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  1. https://asoiaf.westeros.org/index.php?/topic/139611-show-spoilers-important seems too strict, and redundant in any case since the show ended 3 years ago and it was confirmed the books' plot will be different: https://georgerrmartin.com/notablog/2022/07/08/a-winter-garden/ but if you don't want to ditch it, how about a spoiler button that censors text (with a black box) and reveals it when hovering the mouse over it? In any case, I think book fans who don't want to touch the show at all are a niche.
  2. she no longer got to choose, the command has been given, and LS wasn't present at the hanging. "A trestle table had been set up across the cave, in a cleft in the rock. Behind it sat a woman all in grey, cloaked and hooded. In her hands was a crown, a bronze circlet ringed by iron swords. She was studying it, her fingers stroking the blades as if to test their sharpness. ... There was a long silence. Then Lady Stoneheart spoke again. This time Brienne understood her words. There were only two. “Hang them,” she croaked. “As you command, m’lady,” said the big man. They bound Brienne’s wrists with rope again and led her from the cavern, up a twisting stony path to the surface. It was morning outside, she was surprised to see. Shafts of pale dawn light were slanting through the trees. So many trees to choose from, she thought. They will not need to take us far." 2 words, "hang them", that's a death sentence, and they weren't reluctant about it. “Do you mean to hang her, Lem?” asked the one-eyed man. “Or do you figure to talk the bitch to death?” The Hound snatched the end of the rope from the man holding it. “Let’s see if she can dance,” he said, and gave a yank. So "sword" would make no difference, "Uh, we came back to report that she said 'sword', so we paused the execution to await further instructions."
  3. Yes, and she was accused of searching Sansa because she's a wanted fugitive with a price on her head, while ditching Sansa's fruitless search for Arya (who was not wanted because the fake Arya served her purpose) would show she really was fulfilling her vow. Current BwB was shown to be ruthless, saying "sword" after showing indecisiveness they might be like "whatever" while Arya would be the gamechanger.
  4. I wonder, is it really confirmed? https://www.westeros.org/Citadel/SSM/Entry/6425 is a second hand account, a summarization of what was said at that miscon (what's a miscon?) > Submitted by Hmadkour Could he have possibly misunderstood? "george turned the question on the audience and asked if anyone had figured it out - we shouted all kinds of dumb stuff, “jaime”, “sapphires”, etc. but some other genius in the second row said “sword”!" Arya not mentioned, did anyone say "Arya"? Seems like the obvious answer to me.
  5. ah, you're right, my mistake. Edit: although looking, it might have been just suspicion. "We chanced on three of them after Harrenhal, and winkled the tale from one before he died.” “He might have lied.” “He might have, but he didn’t. Later on, we heard how the Hound slew three of his brother’s men at an inn by the crossroads. The girl was with him there. The innkeep swore to it before Rorge killed him, and the whores said the same." if he was tortured, he might have wanted to say as much as possible. did the BwB know Arya was in the inn? The innkeep was killed afterall. Edit 2: and the Elder Brother heard it from Sandor himself, kept details beyond "heading for Saltpans" to protect him.
  6. well, yes, Arya was held as a hostage by the Brotherhood without Banners, she escaped and was caught by the Hound, they might have suspected it was the Hound but didn't know since they say nothing of it (“There is nothing good about that helm, nor the men who wore it,” said the red priest. “Sandor Clegane was a man in torment, and Rorge a beast in human skin.”) Now Brienne doesn't know about Arya being held by BwB, the word she screamed was Arya (my interpretation), they decide to stall the hanging and question her, and her story matches. She was looking for Arya, searching for Sansa is a different matter since she's wanted for the involvement in the poisoning, but Arya was less important and was just presumed dead. That lends her credibility that she kept her vows and so did Jaime. So why did she say "sword" instead of "Arya"? Note: she was told by Jaime of the fake Arya too.
  7. Looking back, I think he intended to entrap Ned Stark. “People of Sherrer, I cannot give you back your homes or your crops, nor can I restore your dead to life. But perhaps I can give you some small measure of justice, in the name of our king, Robert.” Every eye in the hall was fixed on him, waiting. Slowly Ned struggled to his feet, pushing himself up from the throne with the strength of his arms, his shattered leg screaming inside its cast. He did his best to ignore the pain; it was no moment to let them see his weakness. “The First Men believed that the judge who called for death should wield the sword, and in the north we hold to that still. I mislike sending another to do my killing... yet it seems I have no choice.” He gestured at his broken leg. Instead he sent Beric, and you know what happened to him.
