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  1. t I think if there was enough material to release a volume it would have been released by now. Just think of how many people watched season 8 of the tv show and went "man, that sucked, I should give the book a shot". If then, or at any point since then, there had been indication of a book being released it would have done wonders in sales. Now of course with the HOTD show, that might revive some of it but I don't think they will reach close to the peak that they could have had in 2019/
  2. Whilist I agree with your point in regards to character changes without proper explanation (and heck, Jaime is probably a part of that) for it, I never understood the fuss about that line from Jaime. He (IIRC, and I haven't watched it back, I prefer to watch back the good stuff) clearly said that to get himself out of the situation and justify going back to King's Landing. Perhaps I am missing something however, just never quite got the fuss about that line.
  3. First off, GRRM is clearly a very, very talented writer. You don't sell millions copies and one of the most succesful tv shows of all time if you aren't. But how great is an interesting one, and to me whether or not he will be able to finish the books will be a big indicator of this. Not because I am frustrated at waiting for the WoW (well I am, but that's besides the point) but because it's essential for a great writer to be able to tell a story from start to finish. GRRM has created a very complex, extensive world (the most ambitious thing he had ever done by the time he started it like 30 years ago, and it has a grown A LOT since). There is a lot of pov characters, even more important characters and a lot of storylines that need to be completed. It's a lot easier to think of ways to expand a storyline, to add new layers to a story, then it's to find a fitting ending to it. I, for one, can not imagine that this delay is solely due to him having a lack of interest, being busy and being a slow writer. For that, there have been way to many instances of him admitting to re-writing part of his story, changing things and also alluding to things that then he then later goes back on (a plot twist, a character he shouldn't have killed, etc). He obviosly feels pressure to finish this thing in 2 more novels, which gives him, let's say 2000+ book pages at most to finish this storyline up? If he can do that, great job, well done. If not, I think it could be considerd somewhat of a critism towards him that he did not see the issues with introducing so many side-plots, so many characters when the main plot was already extensive and appealing to many. I am sure he has an ideal ending to his story, but when the story keeps on getting expanded and more and more things need to be done to get to that point, you might reach a problem (or use to George's gardener terms of writing, grown too many trees were it becomes impossible to keep your nice garden alive and it all goes to shit as a result). So I think that will be something consider when evaluating him against others writers. PS: First post here! Been lurking for awhile now, finally decided to make a post.
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