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  1. 21 minutes ago, Craving Peaches said:

    But...but...my new 'The Crimes of Jaime Lannister' thread is due. I did one for Cersei and Tywin (and Tyrion, I think) it's only fair...

    oh . sorry about that. I was distracted by Hot Pie sin thread and missed Jaimie's!

    21 minutes ago, Craving Peaches said:

    They are because some of them are in response to other threads.

    yeah . well , respond to each other here! ;) 

  2. please, PLEASE, write down this sort of stuff here, and kindly do NOT start new hate threads!

    to be honest all the threads including "madness of ______" , "_______ is going insane" , "crimes of _______" , "________ worst sins" , "_______ , the _____heart" and so on are getting far too repetitive. they almost always star Starks and Targaryens and put these families versus each other, regardless of the OP. 

    so, I was thinking, why not have a thread for the worst sins of characters and their potential madness(considering all families seem to have the so-called madness genes !)  and be done with it once and for all?! 

  3. 4 hours ago, StarkTullies said:

    That was the effect that scene had on me.  Rhaenys was one of my favorite characters on the show prior to that, and now I can't wait until Aegon and Aemond take her down.  But I am certain that was not the show-writers' intent.  What I think it really shows is that the none of the show writers care about the smallfolk, or at least they assume (probably accurately) that most of the show viewers don't.

    this is so true. in these kinds of shows the way commoners are treated by the writers dictates if the viewers care about them. clearly, these showrunners prefer treating the smallfolk like sheep. for me, this was a bit of a letdown because in the books the first Riverlander supporters of Rhaenyra were surprisingly commoners and lesser nobles, and later on the Shepherd played a huge role in the book. both of these situations could have been more fleshed out in the show.... 

  4. something I've noticed is that my favorite scenes and my most hated scenes are back to back! pretty funny ,huh?


    •  Aemond claiming Vhaegar
    •  Aegon's coronation
    • Storms End scene and Luke's death


    • the fight scene between kids: in the books Aemond's accident truly felt like a mishap, while in the show not so much.
    • Rhaenys's Draon pit scene
    • the manner of Joffrey's death
    • Harwin and Criston's fight and all that it entailed: Criston Cole  can imply the princes' bastardy , insult the crown princess, her noble husband and the noble heir to house Strong AND then when Harwin punches him , he is the one who faces consequences?! for god's sake, it's a pretty normal reaction to defend his honor by punching the guy



  5. 3 minutes ago, Craving Peaches said:

    And before anyone goes "Oh but Brandon told Rhaegar to 'come out and die' so it was okay", that still doesn't give Aerys the right to kill all of his companions and their fathers who weren't even there. And the way the 'guilty party' Brandon was treated and killed was unjust anyway. Trial by Combat is a sacred thing, you have to let people do it, other kings have had to let people do it and they had dragons.

    And before anyone goes "Brandon and Rickard were plotting against the Targaryens so it was okay" I would like some actual proof for that that isn't Barbrey Dustin's statement, and that still doesn't excuse Aerys killing everyone else and their father, unless you are claiming that all these people, and Ned, and Robert (one of the worst potential people to recruit into your plot in the entire series) were in on this conspiracy we have zero proof and one flimsy piece of 'evidence' for.

    and to think all those victims are from one episode of one single Targ ....

  6. few ?! :D:D


    you could say the line that Ned's not a friend of the king in the world book and Stannis's line is connected. but that sounds a bit of a stretch I guess. while the booming voice is the better argument there. though that too cannot be proof on its own. the booming voice could be a family trait among Starks, it could be the effect of the voice coming out of the helmet or it could be similar to Hoddor's voice when Bran fights the white walkers in his body.


    personally, I tend to believe Lyanna's the best candidate for the Knight of the Laughing tree, regardless of RLJ. the KOTLT story's star after the crannogman seems to be the Wolf-Maid . she was the one entering the scene defending Howland and she was the first one calling out the squires. 

    a close second, and my favorite, is Howland himself, albeit with a tree Bran lending him strength. that however is more about Bran's constant dream of one day of knighthood and the logistics of jousting for Howland. I think the possibility of Bran giving Lyanna strength and experiencing knighthood through her after she decides to ride the tilts is just as much. Lyanna is also a better candidate than Howland explaining why Meera would think Bran should've heard this story.

