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  1. I mean, Jaimie was both a kingsgaurd AND her brother. who could possibly think that the queen might have an affair with her celibate twin brother?!!! who would want to offend the Lannisters by denying the queen's brother of a private audience?!!! besides, most likely , Robert had liked Cersei spending time with her brother. it's evident that he trusted Jaimie, even liked him (unlike in the show) . early in their marriage, Robert was clearly trying to make her happy or find common ground by inviting her to hunt and stuff. instead, she made a habit of spending time with her brother and letting Robert have his own fun in the hunt ; and when he came back she would have been in a better mood that when he left ! heck , Robert might have encouraged it even . which means over the years the fact that the queen spends alone time with her chaste twin a routine at court..
  2. Cersei believes if they don't talk about the prophecy it won't come true . so , she shuts Melara up , but she doesn't shut up as she should . Cersei is also stupid and extremely self-centered . it wouldn't be out of character if in an effort to avoid her own prophecy , she totally forgets about Melara's and make it come true. Cersei's story in the Feast is about how she creates her own problems. it's evident in her problems with the High Sparrow , Margery and Aurone Waters . the prophecy seems to be just another manifestation of this theme in another (spicier) form. funny thing both her little brothers are demons of her own creation too . one was imitating fools to get a laugh from her as children and the other had been her foolish golden boy for years . yet , one is planning to rape and kill her , the other ignores her pleas. and same goes for every other possible valnquers ; be it Aegon , Jon , Tommen , ....
  3. for those who think Cersei is innocent in Melara's death : people, just look at the pattern. Cersei does not think straight of killing Melara . but Cersei's good at being in denial. her thoughts about Sansa's betrayal and Margery's supposed treason in Blue Bard's fate show clearly that she likes to believe her own lies . the woman genuinely starts believing Margery's infidelity after she fabricates Margery's high treason on her own! that doesn't show she was born evil , but it certainly shows that she had an evil strike at that age.
  4. why doesn't anyone care about Arryns of Gultown ? @sweetsunray say , sweet Robin , Harry the Heir and half of Vale's nobles die in the tourney . if the rest , including Royce, have the option between the clansman Timmet who might be an Arryn (and through rape at that) and Gultown Arryns , what makes you think they'll choose Timmet ? ! merchants are easier to deal with, and closer to the noble class than clansmen who are seen as savages and Vale's enemies rather than Vale's people.
  5. my impression (from Cersei's memories on the Rock , Tyrion's memories and opinion about slaves and Casterly Rock) is that Tywin had a "quiet people, quiet land" policy in the Rock. I mean , Cersei could sell Robert's mistress and children to slavery and no one, not even Robert, said anything. I know Robert is not a model dad , but the fact that Tywin had such a grip on the West and its people that half-royal children could be sold by his daughter says something!
  6. Harry is not that person . as mentioned above, Harry is basically a Robert 2.0 . even if he does fall for the Stark lady, he'd likely be more than willing to detour in brothels on his way heading towards her. if it were up to me , at the end of the series Sansa would end up with someone like Ned Dayne , beginning a new chapter in life after she has come back to Winterfell, reunited with her siblings, and done her part in Stark policy plans. somewhat like Elaena Targaryen . but as it is up to George , probably the best Sansa can hope for is to have the Hound as her lover . it won't be all that bad , knowing Sandor might just turn out to be a perfect not-knight who has been in rage rehab in the Quiet Isle ! but it's still got a too toxic base for my liking .
  7. Tywin Lannister , Gregor Clegane , Kevan to a certain extent , Pycelle , Qybern , Roose Bolton , Cersei
  8. Peaches! I think you came on too strong. poor Rondo left...
  9. I doubt it. the first two were respectively the result of his survival instincts and his innocent wishes to walk again. but the third abomination... Bran is 8-9 and far from puberty. he likely won't hit puberty at all with the pacing of the books. and even if he does , I can't see his boyhood desires translating into wolf mating or wolf-human rape (if that's what you're implying ) in any way.
  10. Renly was a big boy . he made his own decisions. besides, I got the impression that Renly convinced the Tyrells to support him, not the other way around.
  11. well , she was 14ish when they first met and their love story supposedly began . however , there are two confusing points here imo. firstly, in book 1, from what Cersei says , it'slike Lyanna was 16 when she ran off, rather 16 when she died a year later . which could frankly be just George's lack of sense of timing! then , I personally don't know how to see this world's attitude towards maturity age!on one hand, Sansa at 12-13 is acting and is treated as if she is at least 16. and on the other 14yr old Jeyne Pool is a girl in Theon's mind rather than a grown woman. it is worth noting that the age gap between Theon and Jeyne is smaller than that between Rhaegar and Lyanna.
