aegon will be king but even though SHE (and not Otto) was present in Kingslanding undermining Rhaenyra for the majority of this period, she is completely surprised to see other council members do not need her flimsy lucky excuse of Viserys's dying wish to prepare for Aegon's coronation. so, what was Alicent's plan, if Otto hadn't schemed beforehand? she is certain that Rhaenyra and Daemon won't bend the knee, yet, she thinks she can keep Aegon king and keep Rhaenyra alive. ummm... how?! I don't know why you have to make this a race between Blacks and Greens. we are talking about character writing. at least, I am.
  12. it's become a routine by this point: a very good episode ending in idiocy. Aegon and Aemond's stories have been pretty good in these episodes and all 4 actors (teen and adult ) were brilliant. Tom Glynn-carney was a highlight for me in ep9. Aegon's coronation scene and Aegon's shift from doubt to joy and embracing kinghood could've been a perfect ending to the episode. I also loved Arryk and Errik's story. Alicent turned from the Mean Girl in ep6 to the Mad Queen in ep7 to the tired mother missing her old friend she's been a bitch to in ep8 and a total idiot in ep9. I suppose they did this to make her a sympathetic character, but she's just turned out messy and incompetent. Rhaenys's final scene was the stupidest thing in the episode. we KNOW there's a dragon entrance to the dragonpit, if she was so merciful, why did she make a hole in the floor and killed hundreds of innocents, men, women, and children, in the process? though, I give the writers this, this sloppy killing of smallfolk will work well for the shepherd plot.
  13. Rhaenyra had always felt more like a Catelyn Tully to me . what? I thought BTS was a band! this kid was definitely the highlight of ep7 for me .
  14. not an idiot ,i guess . and yeah it'll make Alicent suspicious but I wouldn't be so sure that she'd jump into conclusion about her father before talking to Rhaenyra . her talk to Rhaenyra makes her just completely sure that she should stay by Rhaenyra's side which later leads to her father's dismissal . something that for a 18-20 yr old girl who already feels isolated will be very upsetting to say the least , never mind if Otto deserves that or not . then, Otto scolds her about being too naive and trusting and reminds her again that Rhaenyra won't be her friend and will pose a danger to her kids, afterwards Larys makes her doubt her decision further and talking with Cole makes her completely sure that her father's right and that Rhaenyra's just a brat who'd been manipulating her and she should not put it passed her to become a kinslayer after all . I know. I was just pointing out the difference . don't get me wrong .I find the show enjoyable as it is but they only needed small details to better deliver Alicent's transition . as it is , she was almost completely flipped in one episode. Rhaenyra's betrayal was not that big and definitely not that personal to make Alicent change her beliefs altogether and never go back ,for 10 yrs. she needed doubts beforehand for the betrayal to work as the last nail to the coffin . it's like ep3&4 are wasted in that particular regard .
  15. nope. in that episode Otto talks about Aegon becoming king but he doesn't express any worries about what might happen to Aegon and what lords may expect from Rhaenyra to do . it's not even remotely implied that there could be any legitimate concern for Alicent's children until ep5 which gets all hyped up in ep6. I think for this fear to work Alicent should reject it first and then goes back to thinking about it and questioning it after Rhaenyra's "betrayal of trust" . furthermore , they had laid the ground work for Alicent to think Rhaenyra might not want the throne anyways which could make her more open to the idea of king Aegon roughly from the beginning .
  16. yeah , it's not a if , as I said later in the same post , they did do some things . but like I said, I personally don't think it's enough . in episodes 1&2 Alicent is confused about how she feels about the whole Viserys thing . although , there's the episode 1 Heart Tree conversation that's pretty much suggestive that Alicent could be ambitious . then ep3&4 instead of giving a slowly growing ambition alongside the growing jealousy in ep4 and righteousness problems thanks to conventional background, we get a backwards to simply loyal Alicent . then everything else is cramped in first half of ep5 . opportunity was right there in ep3. Otto could mention that he worries about what others may make Rhaenyra do to her half-siblings with Alicent completely rejecting the idea. only for her to rethink it in ep5.
  17. that's totally right . there were so many ways that this family could prevent civil war in the show . the notion that Alicent thinks her children are in danger and thus pushes Aegon's claim is rather comical to me.* if she truly feared for her children , she would have adopted Aegon's plan and didn't present any challenge and would have welcomed Haelaena/Jace offer . on the other hand, Rhaenyra , who was fully aware that people may favor Aegon over her and that Alicent was starting to become an enemy , could have tried to form a relationship with her half-siblings , in order to both make sure they stay loyal and to lessen Alicent's paranoia after Otto's departure . heck , going by the book she could suggest taking Aegon as her new consort after Laenor's death , never mind her pride! while in the show , if there was smallest hope to prevent a war after Aemond's incident , Rhaenyra cemented the enmity by taking Daemon as her husband . especially that she didn't even need to marry Daemon to have him by her side whenever war began.** *honestly, it feels rather unearned . Alicent's transition should have been slowly and over those first five episodes . they did some things but that wasn't nearly enough . they could easily utilize Alicent's conventional views to have her slowly think about Aegon's claim (with daddy's help , to be sure) . Rhaenyra and Alicent's talk over Aemma's new child in ep1 where Rh doesn't care about her position and Alicent thinks that's something to care about could be a perfect start to show Alicent's ambition which they completely dropped afterwards. Alicent could be sympathetic and ambition both at the same time and it would have made her a great villain . ** a detail I really liked in this episode was Daemon and Otto's reactions to the whole Alicent-Rhaenyra scene . they both stayed as observers in a doorway , seemed proud and they were both clearly enjoying the mess they had made .it's evident that in the show if anyone's to blame for the dance it's Otto (the guy who pimped his own daughter and sees his grandsons as his pawns) and Daemon( a guy who groomed his own niece) . although, I still blame Jaeherys in the book.