    Benjen as the sidekick of the story who offers putting together and armor could be a third candidate, though I wouldn't bet on that. 

    Ned, Brandon, and Ashara, all of whom appear in the KOTLT story are just side characters in my opinion. and probably have a little story of their own. 

  7. 10 minutes ago, Nathan Stark said:

    No, it's not delusional or selfish to want to see an end to the fighting. Ellaria Sand makes a very similar argument in AFfC. Ultimately, Catelyn is right that defeating the Lannisters won't bring Ned or Rickard Karstark's sons or anybody else back. The problem with Cat's argument for peace is not that she is selfish or delusional, but that there are multiple claimants to the Iron Throne, so who do you make peace with? Joffrey can be ruled out for obvious reasons, but first Renly, then Stannis, declare their intent to take the Iron Throne. To make peace with one of them is to make an enemy of the other. There were reasons why suing for peace was impractical at the end of A Game of Thromes, but it is not because Catelyn was selfish or delusional.

    to be clear, the desire for peace is not what sounds selfish or delusional to me. but to think in that particular situation it was an option to make peace with Joffrey of all people was indeed delusional. and her proposal lacking any plan beyond saving her daughters sounded selfish which makes it completely understandable for Karstark to call her out on that. at that point Tywin and Jaimie had broken the King's peace, Joffrey supported them and executed Ned, warden of the North, with a very Aerys-like rationale. they had already fought a war and lost even more people. and what was Cat's proposal? let's trade one of the guys who has created this mess with my daughters and go home! if they made peace with Joffrey at that point, they got no justice and could have been easily undermined again considering what Joffrey could pull with their overlord and get away with it, and to think they could trade hostages with Joffrey and swear fealty to another king was something Joffrey would've never allowed which was easy to see. 

    I agree with @Many-Faced Votary that Robb's coronation was a tragedy and doomed him from the beginning. what with his crown, he lost the option of an easy alliance with Stannis or Renly. 

    but I absolutely do not agree that Ellaria's argument is similar to Cat's . simply because the situation differs by a mile. Martells and Sand Snakes are looking for revenge for something that happened 20 years ago and something that happened during a legal trial and the murderers are already dead. moreover, Ellaria's speech happens during a time of peace where Tommen Baratheon is the only king with any power (Stan had fled at that point) , and Tommen Baratheon has not done any injustice, unlike Joff. meanwhile, Northern houses were looking for justice, and that only turned into revenge when Karstark killed the Lannister boys. 

  8. 3 hours ago, Angel Eyes said:

    He could smash the hell out of it but not bring it to its knees. Perhaps, if he'd tried harder to save Sansa his mother wouldn't have cost him a bargaining chip by freeing Jaime.

    honestly, his mother was being unreasonable from the beginning. after Jaimie's capture and Ned's death, before Robb was named king , she thought it was a good idea to trade Jaimie with her daughters although at that point other houses had lost sons and men trying to save their lord who had died regardless! I mean, isn't that seriously delusional and selfish thinking?  that must be why Robb stopped listening to her even though he so desperately needed an adult's counsel who was without a doubt on his side.

  9. 4 hours ago, Angel Eyes said:

    I'd say another one is that Robb never tried to rescue Sansa; it should have been on his mind that Joffrey having Ned executed against all advice meant that she was in danger at any given moment.

