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  1. I cannot stop laughing! Thank you so much! This made my day better!
  2. In relation to ASOIAF, I would ask which characters/plotlines changed the most since he began writing the final version of the story. I know Martin has often said that he knows where the characters will end up and then he just adds ideas as he gets there. But I would like to know had those initial plans changed at some point. For example, were POV characters like Brienne and Sam planned since the first book? Things like that. Not related to ASOIAF, as an aspiring writer I would ask if he ever had moments in his writing career where he hated everything he wrote. And how he dealt with it.
  3. Ramsay and Euron are obvious choices for obvious reasons. Other than them, Qyburn made me uneasy as well.
  4. I think she will be disappointed. All of her thoughts and opinions of Westeros come from stories told by Viserys, Barristan and Jorah. Most of these stories focus on the beautiful and the good. Dany has lived all of her life thinking Westeros is her and Viserys' brithright. Her whole life has revolved around returning to Westeros and reclaiming what was stolen from her by people she sees as evil and treacherous. She thinks the smallfolk will cry out for her in joy and welcome her with open arms. So when she arrives to a land exhausted by war with an army of unsullied and Dothraki (who pillage and rape wherever they go), her whole concept of Westeros will be turned upside down. Most of the Houses will not support her either (at least, when she just arrives). The way she treated Quentyn will have consequences and she will face scorned Dornishmen. When in Westeros, she will fight people with legitimate claims and reasons (and not slavers of Slavery's Bay- a region that had no moral grayness to it prior to her conquest). I predict she will have the power to conquer, but it doing so will make her emotionally empty. I am intrigued to see how Martin handles this. It would be interesting to read how Dany finally reaches a something she has been working towards her entire life only to find it completely different than the stories or childish fantasies. It might even make her feel like her whole life and everything she has done, has been completely worthless (since the Westerosi do not want her as their ruler). It could be the breaking point of her character arc (the same way Tyrion finding about Tysha and killing Tywin was his breaking point).
  5. Daenerys and Jon romance. It felt like a complete fanfiction to me in the show (and fanservice since I remember so many shipping Dany and Jon in the early days of the show).
  6. Some things: -) Was surprised how peaceful Asha's suggestion was the first time I read it. Upon re-reading it, hers is the most sensible one, but too peaceful for the Ironborn. -) When I first read the book for some reason I was also surprised Aeron himself did not participate. It makes sense upon re-reading it, but I remember being surprised about that. -) Unrelated, but completely missed the hints about Euron abusing Aeron. Did not connect the rusted hinge. I did have worse English knowledge than I do now tho.
  7. There are many. Ramsey comes to mind. Personally, I find scenes with Euron to be the most frightening. Not because of their contents (I am more fascinated than scared by chapters like The Forsaken), but because of the kind of person Euron is. He is someone who does not have any moral compass, does whatever he wants and does not care about consequences or anyone in his life (be it family, lovers or anything else). What is the most frightening is not his manipulation by itself, but the fact that he is so extremely charismatic that he can put on a mask and charm his way into anything he wants. Be it power, be it the affection of women or anything else. Those are the most dangerous people- the kind that play the game for fun, have nothing to lose and do not care if they do. A large aspect of this is seeded into not knowing what he is actually planning and anticipating it.
  8. I've always loved Whents, because of their interesting history (and their house sigil). Velaryons and Daynes always interested me as well and I always thought they should have played a bigger role in the story (especially House Dayne).
  9. Storywise, I think Dany is painted as the most beautiful. Cersei is a second, though she is fading. And Sansa is close to her (might be biased here, because I find red hair beautiful). As for previous generations, Shiera Seastar is certainly one of the most beautiful. Her mismatched eyes add uniqueness to her appearance, which I think enhances her beauty. She clearly stands out. Ashara is another beauty. I always imagined her with a somewhat sad look in her eyes, which would make her more mysterious.
  10. I expect them to perform extremely well, combined with Dany's dragons. Dothraki will most likely do what they always do- pillage, rape, murder and raid. If Daenerys commands them not to, a faction will do it anyway. They might lose some battles against the Westerosi, because the latter know the layout of the land better so some great deceptive tactics are to be expected. Overall, this great performance of dragons, an army of Dothraki and an army of what are essentially emotionally abused, mindless slaves will most likely contribute to people's (smallfolk especially) hatred for Daenerys. It could lead to her downfall. With how Quentyn's arc ended in Dance, she will have little to no support among the Westerosi.
  11. I personally think it is a mix of things. Firstly, I agree with what @The Bard of Banefort is saying. With what he has said over the years, I believe George either finished or was close to finishing Winds at a certain point, but was not satisfied with the result. I think he was unsatisfied with the quality of the storytelling and did not like how the story flowed. I believe George does know how most main characters will end up by the end of Winds- what they must do, things they must see. But the execution of the way there may have lacked the quality he desired. Perhaps it felt too cheap or rushed in certain places. Pressure has a lot to do with it as well, I feel. The amount of fans he has now and the TV show (both it's rise in popularity and the downfall) contributes to the pressure and desire to release a good, polished story. There is a lot of pressure on him to release the real story of the series. This, in turn, could fuel his potential tendency to re-write and correct things and being constantly unsatisfied with the quality of his work. Sometimes, writers and aspiring writers have periods where they hate everything they write and think it is all bad and worthless. Perhaps this is the case. If there are some plotlines giving George a hard time, I would have to say it's the Others, mostly because they appear to be very one-dimensional villains (unless George adds something to them). The various smaller details and very small characters could be adding to the time it has taken to publish Winds as well. These are just my two cents.
  12. Cersei chapters are my favorite in the entire series, but I have to agree. I would have loved for her to have or even remember (in great length) conversations with the likes of Littlefinger, Varys or Tywin.
  13. - JonCon and Viserys. It would be interesting to see JonCon's thoughts of Rhaegar's brother whom he abandoned. (I do not mention Daenerys, because I think there is a good chance they will meet in Winds or Dream). - Ned and Roose Bolton. - Ned and Tywin. - Cat and Cersei - Robb and Balon Greyjoy (It would have been interesting to see Robb's reaction to Balon completely dismissing his rule). -Theon and Tywin. - Oberyn Martell and Ned (Would love to hear them talk about Elia and her children). - Daenerys and Ned or Robert. (Dany finding out who her father truly was) - Littlefinger and Cersei (during Feast for Crows when Cersei becomes a POV).
  14. 1. Mature dragons. 2. Dragonriders he could trust (his sisters). 3. Allies that are not exiles or people obsessed with vengeance. 4. His army did not pillage and rape everything they saw. Assuming Dany takes control of the Dothraki, this is what they will do in Westeros, making the smallfolk hate her even more. 5. He was male. 6. More improtantly than point 5, he was fertile. Even if Dany wins the Iron Throne, Westeros would fall into chaos again after her death. She will not be able to produce an heir thanks to MMD. 7. Dany is naive and sometimes less than smart. Her rule in Mereen, her stance on Astapor (letting it fall into chaos and get conquered by Yunkai) has proven that.
  15. I think LF's plan will not come to fruition, partly due to the fact that he has kept certain aspects of it to himself. It is too laid out and explained to go smoothly, if that makes sense. Myranda and others figuring out Alayne is not really Alayne will surely play a part too. I do think it will be by Sansa's own volition, but there will have to be someone there to validate it.
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