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  1. A great read! This is a really fun era in GRRMs legendarium, as there can be so much speculation on who could be who. I definitely agree that Coldhands may have seen the Battle for the Dawn, whether as a Companion, LH or NK, we may never know. I didn't set out so much to discover his identity, but more so to try and flesh out what the process might be behind Coldhands rise after death. Perhaps this process can be replicated with some of the other members of the Watch? (Jon Snow of course being of particular interest.)
  2. I'm tracking what aspects you took issue with now. I agree, I don't think Jon would be able to travel South of the wall if he should resurrect in this manner. Furthermore, I think he would have to be North to respawn. I could see some of the loyal brother's taking him to where Ygritte was burned. And 100% agree that he would not become a murder-hobo.
  3. Here is a link to my first tinfoil post, beware, lol
  4. I didn't even think of those two lines of 'evidence' lining up in the text, good catch! Thanks for the props. I know that the idea of the members of the Watch having a way to subvert the Others ala Coldhands isn't a new idea, but it always irked me that there wasn't a better explanation for where he came from...
  5. Thanks for the response! As to your point about Coldhands dying "long ago," I do agree with you. I believe that AWOIAF infers that the Children may live centuries, so "long ago" may even be a reference to the Long Night. Cold Hands may even be one of the original Companions to The Last Hero. I could imagine him lying dormant until the Others become active again, after all, his watch shall not end until his "death." While it is stated that the Royce's are a family decendended from 1st men, he is a Ser. Ned notes in AGOT that those in the North do no take to the custom of knighting, as it has to do with the ritual of being 'anointed with the 7 oils' and such, denoting it to be a ritual (at least primarily) practiced by those who follow the 7. I believe that he more than likely took his vows in a Sept, as he did when he became Ser Waymar.
  6. There are some indications that those who swear the Night's Watch oath by a Weirwood Tree may retain their humanity upon becoming a wight. Coldhands.
  7. I'm only doing my third read through of ASOIAF, and have watched a lot of the YouTube channels (shoutout to LML, History of Westeros, Radio Westeros, Crowfood's Daughter, Alt Shift X, etc. al.) In my watching I've seen some interesting theories on Coldhands (that he may have had some warging that helped him evade control of the Others and such), but I feel that there may be a far simpler explanation. With the introduction of Coldhands, we know that at least one member of the Night's Watch has been zombified but is still in control of his faculties. What can we safely assume about Coldhands? He is a former member of the Night's Watch He is more than likely (or was) a warg. Not a huge jump in logic from there to assume that he probably kept the Old Gods. Assuming he kept the Old Gods, he would have sworn his Oath to the watch before a heart tree. I theorize that in swearing the Oath of the Night's Watch in front of a Heart Tree, brothers of the Watch were entering into a magical pact with the Weirwood Net, that would protect them from falling under the control of the Other's should they die in battle defending the realms of Men. This sort of magic would immensely impact the harm that the Others could inflict of the Men of the Watch and could explain a lot about how Men could actually continue fighting the forces of Always Winter for an entire generation. But "poo poo" you say. "That doesn't make sense," you go on saying, "many members of the Watch have become wights, 'mindless' ones that attacked their fellow members of the Watch." True, however, I believe that these men swore their oaths under the Light of the Seven, not before a Heart Tree. During the Long Night, all members of the Watch would have sworn the oath before a Heart Tree, as the Andals had not yet invaded. One of the reasons why this hasn't occurred with many of the Brothers of the watch is that they are Southerners. In the prologue to AGOT, Waymar Royce comes back as a wight, but he was from the Vale, and more than likely took his vows in a Sept. Now, I'm not 100% about Othor, but Jafer Flowers more than likely took his oath in the Sept as well, as he was a bastard from the Reach. I feel that there are some indications of this magic in the Oath itself. Let take a critical look at it with this interpretation in mind: Night gathers, and now my watch begins. It shall not end until my death. Upon death (night gathering) a member of the watch becomes a Watch Wight, much like Coldhands. Death could be understood as one's destruction, or loss of control to the Others. I shall take no wife, hold no lands, father no children. I shall wear no crowns and win no glory. Can Crow Zombies have children? We certainly don't want them as rulers, being all immortal and whatnot. Undying rulers just reek of tyranny (and they probably can't get south of the Wall to hold decent lands anyway.) I shall live and die at my post.. And die, and die, and die...Maybe better stated this could be "I will man my post, living and dying?" This line becomes particularly interesting if you can imagine Crow Zombies that can die over and over again while fighting swarms of Undead. I am the sword in the darkness. I am the watcher on the walls. I think I've heard other folks comment before, that this watching line could allude to the Weirwood net. I am the fire that burns against the cold, the light that brings the dawn, the horn that wakes the sleepers, the shield that guards the realms of men. The fire that burns against the cold could imply some sort of magic that is interfering with the cold magic of the Others. The Fire of one's own spirit, with the aid of the Weirwood Net could keep the Crow's soul free of the control of the Others. I pledge my life and honor to the Night's Watch, for this night and all the nights to come. This could be an acknowledgement that your watch could last a very, very long time (just ask Coldhands.) This very magic may even be contributing to the longevity of Bloodraven. I'm not sure if he swore his Oath before a Heart Tree, but he certainly seems to have a rather deep connection to them. If this theory could hold water, Jon Snow may not even need the Magic of Melisandre to bring him back to the land of the "living." Or the Cold based magic of the Others may combine with the fire of R'hollor to create some sort of Azor Ahai super zombie of Ice and Fire? (I realize i'm getting really deep in the weeds here. I am not expecting an uber-elemental Jon Snowfire zombie.) Let me know your thoughts. Please drop some knowledge on me if you have some sources that would disprove this theory (or lend credibility to it even.) Thank you for your time. Mr.E_Knight
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