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  1. I always imagined Willas to be the marriage material one! M: Bloodraven B: Daemon T K: Eyron( who is this? do you mean Euron?)
  2. who is actually the fairest of them all?...(let me ask my mirror and all..)... I think in the current story it's Daenerys. not only there are talks of her beauty in the world ,her brother Rhaegar is described as extremely handsome in various ways by any POV who cares to describe his looks. I imagine his sister shares that breathtaking beauty. in Ned's dead generation , the fairest woman must be Ashara Dayne with her "haunting" eyes. but, Shiera Seastar seemed to possess both the godly beauty of Targaryens and the magical otherworldly beauty that someone like Red Mel might have. who needs beauty?...I quite agree with you . Dany and Cersei need it a lot. though Cersei has already lost her golden crown and thus ought to find something else to define herself with.. just like her twin. still, in such a world -south of the wall- women all need beauty to a certain extent , especially the ones who need supporters. women's beauty and looks ( including outfits) not only wins them men aweing around them , but it also makes them allegeable in a way. we saw Rhaeneara Targaryen who was the Realms Delight worrying about her aging , her weigh and her lost beauty;sadly rightfully so since we read the Lannisters who were among her admirer going to Greens' side...moreover a goddess like figure would have had more supporters amongst the smallfolk. beauty for women is like men's warrior skills. therefore , women like Arianne , Sansa and Margery who are just starting to style themselves as women in power need beauty or at least a "glamour" of it done by clothes and jewels.
  3. Cerwyns would have let Ben and his family stay a part of their household and live as heirs and eventually probably castellans. it is also possible that Cerwyn and Ned would give them a piece of land or keep; though I imagine if Clay and his children take Cerwyn lands, Ben keeps his Stark name and make a cadet branch of house Stark instead of Cerwyn.
  4. she is more sympathetic than Robert in their marriage. but nothing else. if I had to compare them , I'd say they are both equally horrible people and that's only because Robert's raping gets a huge negative score.... let us see: his womanizing and Cersei's cheating on both him and Jaimie are equal Cersei is worse in her arrogance and pettiness and Robert is blind when it comes to dragonspawns funnily enough they both think of themselves as victims and they actually believe it!! : -Robert thinks he was a victim when Lyanna -the love of his life who he didn't know much and he even cheated on when he was looking for her- was taken away from him and he had to go to war and had to become king and had to marry Cersei and his life got destroyed .... at least Robert's case is somewhat debatable! -Cersei blames Margery for having to torture Blue Bard!! and she blames maggi for her murdering Melara!! they are equally horrible in the way they treat people though in different ways. Cersei thinks she is better than everyone and Robert just doesn't care about most people. they are both incompetent drunken economy destroyer idiotic rulers and Robert's abuse and rape could be aligned with Cersei's treatment of the people she casually sent to Qyburn , her schemes for poor Margery and the men she just didn't like ( the Summer Islander guy for example) , abusing little Tyrion , seducing her teenage cousin -who is not much older than her own son by the way- and thinking of how he is disgusting and should have died instead of Tywin after she sees him recovering after battle!! and her murder of Melara. what a close run
  5. they did get lucky.. though I never got why they had to bring that up again in such shameful ways! first Bran's comment on "that beautiful snowy night" to the sister he was just reunited with in season 7 that made him a total creep and far worse in season 8 with Sansa's comment on " I would have still been a little bird if not for Ramsay.."!!! were they literally asking for backlash in season 8?! what was this? yes , they totally killed the character by that. they had time to develop the smart Sansa through seasons 5 to 8 , instead they just "told" the audience she is the smartest person in the room by Arya to convince the audience she deserves queenship! even the "fan service " was bad!
  6. I can only say WOW!!! all these were shocking... turn into movies? pitching literally a slavery-winning-fan-fiction?!!.... and black children turning white??? . I hope we do get the satisfactory ending... the Bard , I think you're right and he is re-writing.. it's not like it's his first time... I've got a feeling that George will either finish the winds by the end of 2023 , gets his subplots together and then will have an easier time finishing the rest of the book or he'll never finish it at all!
  7. yes, sometimes it feels like people are so keenly supporting a certain ideology or something rather than a character that god forbids you say something wrong about it! I mean everybody should chill ... these are fictional characters , they all can be flawed in some ways in their fictional world and in many more by our modern standards! you don't have to agree with everything your favorite character does or says and at the same time you don't have to trash everything a character you don't like says or does! and if you're biased about something for whatever reason , admit it and be okay with it.. more importantly don't fight others for it!! ... it's ALRIGHT !!!