  8. He had to respond because he took it as a personal insult, and unless he took revenge others would consider him weak. I mean you know how people exploited his father, laughed at him, disobeyed him and he couldn't stand that happening to him, he wants people to fear him.
  9. They presume Sandor is dead though. “It was Rorge I killed. He took the helm from Clegane’s grave, and you stole it off his corpse.” “I didn’t hear him objecting.” Thoros sucked in his breath in dismay. “Is this true? A dead man’s helm? Have we fallen that low?” The big man scowled at him. “It’s good steel.”
  10. He was still lied to, we can assume the conversation was private, having dismissed the sentries since Kevan doesn't mention anything of the Hound. Regarding Sansa, he could still overrule them even if they insisted (assuming they recognized her), he already harbored resentments and was unsure what to do. With a tail he could retain control over the situation, alone he could be restrained and put into chains. He was already a captive, and that led to the loss of his hand, I don't think he'd be eager to find himself in a helpless situation again.
  11. It's the little we know that doesn't look good, no hint of anything else but betrayal. Brienne is being evasive and telling lies to get Jaime to follow, while previously portrayed as honest to a fault “She rode up bold as you please, m’lord, demanding words with you.” ... “That bandage … you’ve been wounded …” “A bite.” She touched the hilt of her sword, the sword that he had given her. Oathkeeper. “My lord, you gave me a quest.” “The girl. Have you found her?” “I have,” said Brienne, Maid of Tarth. “Where is she?” “A day’s ride. I can take you to her, ser … but you will need to come alone. Elsewise, the Hound will kill her.” and he went alone, leaving no word. “No. Jaime is still in the riverlands, somewhere.” “Somewhere?” She did not like the sound of that. “He took Raventree and accepted Lord Blackwood’s surrender,” said her uncle, “but on his way back to Riverrun he left his tail and went off with a woman.” “A woman?” Cersei stared at him, uncomprehending. “What woman? Why? Where did they go?” “No one knows. We’ve had no further word of him. The woman may have been the Evenstar’s daughter, Lady Brienne.” he was shown to be inept at practically everything without his dominant hand, there's nothing he can do but talk, and excuses/further promises would be totally useless.
  12. so trolley problem, thing is doing nothing isn't betrayal, deceiving Jaime with a false story to entrap him is, and Brienne just seems incapable of such dishonesty, she could have accepted (any vow taken under such circumstances can be discarded) and then told Jaime of the situation to try to arrange something. still, he heard of "Clegane and his mad dogs" who "put the buildings to the torch and the people to the sword", going alone to face such people would be pure madness, clearly you can't negotiate to someone like that and he'd be completely helpless against them.
  13. ok, but 2nd question is what's up with Jaime going alone. He heard about the fake Hound's rampage "All that remains of Saltpans is the castle, and old Ser Quincy so frightened he would not open his gates, but shouted down at us from his battlements. The rest is bones and ashes. A whole town. The Hound put the buildings to the torch and the people to the sword and rode off laughing. The women... you would not believe what he did to some of the women. I will not speak of it at table. It made me sick to see.” “I cried when I heard,” said Lady Amerei. Jaime sipped his wine. “What makes you certain it was the Hound?” What they were describing sounded more like Gregor’s work than Sandor’s. Sandor had been hard and brutal, yes, but it was his big brother who was the real monster in House Clegane." so either 1. He believes it's the Hound who totally lost it (and he has accomplices too, "whilst Clegane and his mad dogs ravaged through his town") 2. He believes there's something amiss with Brienne's story and in both cases it makes no sense going alone, there was also that letter delivered by Qyburn.
  14. there's Podrick and Ser Hyle who would be held as hostages, I know, but still uncharacteristic.
  15. yes, but she seems like someone who would sacrifice herself rather than deceive and betray Jaime. “Why?” he said. “You will tell me why. He treated you kindly, gave you a rainbow cloak. Why would you kill him?” “I never did. I would have died for him.” ... “I asked him why he kept her close, if he thought her so grotesque. He said that all his other knights wanted things of him, castles or honors or riches, but all that Brienne wanted was to die for him.
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