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  1. For Alys Rivers : Eva Green, Katie McGrath or Ruth Wilson would be great, but I doubt they'll choose very famous people..
  2. I know he's not the greatest planner, but still, there is a reason why he turned up with his hoodie. Everytime he wears it, something shitty happen (Rhea's death, Rhaenyra's nearly lost virginity, plotting with Qarl). It meant something to portray him like this, and the result is just weird.
  3. To me it worsened Alicent more than Larys. This is a guy who had his father and brother burned alive, there is nothing he can do that would worsen his character. He's clearly a psychopath who enjoys the power he has over the Queen. He could have pretty feet from any woman, but no, he chose Alicent to assert his dominance over her. But Alicent, with all that talk about honor and duty ("I have to believe that dignity and honor will prevail" to Crispy), it just made her a big hypocrite.
  4. Oh yes, I loved the dinner scene in episode 8 as well ! I agree with the ending of episode 9, that bugged me too...
  5. I would have prefered it if Daemon had killed Laenor and we skipped Rhea's death completly. We could have had just a scene where a messenger goes to Daemon annuncing the death of his wife and see him smile. Overall that scene was very weird, no talk from Daemon, I'm still trying to figure out how he intended to kill her while spooking the horse with his hand...
  6. Alys River, Addam&Alyn, Nettles, Jeyne Arryn, Daeron, the Shepard, Lady Fell Not excited about Cregan, but that's only because I can't stand the character. Dragons : Sunfyre (we barely got a glimpse of him), the Cannibal, Tessarion
  7. I really liked this season, but some scenes really stood out for me. I'm gonna pick 3 : - Aemond riding Vhagar : I have re-watched that scene several times - The last 15min of episode 10 : from the moment Luc appeared above Storm's end to Rhaenyra's face - Viserys' walk toward the throne On the other end, there are several scenes that I didn't enjoy much, but the one I really dislike remains Laenor's fake death (both in terms of narration and execution).
  8. At the dinner scene, she tells Lucerys that he'll be great as lord of the tides. But I think that's it..
  9. Re : Blood & Cheese Doesn't Blood tries to go back with Jaehearys's head to get Daemon's reward ? I think you @Lord Varys make very good points, but in the end, I really think Daemon will contact Mysaria and ask her to do his dirty deed. I like your argument about Mysaria wanting to show that even her can get to royal children as a revenge for what Larys did. Daemon and Mysaria might have a scene together in season 2 and plot it together. I don't know, but if they make Blood & Cheese as another misunderstanding/accident (after Alicent/Viserys, Aemond/Lucerys), it would be too much.
  10. It's a bit weird but I completely understand their decision. I saw some many comments about : - "How great is Daemon! - Yes he's bad but he owns it, he's not a hypocrite. - This guys doesn't give a shit about anything, he's an absolut badass and I love it.."" Blablabla, Sara Hess got a lot of hate on the internet, some even calling her names because Daemon strangling Rhaenyra was out of character for Daemon. Show viewers can be so dump..
  11. No, I think Daemon will have the bigger role in Blood& Cheese. Given how Mysaria was portrayed in the show, and that line to Otto about wanting to protect the children in the streets, it would make no sense to have her giving orders to target the kids of Helaena. I think having Daemon strangling Rhaenyra is a way to prepare the audience of what he'll be willing to do. Don't forget, it's Daemon who writes "eye for eye, son for son". I would be really pissed if they didn't show him being the backer of this plan. It's just how he sees justice being done, one son of Aegon for a son of Rhaenyra.
  12. Yep, If we start making assumptions on how good a king or queen would be based on their sexual behaviour and proclivities, we won't get out of the woods until a Republican party emerges in Westeros.
  13. I don't think so, I think that will still be mainly Daemon.. Probably also why they kept cutting some scenes (with his daughters, his grieving on the beach) and showed him almost strangling Rhaenyra to remind the audience that, despite his badassness, he's still a violent and vengeful person. But I think Rhaenyra will have a stern reaction to Blood & Cheese, she won't burst in outrage, she won't be pleased with it, but accept it as war casualty.
  14. It felt quite clear to me that little Aemond understood he needed to let it go at that moment to protect his mother. Even Otto told her to drop the blade. It doesn't mean that he would forgive the person responsible for taking his eye out. I certainly wouldn't.
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