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  1. I'm lazy, so: - Gendry shirtless: yay! - Jon being a spoiled brat: wtf?
  2. Ah, and also, say what you will about the Dragonstone scenes, but the visual composition is just brilliant. Fiery Melisandre standing before the Painted Table, behind her only the darkness of the night... That's enough to make me shiver, more than any dialogue.
  3. I actually disagree with the "Stannis is not changed" opinion. Of course, Stannis and Mel make little shadow babies, but we don't ever get to see how. In my head I always pictured Stannis doing it out of necessity, while in this episode he was at least partially driven by lust. That might just be my interpretation of Book Stannis and doesn't have to be the true one, but for me, it is a change. Now whether that change is good or bad, is another thing. For me, it's becoming a little boring, since basically, everyone is having sex at some point. [i hope they do not decide to add a Varys "and this is how you do it as a eunuch" scene...]
  4. RAKHARO WTF JON WTF STANNIS HYPERSEXUALISED WTF this series is going to change quite a bit of the story. OTOH, i don't see how they can tell it all in just 10 episodes without significant editing, so i'll just have to get used to it; a bit sad, though, season 1 was more faithful to the story. i liked the acting and the theme of the ros scene, actually, although i agree that screen time is wasted on this non-character. but perhaps she's somehow going to play a bigger role in the future? but to not just simply point out the bad stuff, here's what i liked most: - Gendry is <3, as is Gilly (however brief her appearance). Skins was a very good series, before it turned boring (after season 2), and I'm glad those two actors made it to an HBO production. - Arya ~ nuff said - Varys. Just. fucking. awesome. - Balon. Wow, what an appearance.
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