    I agree with this. (though I still wouldn't call it "sin") . I think Robb found himself in an impossible situation in which his only option was to win the war to rescue his sisters and being so young and inexperienced didn't help him at all. none of his advisors seemed to be useful; Cat just wanted her children back which was kind of selfish to abandon the cause when the others had lost their kids in an attempt to rescue her husband and now wanted justice and revenge. and Robb was trying his best to compromise. I guess he thought having Jaimie and keeping him alive equals fair enough treatment from Lannisters. after all, being Ned's son I doubt he could ever bring himself to threaten anyone with torture.  though, after they married Sansa to Tyrion (something Robb couldn't pay off with anything to Jaimie), he became completely desperate which led to his famous will. 

  10. 1 hour ago, Angel Eyes said:

    Granted, the Qarth storyline isn't much better in the books.

    yes, Qarth was boring in the book. but it made better sense and it involves the House of Undying chapter that we are debating about to this day. I don't remember debating that much about the show's House of Undying scene.  and I never as a show fan liked Qarth's sack or that the Dothraki were massacred only to turn up again for the sack and fade away afterward yet again. in fact, the most intriguing part about the show Qarth was Quaithe which I personally naively kept expecting to show up again!

  11. 58 minutes ago, Many-Faced Votary said:

    Honestly, there is any number of nonsensical theories, or wishful thinking masquerading as theories, or extreme reaches to try fitting headcanon; but I think the worst theories are those insidiously accepted as canon by a large portion of readers, despite the text not actually supporting them meaningfully or even contradicting them.

    I won't name the offenders in my eyes so as not to derail the topic, but I can't help but be reminded of similar popular theories that were thoroughly dismantled when the next book was published, back when new books were actually released.

    cool! :drool: ... what theories?!*

    *some of us have never experienced a new book release. so please do elaborate! 

  12. 43 minutes ago, Raven Princling said:

    7: They butchered Loras as a character and made his sexual orientation the sole focus. It annoyed me, because book Loras is more than that the fact he likes men. Esp considering the fact that he probably loved Renly (instead of going to brothels after his death in the following books).

    this I completely agree with. I'd say they butchered Renly in the same manner. they basically turned them from complex characters who happen to be gay and deal with that in their society among other things into silly stereotypes defined by their sexuality, which is irritating. but also kind of ironic, considering the books are older than even me and were written by an old white dude, while the show is a product of the 21st century! 

    43 minutes ago, Raven Princling said:

    Edit: I remember the way the show made Doreah a traitor annoying me too.

    oh, I had forgotten that! that was a stupid change. I say that for the whole Qarth storyline . 

  13. I think Stoneheart's fate will be at the hands of Arya or that her story will eventually be linked closely to Arya's since Arya's wolf found her corpse. specifically for Arya to see the very end of a revenge-filled life and give her mother the gift of mercy. that'd be a messed up closure, but a closure Arya needs nonetheless. 

    p.s. when I read the title I thought "we are not done with ______ , the ____heart theories?!" ..... 


  14. well, to this day, the most disgusting, disturbing, wired, laughable, and fucked up theory I've seen is Sarella=Shae theory; which does not end there! this theory claims that the Red Viper has raped and groomed his own daughter to be a whore to eventually send her to Tywin Lannister when some war someday happens so she can poison Tywin at the end and avenge his sister who was raped and murdered! I mean, COME ON! 


    and a lot of these weird theories are also laughable:


  15. 11 hours ago, Many-Faced Votary said:

    I strongly disagree with this, and I think it is actually a superficial reading of both of them.

    Dany's "type" is not bad boys, but rather men who respect her agency (important to someone who never had it until fighting for and earning it) and offer a measure of autonomy, and men who are comfortable with themselves and their beliefs. (Going to reiterate here that Drogo was also not real love; Dany only thought it was.) Jon would obviously fall under these categories.

    Jon's "type" is not badass fighting gals, but rather women who are independent and active, and primarily, women who care strongly. (He respects women and men platonically for the same reason.) Ygritte very much desired freedom as per her culture, and the canonical source of conflict between Val and Jon is about Shireen and her greyscale. Dany would obviously fall under these categories.

