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  1. I agree that prophecies "biting people in the ass" is one of GRRM's "thematic consistencies" but I think that could also argue against you in this case. Chasing the prophecy DID bite Rhaegar in the ass. He went out seeking to save the world from a threat that I am assuming he could not identify. He tried plenty of different ideas to see if they would fit, until he found Lyanna. Now, being blinded by this prophecy, he made a rash (or even calculated) decision to pursue it at the expense of all else, with no guarantee of success, as he had been wrong before. Rhaegar sacrificed his whole family and their future, in order to pursue a prophecy that he believed in. Was he right? Was he wrong? Doesn't matter. This is another GRRM example of a prophecy destroying someone's life ultimately on a gamble. I think the rule still holds here!
  2. Hi everyone, first post ever so sorry for formatting issues! On my fourth re-read when a couple of small things in ACOK struck me. 1. Ramsay has a sort of "signature move" from the time he is introduced as Fake Reek. Besides the obvious where he changes clothing with Reek and takes his identity, it is also his idea that Theon do the same with the Miller's sons and pretend they are Bran and Rickon. Now, this second action could just be some clever hinting by GRRM at the time that "Reek" is not who he seems, but I think it might go deeper. 2. I believe this acts as a parallel of the Bolton strategy overall, sort of like a kid imitating his father; metaphorically in this case. Whether or not you subscribe to the "Bolt-On" Theory (which I think is oriented correctly but goes a bit too far), Ramsay's actions seem like Bolton-lite historically speaking. Taking someone's clothes and taking their identity is something that happens twice in a handful of chapters. To me, this seems like a precursor to taking someone's skin and taking their identity (or at the very least, thematically links to that part of the Bolton's history) Not much else to say, except that I found this interesting and some potential foreshadowing depending on how magical GRRM gets as the last two books proceed.
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