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  1. Let me start off by saying this, Jon Snow is a very restrained character. I agree that in the first novel, he does try to defect after he hear of Ned Stark's death, but after that Jon seems to keep his feelings for his family away till the Pink Letter arrives. I don't think Jon has a visible reaction to the Red Wedding but he does have one to Bran and Rickon seemingly dying at the hands of Theon Greyjoy. Even after the Red Wedding, Jon continues his political neutrality. But when the Pink Letter arrives, Jon throws his restraint away and gets himself killed(Yes, Jon is dead imo). What Jon should have done is rather, invited Ramsay to take back all the things he asked for by coming to the Wall and giving Ramsay battle rather than marching out to face Ramsay under the walls of Winterfell. This would be much more practical for a lot of reasons. One, it wouldn't be viewed by the other officers of the Night's Watch as a break in their political neutrality as an invitation to Castle Black can interpreted in several different ways depending on how Jon writes it. Second, a long march to the Wall would take a toll on Ramsay's host reducing his numbers to equal Jon's. Third of all, Jon knows the area of the Gift way better than Ramsay does. The Dreadfort is south of Winterfell so Ramsay has no exposure to the area of the Gift. This way, Jon could have easily destroyed the attacking Bolton army, getting his revenge on the Boltons and Freys for the Red Wedding. Although, if Jon did take this course of action, it would be counterproductive to Stannis's plans as I think Stannis will use Lightbringer to convince the Boltons that he is dead and will have Manderly men open the gates of Winterfell for him. Anyway, this was just my thinking to how Jon should have reacted to the Pink Letter(which was written by Ramsay). How do you guys think Jon will be resurrected(if he is at all?), and what will he do after his resurrection? My guess is that he will lead the ranging to Hardhome to try and combat the Others from gaining more wights.
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