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  1. noo. Jon Snow is obviously Snow White. Jon Snow has every factor : white skin - Black Hair - Evil Step Mom - Love at First Sight (Yigrete) - Animal Friends (the guy can literally have a trail of animals behind him... much like Varameer) meanwhile the so called Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen is a queen , is magical, and is friends with Dragons( Melifacent?!) ... she is so obviously THE WITCH.
  2. I do like Sansa/Ashara parallel. but, Wylla/Alayne doesn't align at all. Wylla is a servant, Alayne is a bastard lady. their roles, purpose and connection to the family are different. then of course there's the logistics part that should be considered to a degree. if Wylla is indeed Ashara, then Daynes have turned their daughter/sister into a servant . not to mention, this situation doesn't explain a Ned Stark involvement at all... if anything, it would make Daynes hate Ned even more. what with Knocking up their sister, leaving her to be a servant, and killing Arthur who was doing his job. the fact that Wylla was both Ned's and Jon's wet nurse simply means that she has at least 2 children: one is 15 , the other is 12. I still tend to stick to my theory that Ashara is Lemore and that Ned has covered for her and house Dayne. he clearly fucked up there! maybe that's why he always has a "sad smile" in memories! he was the perfect knight and had to stop being the perfect knight to be the perfect Kingsgaurd. likely, by the end he was neither. one could say Arthur made the choice that Jon's friends stopped him to do. Arthur chose to be a kingsgaurd to be by his brother's(Rhaegar's) side, while Jon was persuaded not to follow his brother(Robb) . aaand ... another cover up by Ned Stark for Daynes. I mean, what did Robert do to Rhaegar's family when he thought Rhaegar has hooked up with Lyanna?! totally plausible. but what a disappointing development! a man of the night instead of the knight in shining armor
  3. Numbers and GRRM don't work together all that well. The same goes for ages and some other logistic parts of the world building ( I still don't know how the North survives in winter. one would assume silos or some different plan should be in order, which doesn't seem to exist in the North). So the casualties of the Dance are the last thing I worry about.
  4. I don't think she'd find happiness in Westeros, and she'd likely be disappointed by the fact that people don't cheer her, likely because they would already have their Targaryen king. but it in no way can be like the show's portrayal. she won't expect the treatment she received in Essos. Daenerys doesn't seem to think she needs to "free" Westeros. that's why going back to Westeros is not her priority. if she goes back to Westeros after the throne , I see a Stannis like situation for her where she needs to choose between going to Kingslanding and to the Wall.
  5. i'm pretty sure his involvement with Beric was to make him people's champion. I still don't put it past him to eventually wield Dawn. he is 14 which is the same age as Jon when he got Longclaw. though, I personally like for Jon to wield Dawn, if it's going to be important. it would have to go against some popular theories, but then it'll respect #1 fantasy rule: the hero gets the shining blade
  6. please! Dawn wouldn't work for someone unworthy, it'll be just like an ordinary sword.. say, like the elder wand!
  7. yeah... very strange . make me think he must have had direct orders from the king. what orders? i don't know...
  8. me too. but let's not give him ideas just yet. Otherwise, he'll start a back story book after winds and tour it for three years!
  9. the guy really needs to sort out some realistic priorities for himself and let some of these projects go! it amazes me that he might think he can finish all three series...
  10. I don't know. coups can happen in the most unstable conditions. especially if one controls the armies. if Rhaegar could bring Arryns , Starks and Tullies to his cause, he already had Dorne and much of Crownlands . and Tyrells would have probably preferred joining him . so, he could just go in the throne room and escort his father to his chambers , where he'd be confined. Rhaegar's real problem was that his wife and children were hostages in Kingslanding and Lyanna was with loyal-till-the-bitter-end White Bull.
  11. he said that? in the world book specifically says a knight of house Dayne and any doubt I had was gone with this line : " There are boys who secretly dream of being a son of Starfall so they might claim that storied sword and its title"
  12. Daynes already have more than enough reasons to hate Ned. If he'd taken Dawn too, I can't imagine what makes them name their heir after him.
  13. Yep! I agree with you. I just feel like I should be optimistic.
  14. if I'm being optimistic, it'll be November/December 2023. when I first read the series, I was so sure that Winds would eventually be published in 2022-2023 ... I once even thought 2024 at the very most... and I had ACTUALLY put some thought into it! I thought that Winds can't take much more time than Dane and Feast combined... it's so embarrassing thinking of it now...
  15. Hard to say, but I guess Daario or Strong Belwas . because both had fought in the pits. (wait, was it show Dario or book Daario?) in Westeros it's even harder to say. but I'm gonna say Daemon Blackfyre was the best fighter. he was half-believed to be the Warrior's son before Aegon the lusty claimed him after all!
  16. He hates everything Rhaegar-related.
  17. you were being picky when your argument for Aegon=/=Aegon was that the baby swap plot was not logistically possible. and I wasn't suggesting the opposite before. I'm saying there's a distinction between what makes sense for the readers and for the in-universe people. much like Cersei's children's bastardy is a fact for us, readers; but can be very well disputed among the in-universe people. we clearly draw different conclusions from the same line. that's fine. the fact that royal children may have doublegangers at hand isn't strange or new. as for Kings Landing, it's very weird to assume there aren't Valyrian-looking people in the city.I doubt that they are even all that scarce! it's the place where many Targaryens, Velaryons , Celtigars, and their other relations lived and likely had illegitimate children over the years. moreover, one would imagine a lot of common folk in the three Valyrian-Westerosi islands may be descendants of the common folk Valyrians who had come with the ruling families, making them technically Valyrian. and again, Varys didn't need a perfect match if he just wanted to buy time. nobles also know they usually protect their own ranks. especially when one is from royal blood. when they were Aerys's hostages, Varys had no use in keeping them from their house's overlord. not when he was Varys's employer. you're repeating. Varys is very convincing. it's quite funny how everyone in the story hates him, everyone thinks they know him and know they shouldn't trust him, yet everyone thinks they can use him. at the end of the day , Blackfyre plot is just a popular theory. how about you don't treat it like a fact?
