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  1. This forum can be so weird about trying to make certain characters the most evil creatures in Planetos (and I am not talking about likes of Euron) while excusing the negative traits of others just to fit their argument . Especially considering how Martin talks about moral grayness of people and the world. The fact that some people seem to defend Ramsay Snow of all people just to have a narrative against Jon is odd.
  2. One thing I always wondered about George's worldbuilding is the common tongue. I suppose I understand making all Westeros have a single language (easier to write certain things that way), but I wonder why there weren't distinct dialects in various parts of Westeros. With how large Westeros is and considering it's history, there should have been common tongue dialects in North or Dorne at least.
  3. One thing I would dislike is if Tyrion turned out to be half Targ. It would ruin the irony of Tywin hating the child who was in many ways the most like his father. Other than that, I do not really hate any theory as long as it fits into the story and is well written. EDIT: R+L =J would be pretty boring. I know it is true, but imo there are more interesting theories about R+L out there.
  4. I am more inclined to think he did not really know, but he might have suspected. He could not be fully open with his feelings either way, so if Rhaegar did suspect something, it was probably little things and signs like stares and etc.
  5. Somewhere in between. He is very smart and witty. He was a good Hand that saved KL from being sacked by Stannis. At the same time he pities himself about being a dwarf (on the verge of having a victim complex sometimes) while at the same time being hypocritically shallow and vain towards women. But ever since his arrest and Tywin's death, he is becoming darker and darker- it's like a downwards spiral that fuels his resentment, thirst for revenge or even apathy. He (partly) mirrors Cersei in that way. So he is a very dark shade of gray for me.
  6. Cersei is absolutely hysterical and I love it. When I first read Feast, I could not stop laughing at her insulting everything and everyone around her. Especially this: I could not stop laughing for a couple of minutes when I got to this part.
  7. Personally, I love the Essos, but I think it suffers from a lock of POV so we end up meeting the cultures only from Dany's point of view (others as well, but that comes later). What ends up happening is that the Eastern cultures become very shallow. Especially Slaver's Bay. Astapor in aSoS was almost like a caricature- comically evil without any moral grayness to it (compared to Westeros at least). Sometimes Essos just feels like a plot device for Daenerys' conquest, I guess. And if that is the reason why people dislike it, I completely understand. Plus there is also the fact that many just want Daenerys to finally set sail to Westeros. I almost wish Daenerys had a POV companion/adviser from Essos who also knows it's cultures. Such insight could have provided more depth.
  8. Prophecies and legends are intriguing things. Many people will understand them differently and with time, they might be twisted and changed. Many people could see themselves as part of these prophecies if they truly desire to and I believe that is the case here. Daenerys has the dragons and the prophecies, but do I think she is Azor Ahai? No. Why? Because it would be too simple and too predictable. ASOIAf is the story of many characters and arguably is a story about Westeros itself (and Essos also, but to a lesser extent). In such a story, a single hero that fulfills a grand, world-saving prophecy would feel out of place. I do think that the prophecy will be fulfilled, but I do not think Azor Ahai will be a single person. The obvious note here is that the dragon has three heads/there are three dragons in the world/ Aegon the Conquerer had 2 sisters and 3 dragons. I personally think that the term Azor Ahai is wider and more complex in this case (Azor Ahai could even be the entire population of Westeros that comes together and defeats the threat from beyond the Wall). I could be wrong, of course, and these are just my thoughts. But if Dany ends up following the "chosen one" trope and be Azor Ahai (or Jon and Tyrion) I will be disappointed.
  9. Honestly, Sansa and the Vale is the plotline I am very (if not THE most) excited for in Winds. It could go in so many ways and so much of it depends on what the rest of the realm is like. Wether Aegon's conquest is doing well, will Tyrell and Lannister alliance survive, what is happening with Euron and so on. I think some Vale lords who wanted to join Robb initially will take her side. Others might scheme to sell her out to Lannisters (I do think there are very few of them tho). One thing I am sure of is that perhaps some people (like Myranda and her father who have figured out Alayne is not Alayne) will not be as shocked about Sansa's true identiy, but rather the manner it is revealed. My (baseless) theory is that Sansa will do it herself and it will be her first true political move. (perhaps also the first step of Littlefinger's demise).
  10. I always got the impression that Robert simply did not care. He did what he wanted, spent the gold and whored around as he wanted. He was not interested in ruling the realm. So whatever was suggested, he agreed just so that he would be left alone and do what he wanted.
  11. I cannot stop laughing! Thank you so much! This made my day better!
  12. In relation to ASOIAF, I would ask which characters/plotlines changed the most since he began writing the final version of the story. I know Martin has often said that he knows where the characters will end up and then he just adds ideas as he gets there. But I would like to know had those initial plans changed at some point. For example, were POV characters like Brienne and Sam planned since the first book? Things like that. Not related to ASOIAF, as an aspiring writer I would ask if he ever had moments in his writing career where he hated everything he wrote. And how he dealt with it.
  13. Ramsay and Euron are obvious choices for obvious reasons. Other than them, Qyburn made me uneasy as well.
  14. I think she will be disappointed. All of her thoughts and opinions of Westeros come from stories told by Viserys, Barristan and Jorah. Most of these stories focus on the beautiful and the good. Dany has lived all of her life thinking Westeros is her and Viserys' brithright. Her whole life has revolved around returning to Westeros and reclaiming what was stolen from her by people she sees as evil and treacherous. She thinks the smallfolk will cry out for her in joy and welcome her with open arms. So when she arrives to a land exhausted by war with an army of unsullied and Dothraki (who pillage and rape wherever they go), her whole concept of Westeros will be turned upside down. Most of the Houses will not support her either (at least, when she just arrives). The way she treated Quentyn will have consequences and she will face scorned Dornishmen. When in Westeros, she will fight people with legitimate claims and reasons (and not slavers of Slavery's Bay- a region that had no moral grayness to it prior to her conquest). I predict she will have the power to conquer, but it doing so will make her emotionally empty. I am intrigued to see how Martin handles this. It would be interesting to read how Dany finally reaches a something she has been working towards her entire life only to find it completely different than the stories or childish fantasies. It might even make her feel like her whole life and everything she has done, has been completely worthless (since the Westerosi do not want her as their ruler). It could be the breaking point of her character arc (the same way Tyrion finding about Tysha and killing Tywin was his breaking point).
  15. Daenerys and Jon romance. It felt like a complete fanfiction to me in the show (and fanservice since I remember so many shipping Dany and Jon in the early days of the show).
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