  8. honestly that's one of my worries too. it's fair to say in our world there is a tendency towards attention grabbing titles in articles , especially when it comes to entertainments. trashing a famous series without concerning the actual context of it would make popular "articles". that is something with no remedy .. not yet anyways and a professional like Martin would understand that and would try not to let it affect him or his work. but unfortunately, I can also see it easily happening among the fans , considering the "fan base" have become way too massive. there surely will be many people who would fail to see the actual world of the story and won't be able to distinguish it from modern society and its moral , which makes the books 6 bags of insulting contents in their minds ; why these people would continue reading the series or call themselves fans of the books , I have no idea!
  9. come on now! be fair... how should poor Doran have known Oberyn who was going to a WEDDING CERMONY ends up voluntarily dueling the Mountain?!!! and as for Quentyn...sigh... your absolutely right.. Doran did send the poor boy all alone into the Dragon's pit, though he never suggested taming actual dragons... you know... I think Doran's stupid move of sending Quentyn himself and without a sufficient number of companions might come from his misjudgment of his son's character on top of his too much caution... Quentyn was terrible in bringing Dany the marriage proposal. since he had only two knights with him there was no presentation of Dorne's power and since Q was awkward there was no way of some good seduction or persuasion... I think Doran looked at himself with Melario and Oberyan with his ladies and thought Quentyn would be as successful!!
  10. I suppose you should imagine all these characters in their adult stage in this game . so you could think Rhaenys lives to grow up and then all will be well marry part is easy.. marry Egg bang fAegon kill the Conqueror latest Tyrell boys: Loras Garlan Willas
  11. she probably "kinda forgets" who is in her list
  12. honestly , the books have given us so little about Rhaegar and even the prophecy he was so obsessed with that this can actually turn out to be true, if the books ever come out to give some answers that is! ps. is Bonifer confirmed to be Duncan's son or is that a part of the theory? yeah this is very likely. or Rhaegar had actually realized something about the prophecy that made him thinking about three heads of the dragon ( something other than looking at his sigil and thinking : "how cool would it be that I make three magical kids and raise them to be super heros?")... maybe he thought there should be three people according to some new info he had gained about the prophecy and he thought one of them is his son.. the point is we don't know that. the assumption that Rhaegar wanted his three children to fulfill the prophecy comes from Dany. In the end maybe the promised prince ( whether it's one person or 2 or 3 ) is his son... maybe YG is really that kid Aegon and turn out to have some role in the prophecy or / and maybe it's Rhagar's other son.
  13. there are two occasions we are absolutely sure Rhaegar was wrong: 1) he thought he'll win the battle of the Trident and failed but it's reasonable that a man who goes to war thinks he'll win. 2) he thought he was the promised prince but for all we know when Aemon said Rhaegar shared this belief, Rhaegar was very young and he had good reasons to believe that. we are not so sure about what Rhaegar exactly believed about the 3 heads of the dragon , the prince who was promised and the battle for the Dawn ... maybe everything he thought turn out to be true at the end.
  14. I'm not sure that people "hate" Essos plotlines. but considering a majority of the story happens in Westeros and almost all POV characters are from Westeros , it makes sense that Westeros's plotlines have more fans. as for me... I enjoyed Tyrion , JonCon and Quentyn's chapters in Essos but not Dany's since 1)reading about slavery doesn't appeal to me 2) characters like dario and Mereenis aren't that interesting to me 3)it was a bit boring comparing to other chapters of the book.... so it all goes back to personal taste and preference rather than hatred
  15. yeah I agree, but actually I'm not even sure if there's anything to forgive. Ami didn't pick up a knife at the Red Wedding killing people nor made an alliance with the Lannisters . even her father wasn't one of the orchestrators of the Red Wedding. poor Ami's only sinful act was being a bit horny and sleeping with some knights which is of course not acceptable in Westeros but it's perfectly fine in 21st century mindset.
  16. M: Brienne B: Asha K: Dacey (honestly because I don't remember this one) Daerons: Daeron the Young Dragon, Daeron the Good , Daeron the Daring
  17. that was meant to be sarcasm. of course a person who's called GATEHOUSE AMI isn't going to be respected. (I am seriously starting to think my english is terrible ) but Ami ( if she doesn't have brothers) is her mother's heir who herself is the oldest Darry sister left and therefore legitimate Lady Darry. so Ami could end up inheriting Darry lands.
  18. Ami gatehouse Frey could change her name to her mother's and be lady Darry and rules Riverrun wisely
  19. Tommen and Myrcella still have Baratheon name so they slipped my mind...... but doesn't matter since unfortunately we know they'll die before Cersei
  20. no let's not... yeah Targs are almost done ( to 1, 2 , 3 or even more considering all the hidden Targaryen Theories!) and it seems by the end of the story they'll be completely gone:( yet Martells seem more tragic...sigh...and I personally have a soft spot for Darrys and Whents. the only family I wish get a tragic ending as in the line dies completely are the Lannisters
  21. well I did write its summary. I'll write something more appropriate later if you like. honestly I'm not in the mood just now.
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