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  1. Ooh thats actually very interesting! I've only heard about the theory that Syrio Forell is Jaquen H'ghar, but idk what to think about that. The theory with Ned and Petyr definitely makes more sense tho
  2. Oh yes, you're right, I mixed the series with the books rn.. But yeah, now when you said it, I think he was. But still, how did he end up there?
  3. Do we ever got to know how Jaquen H'ghar was captured by Yoren in ACOK? I'm just wondering how someone so skilled could get captured. Maybe he got caught while fulfilling an "order" he got? But idk, what do yall think?
  4. Even thought this is one month old now, Imma still reply to this lol As far as I remember George RR Martin once said that it does snow sometimes in the south, but almost never in Dorne..? So I'd say that the temperature in Dorne stays quite the same, even in winter, maybe it has minimal changes that aren't really noticeable but that's just my guess. Anyways, I think he mentioned it somewhere right here: http://www.westeros.org/Citadel/SSM/Entry/The_Effects_of_Winter/
  5. Could also be true, who knows! But I definitely agree with you, Melisandre is a really interesting character and definitely not dumb. And what Lyanna <3Rhaegar already said Maybe all of this only led her to her true purpose in the end and Stannis was just a part of her journey!
  6. You've definitely got a point, especially when it comes to Nissa Nissa, I honestly didnt think about the possible parallels that Stannis had when he murdered Renly and Edric! And your theory about that there are multiple Azor Ahais also sounds really interesting! If you think about it, it also sounds really poetical somehow, saying that there are multiple heroes/Azor Ahais who can win against the darkness because that would lead you to the thought of something like "only together we can win against our enemy" which sounds really beautiful to me! Oops I'm drifting apart here rn
  7. Ooh yes, that's a really interesting thought and definitely makes sense! I've actually never thought about that!
  8. Yeah, this could be true, I've also thought about the theory that she might've just misinterpreted it all!
  9. I think what we know is that the legend said that Azor Ahai will be reborn amidst smoke and salt, awake dragons from stone and have a burning sword named lightbringer which could eventually mean that he will be reborn on Dragonstone but how was Melisandre so certain that Stannis Baratheon is Azor Ahai? Why didn't she think that for example Daenerys could be Azor Ahai? I'd love to hear some opinions about this!
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