  18. I think the real difference between you and me here is how we see Varys's character. I read the character as a pure opportunist. you and William Srark ,I guess, see him as a grand schemer. we do not know whether Varys was planning this from the start or that he planned it all 5 yrs later after observing Robert's court, just in case it could be used. how was what Varys and Illyrio did by keeping Aegon different from what Rogars pulled off during and after the Dance? sure, they question his identity. how could they not? Aegon could be the Aegon as much as Ramsay's wife is Arya as far as in-universe people are concerned. but it has nothing to do with the logistics of the plan. and as reader , I would have had an easier time looking for alternatives to Aegon's identity if Jon Con didn't see his deceased friend in the boy's face or Varys didn't confess to a dying Kevan. Again, that's a question of whether Varys planned it from the get-go or he had just taken the opportunity. read above. I copied it from a post I had made previously about the plausibility of Vary's initial plan to swap both kids to buy time for their escape. Only they were out of time, and Rhaenys had fled to her dad's chambers. However, it is not far-fetched to think if Elia was pressed with the choice, she might choose to send the heir to safety, just like Helaena Targaryen did back in the Dance. You say that as if anyone could predict how bloody sack would be! Ned Stark certainly didn't; to be honest, the fate of Elia and her children was utterly unprecedented. There was no reason to think they'll die. there was every reason to think they'll be hostages against Targaryens and Martells, .there was every reason to think Aegon was in more danger, and there was every reason to believe if any of them might face death, it would be Aegon. especially because Targaryen girls were pretty much out of line of succession. Tyrion talks too much.
  19. overthinking the technicalities and logistics of plans doesn't go well with this series imo. otherwise, there are numerous plot holes in Robert's Rebellion, Tower of Joy incident, the whole Rhaegar/Lyanna fiasco, Robert's death plan by Cersei, Catspaw Dagger, Doran's master plan, and so on. what makes the swap stand out and be believable , is the fact that Martin gives us 3 other swaps in the same book(Feast & Dance are written like one book) : Mance's child, Myrcella & Rosamund (both on the ship and in Dorne) and Davos. besides, a thing people keep assuming when talking about baby swap is what YG is doing right now has been Varys's plan from the get go . but was it ? did he have to look for children who looked exactly like the royal children ? well , no . he couldn't possibly know they are gonna get murdered . obviously the plan must have been something like Jon's baby swap plot with Gilly or Myrcella's swap with her cousin . the plan is to give some time to the royal person to runaway without anyone noticing . Jon had definitely planned to reveal Monster's identity as soon as anyone needed Mance's child . and Myrcella's cousin on the ship was just there to be taken to Stannis if anything happened so that Stannis wouldn't have that important of a hostage . the Lannister cousin was not suppose to pretend being Myrcella when brought in front of Stannis Baratheon . and one would think the tanner's boy and who ever that was suppose to be swapped with Rhaenys wasn't going to fool anyone . the truth would've been revealed whenever they were brought forth in front of Robert and court. the problem is no one predicted the sack would be as bloody as it was .
  20. they don't just want to go home . but they don't seem to have much loyalty left for Blackfyres either. first of all, let's take a look at the members: the spymaster is Lysene , the commander of archers is Summer Islander, and the paymaster is Volantene. of the sergeants, a third are foreigners, and a third are bastard knights born in Westeros without much allegiance to house Blackfyre. which leaves Harry Strickland, a 4 generation Golden Company legacy, the most likely candidate to be a Blackfyre loyalist. ironically, he's the most reluctant one to follow Aegon. then, let's consider for a moment the fact that Jon Con joined the Company first thing after exile, despite being a fierce Targaryen loyalist. not only that, but he quickly rose in the ranks of the company, and nobody thought twice about it. (granted, he was sleeping with the captain-general, but still!) . therefore, my safest bet on GC's motivation is that they are just another sellsword company, only with more prestige. it's also worth noting that they needed some convincing and only accepted Aegon because of both the good deal they could get out of it and Aegon's charisma. I mean, they are sellswords and they are offered the possibility of lordship and sack instead of sitting still outside of Myr's walls!
  21. red or black , they are as much family as Starfall Daynes and Highhermitage Daynes .
  22. But Lynn, the most famous giant square-cut rubies belong to another Aegon: the crown of Aegon I, a circlet of Valyrian steel, set with big square-cut rubies. And of course, there are rubies at throats and rubies at chests associated with Targaryens (granted, we don't know if they are square cut) : Daughters of prince Daemon ....Both were dressed in gowns of soft black velvet with rubies at their throats, and the three-headed dragon of House Targaryen on their cloaks. Rhaegar owned night-black plate armor, with the three-headed dragon of House Targaryen decorated in rubies on its breastplate
  23. I mean, the guy killed 2 of his nephews, raped his niece and two other ladies in a "marriage", and killed 2 of his wives.
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