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    I enjoy playing video games with my friends, watching YouTube and Twitch, drinking Dr. Pepper and Monster, and doing cardio at the gym. I also enjoy reading and watching tv and films. My favorite franchises are Star Wars, LOTR, and A Song of Ice Fire/Game of Thrones(Seasons 1-5)

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  1. Hi I'm RushZone and I'm a huge fan of the HBO series Game of Thrones(at least seasons 1-5). I've also started reading the books recently. As of today I've read all of Game of Thrones and I'm just starting A Clash of Kings. While watching the show I would also read the wiki to really learn the lore. I've been getting really deep into the lore of A Song of Ice and Fire and would like to contribute to the wiki. One specific edit I want to make is on the War of the Five Kings page. I want to add troop sizes to the strength tab. I was thinking of redoing the strength tab and removing everything and adding the known strength of each major house during the start of the war. Most houses have exact troop numbers(except House Tully and technically house Grejoy who's ships are listed instead of men) I think this would be more accurate as it is called the "strength tab" I would also contribute to the losses tab(which is currently empty) by adding up all known losses from each major house during the War of the Five Kings. I hope you consider my user request and grant me permission to make my suggested changes.
  2. Disregard above I found out I need to request access to a user account. My bad I should have done more reading before making this post :/
  3. I'm having trouble logging into the wiki. I thought I was supposed to use my forum account to log into the wiki... Am I supposed to create a separate account for the wiki or is this simply a technical error?
  4. If Ned told Robert Baratheon about Jaime and Cersei Lannister's secret incestuos relationship and told him everything that he had learned while he was in Kings Landing then what would Robert Baratheon have done? And more importantly would Roberts small council and his kings guard listen to him? He was fatally wounded and near death after all, would the council and the kings guard still carry out his commands? Cersei would probably tell the court that Eddard Stark had tricked him and that Robert was to ill to comprehend what Eddard told him. Also Littlefinger would probably have still payed off the gold cloaks to betray Ned. What do you guys think? Would it have ended differently? Or would a similar situation arise where Robert dies and Ned is branded a traitor?
  5. That's true Stannis needs Joffrey alive but I think he would proclaim her children bastards of incest and he would hold a public execution for Cersei where Melisandre would burn her under the great Sept of Baelor. Also the Tyrells would probably defect and join forces with Robb Stark and take Casterely Rock. After that I don't know, with Tywin out of the picture its really the Tyrells vs. Stannis
  6. I don't think Loras would like the Tyrells joining up with Stannis considering the only reason he convinced the Tyrells to join forces with the Lannisters was to get revenge for Stannis killing Renly. The Tyrells would probably join forces with Robb Stark and fight Tywins hosts. After that it gets tricky because Robb doesn't care who sits on the Iron throne so he would probably accept Stannis as the rightful king. Robb would turn home to retake Winterfell from the Iron Born. Meanwhile Loras and Mace Tyrell would start fighting with Stannis for the Iron Throne. This alternate history gets really tricky tbh
  7. Oh wow I didn't even think of that. Yeah if Stannis took Cersei and her children hostage Tywin wouldn't dare press the attack. This would give the Baratheon forces time to consolidate control of the city. But would Stannis really keep Cersei and Joffrey hostages indefinitely? Or would he hold a public execution and sacrifice them to R'hllor?
  8. Would Stannis have taken King's Landing and won the Battle of Blackwater Bay if his ships weren't destroyed by wildfire or would the combined might of the Lannister/Tyrell host have defended Kings Landing anyway? I understand that he still outnumbered the defense of Kings Landing even after most of his army was killed but would the larger army have really made a difference? I mean nearly 70,000 Lannister/Tyrell forces were descending on the city, so wouldn't the Lannisters have won anyways? I mean if Stannis almost breached the city after most of his army was destroyed then surely the 70,000 Lannister/Tyrell forces could retake the city, right?
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