  12. Joffrey , Vargo Hoat , some Freys , Tywin Lannsiters (especially the stinking part) , Aerys , the three bloody mummers Brienne killed , Biter and his friend , Raff the sweetling , the slavers Dany burned , Janos Slynt
  13. I don't get it ... are you suggesting "Dareon" may come back, knowing his boots remember?
  14. from F&B and the world book we know that maesters aren't a fan of Northmen either , calling them savages , unwashed and such. if it's up to maesters , they poison both dragons and be done with it .
  15. somewhere like Summerhall belongs to the Crown from the get go . meaning that Summerhall does not pay taxes to the lord paramount and is not considered a bannerman anyway . so if the King were to establish a new branch of house Targaryen there, the princely family would be directly under the Crown . meaning that neither the lord Paramount nor the royal family would be affected . it would be more difficult with vacant lands or properties earned by marriage (for example how Daemon's family with Rhea Royce would have been) . if the Crown did not want to interfere with RL's governance , then the new royal cadet branch would be bannermen to the Lord paramount which might not be an ideal situation and the King would have to negotiate with lord paramount or be ready to make him pissed by taking away a part of his income . in a war though , this kind of thing would be a LOT easier . so if AegonVI/DaenerysI come back to Westeros , they can easily grant lands and castles to the remaining family member to create a new line . they could name them wardens or lord/lady paramount and no one would bat an eye . the bottom line is , the King can do whatever he wants !
  16. "come on! I just got rid of a nephew ... at least he looked the part! what does this Northerner wildling have to recommend him?" . .. not that a better claim actually matters when someone has dragons, but who's to say Jon has a better claim? assuming RLJ, assuming Rhaegar and Lyanna were married, assuming Jon can prove those two facts, his claim can still be disputed. first, you've got to convince everyone that the prince's second marriage is indeed valid which could be a headache. one party was married, and the other was committed to a betrothal contract. then, you've got to check if the former heir's children come before the former king's children, something that had been disputed over before. and finally, you've got to prove that Jon's Night's Watch vows are over and done with and that is by assuming Jon will actually die in the next book!
  17. the problem is not that the sword doesn't have a hilt , it's that it shouldn't be a sword in the first place and if it is you've gotta use it with open eyes. the way I see it , the magic in itself is not alien to this world ,rather its exploitation by humans is ; which we had seen with Valyria for example. magic is a disrupter to the system that this world functions in. however , all we see of this system throughout the story is corruption and disfunction . maesters try to craft a scholarly world without magic , but the result is their ignorance of a huge element of this world which is somewhat equivalent of the disregard and fear of medieval era for new scientific discoveries. so , by the end of the story , I don't expect the death of the Old Gods or the death of magic . I'm expecting something like freeing these forces .lol . meaning dragons and the Others will go back to their natural habitat
  18. I've gotta say, for someone so fiercely against incest, you are awfully pro step-siblings marriage. honestly, Sansa should end up with someone like Ned Dayne, you know? someone sane (unlike Joffrey), age-appropriate (unlike Tyrion), non-pervert (unlike LF), nontoxic (unlike Hound), nonrelated (unlike Jon), and with a similar worldview (unlike Harry).
  19. naah, you're right. aesthetic beauty is not necessarily subjective. of course, its rules differ quite a bit for different cultures and time periods. but all we have to measure these characters' beauties and compare them is other characters' subjective views, all of whom have biased opinions and different tastes. so we cannot know if the women described in the books are actually beautiful or if other attractions such as emotional response have influenced our POV characters' judgment. p.s. they literally chased you ?!
  20. Tommen has the lowest kill number, but he's been on the throne for like 5 minutes and he's not even ruling. then, technically, Viserys and Renly have a low kill bar, but they never ruled! Doran Martell has a pretty low kill bar and in all seriousness, he's the best ruler of the series with genuine care for his people. (Lysa Arryn also saved the Vale from war but the point is her decision wasn't out of care for her people)
  21. too much time passes and people decide they hate the protagonists because they are bored
  22. and we are talking about Renly Baratehon I presume? most likely the shape of her eyes and her gaze was beautiful. come to think of it , Targaryens are never described as the most beautiful people or the most beautiful Valyrians . in fact , in Dance era , Laena nd Laenor Velaryons are described as unbelievably beautiful and they are mixed with Baratheons and Velaryons . then in Blackfyre era Shiera Seastar who is not your typical Valyrian looking woman is supposed to be super hot . and then there's Ashara and finally, Arianne Martell who seems to be George's fantacy. sure , Targs are good looking but they're also rich and powerful which attributes to "beauty" if you ask me!
  23. funnily enough, those esteemed members root for this kinda thing in the blondies of the story and condemn it with dark-haired Northeners
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