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  1. It is a great place to visit, despite all the Trumpy weirdos. I left my heart at Weeki Wachee Springs.
  2. That's fair. There are different talents underlying campaigning and governing. It's clear Obama was the better campaigner, and arguably helped Democrats win more seats in Congress. I lean toward saying that Biden has proved more impressive than Obama at governance while in office, though perhaps he could have done even more if he had inspired enough voters to turn more seats around. There's also the fact that Biden was able to learn from Obama's term and apply that later on, whereas Obama's chance to learn was strictly during his time in office. Unfortunately, it's campaigning that Biden needs to do to communicate his accomplishments and show people he's up to the job. It's not his strength by any means, so I am worried. Trump will provide plenty of contrast to make Joe seem like a normal, decent guy. But that's not enough. He needs to get out there and show people that he's an old but competent grandpa who addresses people's needs, and can do so even more with a second term.
  3. Similarly, given the slim Congressional majority he had to work with, it's impressive what he managed to accomplish. Some of it being bipartisan. He did a lot more than we all had assumed would be possible given the cards he was dealt.
  4. Continue. Supreme Court might rule on the Colorado case soon. I didn't mention it at the time, but I found it rather revolting that no justice chose to speak on the issue of whether Trump did in fact engage in or support insurrection. I know they're being "strategic" on this one, but to see even the liberal justices dancing around the issue despite the plain facts, not to mention the whole purpose of the clause coming from the Civil War, makes me retch a bit.
  5. I'm not a lawyer, but I'm guessing it's not a good idea to threaten, defame, and intimidate your prosecutors and judge every hour of every day. Probably not the best strategy for a lighter ruling.
  6. I'm a little surprised such efforts weren't underway back in Dubya's time when the US was attacking and occupying a sovereign nation based on the ludicrous belief that Iraq had financed the 9/11 attacks. Maybe they were, and went nowhere. But yes, I agree that Trump's rise to the office should have been the clearest signal yet that the old order was dead, or at least convulsing with demons. Perhaps caution was suggested given Trump's erratic and prickly nature, or perhaps there was some foolish hope he would learn on the job and eventually act like a typical president. I would like to know the geopolitical strategies going forward of various foreign leaders toward given the worryingly tumultuous nature of US politics and governance. Right now the fate of NATO--and with it, the probability of future land grabs by Russia and China--seems like it will be decided by a coin toss. I can't imagine the rest of the world will tolerate those odds for much longer, even if Biden wins. It's hard to act in good faith with Dr. Jekyl when Mr. Hyde pops up half the time.
  7. And when various foreign leaders and oligarchs come calling with deals he can't refuse...
  8. He knows Trump's ego can be assuaged with promises of money. Yet it's in his interest to muddy the waters with respect to who would be Russia's best ally, as it makes Trump's anti-American sentiments one more point of disagreement in a larger cloud of debatable facts.
  9. Nothing to do with your comment or politics, but it's nice to see some Grey Alys love on the forum.
  10. I didn't read the article Zorral linked to, but I did listen to Josh and Kate's recent TPM podcast. They did concede that one special election doesn't tell you much. But they made two related counterpoints: one, this is consistent with the larger pattern of election results since Trump took office, including other special elections. This is the stronger point. And two: if the Republican candidate had won, you better believe that journalists and pundits would be saying that it was a bell weather and that it means bad things for the Democrats in the general election. Now, just because one side gets special treatment, that doesn't mean the treatment is factually correct, but still, it's a fair point.
  11. Well, I'm not saying anything strongly. If anyone seems to benefit from breaking from conventional wisdom, it's Trump. But still, he's a proven loser. Saying that incumbents might not enjoy the benefits they used to is probably true, but I don't know if that means the guy who already lost to the same candidate has an advantage. Nikky Haley or really anyone else, definitely. But Trump? His main strength is his adoring base, not anyone else.
  12. True, but it's worth noting that the current incumbent's rival this year will be one of those 3 who lost re-election.
  13. I've had extremely stressful jobs with odd and undefined hours that usually ran to 80 hour work weeks. My current job is more humane, but still filled with stressful and depressing content, sometimes involving suicide cases. Yet at no point would I put any of my work stress anywhere near that of any world leader, as the decisions I make do not directly result in other people's deaths, potentially in the thousands or even millions with one wrong move. Or displacements, unemployment, unrest, you name it. It's pointless arguing what is the most demanding job, but most reasonable will agree that it's extremely demanding, and extremely stressful, with extremely important consequences.
  14. Emphasis on the latter part of your sentence. For most people who are not sociopaths, that's extremely stressful.
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