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  1. If Harbrand turns out to be Sauron, it will prove beyond doubt that these writers are clueless hacks.
  2. People raised by racists tend to be racists themselves. So of course he's racist.
  3. Some Moron on the BBC: Ah, old Lizzie represented everything that was good about The Empire. Gawd bless her. Nobody: Haven't you seen Star Wars? Darth Vadar. Palpatine. These are not the good guys.
  4. Children wearing military medals is not at all weird. Nope. Nope. Not at all.
  5. I absolutely love the show. Love it. Love it. Love it. Right, where is all my lovely moolah?
  6. ‘Bloody Beaker People. Coming over here, rowing up the Tagus Estuary from the Iberian Peninsula in improvised rafts. Coming here with their drinking vessels. What's wrong with just cupping up the water in your hands and licking it up like a cat?’
  7. Hmm. I thought it was heavily implied in the subtext. His mum has a forbidden lover, has done for years now. And Theo's dad has 'run off', sounds like nobody has a clue who he is. And then Theo activating Sauron's hilt with his blood indicates there is something special about him. Elvish blood? I dunno. We shall see.
  8. As are their slow-ass servers. For a paid website, the amount of time it sometimes takes to load a page is ridiculous.
  9. Are we all in agreement that Theo is Arondir's son? I'm guessing regular human blood wouldn't be enough to ignite Sauron's light sabre...
  10. Isildur is one of the most significant figures in the entire history of Middle Earth, no? A little bit of surrounding subplot seems perfectly acceptable.
  11. Very good. Needs moar close harmonies, though definitely not from the panel members.
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