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  1. What a load of crap. What shitty writing. I am très disappoint. You've got a a faceless man in Arya, who doesnt spill the beans and just say "BRB off to KL, you guys just chill", a dragon being killed by ballista on a ship, the entirety of Dany's command structure standing outside KL with nary a horse in site and... fuck it why waste anymore effort on this tosh. I'm off to Starbucks.
  2. I was one of the wankers that enjoyed the game so much in the first couple of hours, I decided to buy the XP boost. I didnt really need to. I was level capped, (back when it was 50, its no longer capped anymore) waaaaay before finishing any of the main 3 quest lines. The present day shit is kept to a minimum, most parts i just ignored it and plugged straight back into the Animus. DLC wise, they've got a tonne of shit planned, 2 major dlc packs and a lot of smaller free ones. I havent delved into them yet, I will probably wait till the last one is complete +- around June sometime before buying them all and playing it again.
  3. TyrNotEllius

    Russia/Ukraine naval conflict

    Ali Soufan wrote a nice op-ed about the Ukraine/Russia conflict a few months ago. If anyone has watched "The Looming Tower" on Amazon Prime, he's the young, muslim FBI guy. His writing is a bit left leaning for me, but the scope of the subjects he covers is great, you can find his stuff on http://www.soufangroup.com/
  4. TyrNotEllius

    Dating - I love the way you swipe

    All you wishywashy slack-asses making excuses for batteries dying need to have a word with yourselves.
  5. TyrNotEllius


    Ola Derfel. Welcome to the boards but beware, bartenders dont get tipped round these parts! (You may wanna change your name to avoid confusion with Derfel Cadarn)
  6. -1 for bragging about the balmy weather!

  7. I am NOT +ing you.

  8. TyrNotEllius

    Vote on the Reputation System

    Its an evil plot to get back to Mostly Harmless! Do not fall for it!
  9. TyrNotEllius

    Vote on the Reputation System

    Success! He has noticed you! Now its time to stalk him via Facebook and randomly try friend people he knows! (I am kidding and I am not bullying you!)
  10. TyrNotEllius

    Vote on the Reputation System

    Exactly. Its a little bit of fun that people are taking way too seriously. Its worth keeping JUST for the entertainment of people freaking out over nothing. Yes, nothing. (Yes I laugh when people trip too.)
  11. Currently starving artist....


  12. "Jesus? He is just a dude that mows my lawn..."

  13. TyrNotEllius


    Yeah, people are very weird. At the dislike - and annoyed is too strong a word, my apologies a :( would of sufficed.
  14. TyrNotEllius


    Hey Lydia, I was going to post how I thought that Henry actually having a family of hoovers kinds freaked me out and wanted to post a pic of the entire smiley faced hoover range but found this. They should make a Henry the hoover with a :( expression now. :tantrum: Welcome back btw.
  15. TyrNotEllius

    Hello from Benioff and Weiss

    Fat Bean would bean awesome Robert imo. Charismatic, loud etc etc.