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  1. If you are referring to what the Hound said to Arya he probably said it to force Arya to kill Jim, he didn't really mean it.
  2. Killing Shae was completely unnecessary. Yes, she lied in the trial but was a young girl in a castle full of schemers and snakes and vipers and spiders. She did that out of necessity, to survive.
  3. I'm not a big fan of Jon+Daenerys. I hope we won't see it in the books. What would be the reason for it, to show that Targaryens are naturally attracted to their kin?
  4. I read someone theorizing that Benjen could still be alive based on a dream Theon has in ACOK. He sees all the dead Starks, including people he never encountered like Eddard's father, Lyanna and the other brother, but he doesn't see Benjen. He also see at the end of the dream a heavily wounded Robb, foreshadowing the red wedding, but not Catelyn, which is indicative of her subsequent resurrection as Lady Stoneheart.
  5. I'm referring to when he says that he woke up wondering if he could fly as a kid. Bran and Jojen suffered a near death experience and probably others top (the corpses Bran sees in his dream are probably people who failed to "fly" and never woke up).
  6. From what we learn, it seems that to unlock greensight and skinchanging you have to suffer a near death experience. The deep coma allows to unlock the abilities one has inherited by blood. Howewer, we have no information of a near death experienced by Euron Greyjoy. So, if he really has similar abilities to Bran, how did he manage to discover them?
  7. Sorry, but I haven't seen a similar rule, like in the tv show section it's stated that you can't discuss about the book.
  8. Most of the secret identities, or "character x is believed dead but is in reality alive and disguising his identity" theories. Or, "x is secretly son/daughter of y (usually a Targaryen)".
  9. In the books, Jorah is a middle-aged, bald, unattractive man (although we are seeing him through Daenerys's POV), and his "love" for Daenarys is quite creepy considering that she is 13 at the start of the story. In the show, he is a very attractive man and his love for Daenarys is pictured more as a classical case of unrequited love. What do you think of this change?
  10. So, we know that in ancient times marriage between relatives was common. However I'm a bit puzzled on how incest is depicted in ASOIAF. Like, we see a lot of people really excited about the idea of banging their own sister/brother. Plus, I can understand relationship between cousins (which was accepted even in relatively recent times, for example Albert Einstein married his own cousin), less between siblings, or even dads/daughters, which is apparently the norm in this world (even tho we see many characters despise it). What do you think?
  11. I think that the sex scenes are mostly bad. I am not bothered by the sex per se, but they are written badly IMO.
  12. I think that more than the 5 year gap, it would have been better to let more time pass DURING the story (instead of less than 1 year for each book, with feast and dance happening simultaneously). Which makes sense, as in this world it's quite .... difficult to travel great distances unless you have dragons, and considering the big amount of events (including a war) it's difficult to believe it all happened in 2-3 years.
  13. But Jon Arryn was asking informations about the boy to the blacksmith. If he already knew about him, it wouldn't make sense to do that. Instead it makes more sense that he learned about Gendry when he was searching for Robert's bastards. I still think that the hooded man was Varys (his camouflage looks like the kind Varys would use, like when he visits Ned in the cells).
  14. Interesting but that still doesn't explain why the man was cloaked, like he was trying to hide his appearence. And why pay for the silence?
  15. Sorry, I'm now reading the books after watching the series, but I know nothing about all the various spin-offs (I only watched some videos and read about some characters and stories which are important for the main lore). Yes, I was talking about just ASOIAF.
  16. The master says that the man was shorter than Ned, so it wasn't Robert. It could have sent one of his men, but it's unlikely he did it (assuming that he know about Gendry). Plus why was the mysterious men camouflaged?
  17. I wonder who's the man who brought Gendry to the blacksmith and payed for his silence. Someone who wanted to protect him or someone who wanted to have a bastard Baratheon as a possible pawn in the future? From the description, I thought it might be Varys (the man is described as being large and with wide shoulders), but I can't understand why would he do that. But, his plans, contrary to Littlefinger's ones, are quite obscure up to now and we still don't know what he is up to, what he wants to do with Daenerys and "Aegon", so maybe he has something in mind with Gendry too (he is also the one who sends him to the Wall to protect him from Cersei).
  18. Well most men in the series are rather incompetent too, even tho they think they are amazing. You hardly find an example of a good ruler and most of them are also awful people.
  19. Crowns could also refer to hair (probably it's both, gold crowns in the sense gold hair indicating they are Lannister and also in the sense of a real crown). The gold shrouds part could be something related to their deaths that maybe we will discover in the next book (IF we will ever have it on our shelves...), so maybe there is something other regarding Joff's death.
  20. I thought this too, but Myrcella is far from that right?
  21. Anyone knows the meaning of the "gold shrouds" referring to Cersei's children? Probably it's about their deaths, but why a gold shroud?
  22. I thought that she might kill herself after her plans fails and KL is about to fall. But then there the valonqar part, does that mean she will be reanimated? Also, in the House of Black and White Arya sees a weeping men who is stabbed and already dead.
  23. Regarding this part of the prophecy given to Cersei: "And when your tears have drowned you, the valonqar shall wrap his hands about your pale white throat and choke the life from you." I wonder if the "tears" are the tears of Lys and that means that Cersei will try to kill herself with poison.
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