  18. oh , I don't think he cares about Haelaena. he just seems to be the only one who knows and cares what Alicent tries to do . he's also a 10 yr old child , so , rather than putting it on solely "ambition" , I think he's after proving himself to the world and that includes having a dragon , listening to mother and how she wants to put them in position of power and swordplay . I mean , it's fair to say by giving dreams to Haelaena instead of making her the happy child of F&B , they intend to give her dream madness instead of grieving madness . my theory is that her dreams will be more frequent and more vivid after her child's death which she would welcome , trying to shut down her dark memory , only for them to give her more reason to grieve for. but these three women's arcs should be handled delicately . basically, they'll all have to deal with loss of their children and in the book are presented as mad queens which is a real letdown for literally half of the women in the Dance.
  19. Aemond doesn't know that . in general , Alicent doesn't seem to care about her children the way Rhaenyra does . she loves them of course the way you have to love your family , but she thinks Aegon is an embarrassing fool and Haelaena is a weirdo . with Daeron in Oldtown , her only child is Aemond who unlike his siblings in fact seems to listen to mother's words very carefully . hence , he knows and repeats well about Strongs , Alicent's plans for Aegon and the value of a brother-sister match . me too . it'll be a huge miss if they don't . besides, Alicent will be enough as a mad queen . Rhaenyra and Haelaena need other paths.
  20. we have seen so little of their interactions .but while Aegon and Haelaena have little to interest Alicent , Aemond seems to be the favorite and on the other hand Aemond seems to be the one sibling who's gonna truly love their mother especially after seeing she is the only person in their family who would stand up for him . additionally , Alys Rivers , a brunette same age as his mom, is right there to give us some sick complexity in his feelings. re, Aegon , Aemond already seems to feel he is worthier than Aegon before claiming Vhagar . so, it's not out of question that as prince regent he wanted to rule permanently or even eventually usurp Aegon and marry Haelaena like a true Targaryen. ps. I still think I'll be rooting for Aemond against Daemon in the show . while ,Aemond seems to be on the path of a bullied kid turning into a the biggest villain, Daemon had barely had an arc so far . he's been a sociopath right from the start , and it's only when he is with Rhaenyra that he seems normal (factoring creepy uncle angle!) , a relationship we already know will go downhill when he goes to his next lonely dragon lady teenager .
  21. so , you think I can't hope they'll skip mass-murderer Aemond part or cold kinslayer Aemond?! because , I've really started liking this kid (special thanks to the kid actor) . believe it or not , show has done something that I'm rooting for Aemond to kill Daemon above god's eye . not the other way around!
  22. the why of it is Vhaegar ( night light=less details on dragon=longer , better delivered scene ) and the fact that it works better if all the scenes are consistently following one another , instead of having Aemond go to sleep and then wake up in the middle of the night to go to Vhaegar. now we should ask why it's so dead dark that nothing can be seen? that is not a creative choice . that's bad technic .
  23. what's so confusing ? he wanted to marry his sister . that's all . personally , I think polygamy is worse . unless , incest is between parent-child or creepy older uncle/aunt-niece/nephew .
  24. that's one of the things they had inevitably lost , when they decided on the structure . if they had done pre-dance in two seasons, say with child versions of the kids in season 1 ending with Rh&D wedding and with their teen versions in season2 , they could have enough time to establish alliances outside of the family , loyalties of council members , Velaryon and Strong families , etc. but I think with their decision to have 30 yrs in 1 season , they were successful enough to flesh out Hobert , Jason and Bormund. so , yeah , introducing all those characters will be a bit difficult next season , but it's a show that's introducing and killing fairly important characters per episode! yep, that's my team as well:) they could end season 2 with Rook's Rest and season3 with Gullet if they want . needs some imagination, but still possible!
  25. that's my read as well . but the show made an attempt to make her sympathetic with MANY likeable qualities and for half the season at that , only to jump 10 years and change it 180 degrees . besides, if you don't want to have a smooth transition between the years and want to leave so much to imagination , it's better to use flashbacks for the past and spend time on getting deep into adult characters throughout the season rather than use a linear structure with far too many time jumps.
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