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  1. 1. Tywin 2. Euron 3. Roose 4. Ramsey 6. Cersei 7. Gregor 8. Joeffrey 9. Craster 10. Littlefinger
  2. "‘House of the Dragon’ will not depict violence against women" If you are wondering about the quality of the show, you have the answer above.
  3. To the author of the thread: I think you should skip the Winds of Winter (if it ever emerges from GRRM mind). There might be more blood, more cynicism, some more gross, 18+ descriptions of people private parts. Bad people are gonna succeed, before failing miserably - you won't handle it, so don't do it to yourself. Extreme violence was invented by GRRM btw - Hitler, Stalin, Ted Bundy, Jack the Ripper, Fritzl (Craster wannabe), racism, tortures, wars, it never happend. wow.
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