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  1. I don't remember that part of season one at all? When did that happen, right before they squared off outside Littlefinger's whorehouse? Secondly, I did listen to what Jaime was saying. Knowing all along that he was going to try to escape, I'm not sure I buy that it was all from the heart and that it gave us some insight into his character. He only starts sprouting that stuff once Alton tells him that he squired for him and that it was the best day of his life. I think he told him what he wanted to hear to serve his own purpose. Jaime even in chains is all about Jaime. The Jamie we come to know who starts becoming introspective and really thinking about what his legacy will be only starts appearing when he loses his hand and his life goes to crap. I think at this point, all he is interested in is being great and killing people.
  2. I found this episode to be the most difficult for me to watch. I'm having a hard time separating the books from the show I'll admit. I realize that some of it doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things but some of it just irks me. The whole Jon storyline and the Quorin Halfhand angle in particular for this episode. I was assuming that he's meet up with them and he'd have the talk about turning cloack to infiltrate. The "Is your sword sharp Jon Snow?" line was one of the things I was really looking forward to. I'm hoping that the halfhand has also been caputured and in the next episode Jon has to kill him to convince them he's coming over. If they make him out to be a turncloak in the show I will be very pissed. The continuing Daenerys re-write is puzzling me more and more. Killing the remainder of the 13 just seems like it's gratuitous. It's like they hadn't filled the blood and gore quota for the episode or something. Jaime's sudden vulnerable moment with his cousin was pointless to me. I would have rather them spend that extra 4 minutes or so on his talk with Catelyn so we could get the backstory on how Brandon and Lord Rickard died and how he really became the Kingslayer and how the rebellion started. Speaking to a lot of people who never read the books before watching, they all of a sudden get a better appreciation when I provide some of the backstory that is missing from the shows. This is one of those moments I believe. I have also stopped hoping that Meera and Jojen would appear at some point. I'm guessing they will meet them on the road north during season 3. They play such a major role in the Bran storyline that I don't see how they completely cut it out.
  3. Probably already discussed but Westeros and the Wall are very reminiscent of England and Hadrians Wall. That Robert Jordan thing was interesting, didn't catch it upon my read of AFFC. Did anyone mention that the Titan of Braavos was a nod to the Colossus of Rhodes? That one is pretty much obvious though.
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