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  1. I mean, the powers on the Iron Throne have now changed completely. 2nd largest army after Renly's on Westeros goes a long way to reinforcing a claim on the throne. How about Lord Protector of the Realm and Master of the Horse?
  2. If Drogo then invades the Westerlands, why wouldn't Robb want to join him? How about Drogo as Hand of the King?
  3. A lot of the Reach lords are secret Targaryen sympathizers. After Stannis kills Renly, it's not out of possibility that they could assist Drogo in conquering the Stormlands and crushing Stannis' host. After Stannis is finished, the Khalasar could then invade the Iron Islands with the help of the Northmen vengeful over the invasion of the ironborn and wipe out House Greyjoy and the Iron Fleet in the process. Then marry Sansa Stark off to Rhaego, and then, yeah, the Pact of Ice and Fire between the North and the Targaryens/the Dothraki done.
  4. If Drogo invades the Westerlands, the Starks and the Martells would be eager to assist.
  5. Even Euron's ironborn wasn't enough to make the North and the Reach co-operate with each other, so...
  6. Drogo's Khalasar against Robb's host in the Riverlands would be a toss-up. If Robb kills Drogo, then the entire Khalasar disintegrates. If Drogo kills Robb, then the Stark-Tully cause would be leaderless. Jorah and Barristan could however point out that the North is currently being invaded by Balon's ironborn slavers, so enslaving the losers has precedent during the war, especially the westermen who raped the Riverlands. Robb seemed to be totally cool with using Barristan's dismissal from the Kingsguard by Cersei and Joffrey as a precedent for releasing Jon from his Night's Watch brother vows, so I can't see why he wouldn't buy this.
  7. 1. If Sansa doesn't survive whatever the Dothraki do to her, then it can always be blamed on the Lannisters/the Hound. If she does survive, great. Then she can be married off to Rhaego before Jorah goes to Robb and Catelyn to propose a pact. 2. Why would the Northmen and riverlords want to restrain the Dothraki from pillaging and raping the Westerlands? If they help the Dothraki, they get a share of the gold and the slaves. Ditto for King Stannis in the Stormlands and the Dornish. As for King Balon in the Iron Islands, everybody would think that enslaving the ironborn is a great idea. Especially since it would stop the reaving.
  8. Well, yeah, agreed. Drogo and Daenerys need mainland allies in Westeros to conquer the rest of the continent. The Martells, perhaps?
  9. Why would Robb even want to fight Drogo? If Drogo invades the Westerlands after the Crownlands, wouldn't Robb want to instead join the horde and help them to pillage and enslave the westermen? It would have been revenge for the Lannister invasion of Riverlands, and a share/fraction of all of the gold and slaves there would have made Robb and Droho the richest men in Westeros.
  10. After Stannis murders Renly, Khal Drogo now has the largest army on the Westerosi continent. If the carrot fails, the stick's still there.
  11. Possession of the Iron Throne is nine-tenths of the law. House Targaryen would be the new royal house by right of conquest, so...
  12. Once Drogo brings Robb Joffrey, Tommen, Cersei, Lancel and Tyrion's heads, the North now has nothing left to fight for. Ned's been finally avenged, and the Starks' WOT5K objectives have been achieved in a single stroke. Why wouldn't Robb and Catelyn want to bend the knee to Rhaego?
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