    For both of them, appearance is more secondary. Ygritte (not conventionally attractive and feminine by Westerosi standards) and Val (conventionally attractive and feminine) look very different, as do Drogo (conventionally attractive and masculine) and Daario (not conventionally attractive and masculine).

    I don't think Euron would charm Dany in any meaningful way. Setting aside all his other... flaws, he encapsulates what Dany actively rejects and despises of her own ancestors: being an unrepentant slaver (obviously) and exploiting dangerous, "dark" magics (e.g., the Undying). 

    re Dany, being into "bad boys" and wanting to have agency in a relationship aren't incompatible. Daenerys likes strong, powerful guys who take what they want, guys she feels safe with, guys who respect her strength to some extent (Dothraki style ), and, yes, exciting bad boys in general. and for looks, we cannot know anything. Neither Drogo , nor Dario look conventional(though Dany's conventional may differ from common standards since she was raised in places like Tyrosh where blue and purple beards aren't uncommon) . but they are both warriors, tall and masculine. 

    I don't think Euron would charm Dany in a meaningful way either, just as much as Daario has captured her attention. Euron's cruelty is evident from his ship alone, then again, both Daario and Drogo were cruel , selfish bastards too! Euron is charismatic, smart, and can put up a good front if he wants to. while I hope I'm wrong, I don't think it's far-fetched to think Dany and Euron might get together for some time before she realizes what a monstrosity he is. especially considering her dream in Dance.  

    as for Jon, he is pretty superficial in his assessment of women. and he does like the warrior type women and fails to see other types of strength in women (yet) . he also has a biased view towards ladylike women which might come from his view of Cat. when he sees and admires strength in Alys Karstark , he basically mentally notes that she is a not like other girls girl.  and it's not like he's to blame; he's a teenager with only Cat as the most prominent female figure in his life. bashing whatever she represents and being attracted to the opposite (Yigrett) isn't all that odd.

  16. 1 hour ago, Many-Faced Votary said:


    Unfortunately, I do think that there isn't enough time to cover this and his extremely likely relationship with Dany in two books, but I also maintain that a minimum of three books is needed to finish the series anyway. :P

    that's the general consensus, but Dany and Jon aren't really each other's type! Euron is more Dany's type than Jon for god's sake.... yes! I said that! 

  17. one of the best qualities of Oberyn Martell is his loyalty and love for his family. yet, if we were to blame one person for their tragedies, we reach Oberyn who fucks them all up with two simple acts: mocking Baelor Hightower and killing lord Yornwood!


    •  After she doesn't marry Baelor, Elia marries Rhaegar , leading to her death. 
    • Doran has to promise his son to Yornwoods in exchange for Oberyn's action, destroying his relationship with Mellario. 
    • Arianne and Quentyn have a nonexistent relationship because he had to be sent to Yornwood.
    • Arianne's relationship with both Doran and Quentyn is affected because Doran cooked up a super secret plan in order to avenge Elia who wouldn't have been dead if she was married to Baelor Hightower!
    • Arianne might screw Dorne up because she apparently lacks the proper education to rule over Dorne since Doran had prepared her to be Queen of 7k instead of the princess of Dorne. 



    if only our favorite rogue prince was more cautious! 

  18. 19 minutes ago, James Steller said:

    We have plenty of characters who are, at best, morally grey people who have done bad things out of revenge, the greater good, etc. At worst, they're monsters who do terrible things without seemingly any sense of remorse. But many of these grey characters also have tragedy in their own backstories, which clearly shaped them negatively, or traumatised them. 

    But how far does that go for you to forgive certain characters? Who do you forgive and who do you condemn, and what influences your decision? I mean characters like Tyrion, Sandor, Arya, Stannis, Aeron, Theon, Robert, Daenerys, and any other characters that you want to bring up. 

    backstories are explanations for certain behaviors. they don't excuse the terrible course of actions characters might take. the exceptions are the characters who are still in traumatic situations, such as Arya (the only one I can think of ). 

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