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    I would say hug it out, but I don't want you drawing wood.

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  1. you're older so... I win? nice

  2. Sirius


    I only started this series in grade 11 or 12 I think, by then I had read a lot of long series' of long books so I was prepped for that part. As for the graphicness/maturity level of the books, I had already read far more explicit books and had been desensitized. I would agree that it depends on age and what you want/are okay with them reading, and also on attention span. The first books I ever enjoyed were the Harry Potters, but I was gradually broken into those (had my dad reading them to me to begin with). They started as short and worked their way up to big, which I think helped. I've never read the Dunk and Egg stuff but maybe you could use that as a sampler? Bottom line, if you're trying to get them to read more it needs to be a story that they love, so if they don't take interest let it drop and maybe they'll pick up the books in a couple more years. Anything I've been forced to read I've hated :)
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    Ya, I'm often told I'm crazy for enjoying just swimming back and forth for hours, races make it worth it though.
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    You really should make the switch to swimming, all the cool kids are doin it ;)
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    Hello all I've been here for a bit now but not nearly long enough. I am very big into historical fiction and fantasy and one of my best friends and I got hooked on ASOIAF together, needless to say he's the coolest guy I know :smoking: . That being said, my name is Adam, I'm Canadian and Stark loyalist, newly turned 19 and legal, and in university. The combination of being bar age, my love of ASOIAF, and this forum is slowly destroying my very minimal work ethic and by the time GRRM finishes the series I will likely be yet another unemployed Arts graduate :) . That being said, it is worthwhile to note that I enjoy arguing, whether I believe what I am arguing or not so try not to take me too personally. P.S. since I'm on a fantasy board I'd like to declare my long-standing love of the Harry Potter series. There, I'm out of the closet :)