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  1. I wonder if putting it up to the lords to begin with was folly on Jahaerys's part. It sets a precedent of an obligatory active role when the succession is in contest..
  2. Do you think there was any realistic possibility/method where Viserys could of made the succession precedent absolute-cognatic?
  3. I hope we get an extended edition version of this season with the stuff they wished to orignally include.
  4. To me it seemed that he said it to portray likely smallfolk chatter of what it could easily be chalked up to. Or in other words the PR picture that can be cast upon the ‘tragedy‘ thanks to the convenience of location. He thought that out in advance.
  5. It was more likely Balon waiting for the best moment to intercede after seeing how war began to progress. In addition to Asha being his named/apparent heir, couldn't victarion still have children if he wished?
  6. If I'm remembering correctly, did Viserys not exile Daemon back to Runestone again at the end of episode 4? EDIT: i misread the original comment and my point is moot. My fault all.
  7. Viserys has been realizing the hard way that he is not just unable to please everyone, but that those closest to him can work against him and make things go awry when he does all right. His wife also died in childbirth along with a stillborn babe. That is incredible grief to bear and new children can't fill that hole. In terms of cheering up, the royal hunt was escapism for Viserys. He above all wanted to forget about the realm's troubles for a day; we saw how he avoided Tyland Lannister's report on the stepstones. In the latest episode during his reunion afterparty with Daemon, they spent time reminiscing and cracking jokes. This isn't just realistic for world leaders but anyone in an position of consequential leadership. Most don't have the will required to bear that weight. It's pretty realistic.
  8. To be fair, are there many instances of rulers with such responsibilities not being unhappy? It's a burden to say the least and the many characters we've gotten to know in Kings Landing in ASOIAF weren't exactly enthused about their job either. And the 'happiness' we did see was a result of drinking or other escapism-inducing addictions.
  9. Yes, she was casted. She's played by Rachel Redford and they've mentioned her since the pilot episode (daemon referred to her as his bronze b****)
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