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  1. if so the children destroyed all trace of the previous society It could happen (In my own setting the Elves were the fifth wave of sapient civilisation)
  2. I'm not clear why the smallfolk cared about any of it we know they attacked the dragons but why did they do that
  3. i'd be surprised if she kills him that quickly
  4. Ash is one of the best of the ironborn, low bar thought that is. Brienne and Justin wasn't one I had considered but yeah okay I would argue twice, killing Aerys was the first time Despite his long list of horrendous sins he save kings landing
  5. Really, I never got that comparison, I would compare Vlad the Impaler to either Theon Stark for a similiar situation or Stannis for increasingly brutal measures in service of a worthy cause, Roose wasn't pushed into any of it hes just a evil shit. Gilles de Rais like Elizabeth Bathory was probably framed by people who rightly feared de Rais wanted revenge for their sins against France and in particular the betrayl of Joan of Arc, Elizabeth Bathory was almost certainly framed by her nephew because he got to be ruler of Wallachia after she was sent into exile Even if Gilles de Rais did kill a bunch of children which is unlikely, he did it after a war and at least one close personal friend being burned alive in the name of politics, a psychopath like Ramsey cares about nobody and nothing other than his short term needs, he kills on impulse even if its actually counterproductive to his and his families goals such as the Hornwood situation which should have resulted in Roose and Ramseys executions.
  6. It doesn't need to be but it works a lot better if is and saves time and effort in explaining why it is not Martin deserves the credit for trying his best even if he misses a lot because so many do not bother
  7. yes but enough more to make a dent in the expenses of someone like Lynesse I suppose its possible if they fetch prices like the gladiators we saw
  8. probably not, any widow still available at a young age would have been viewed with great suspicion by the royal court unless they knew exactly how her husband died
  9. nothing, its just that most information in the realm comes from the maesters of oldtown
  10. Viserys is just as bad as Joffrey but not as bad as Ramsey orthe Mountain (hes not a kinslayer, though he was prepared to be) Catelyn is not a just person, shes a spiteful woman who takes her resentment out on Jon, looks down on people like Briene and Mya Stone, commits treason against her own son on the word of a man with no honour and badgers her husband into allowing her to have a sept in the centre of the old gods worshipping north the two are not remotely comparable
  11. Hero might be stretching it by the modern rather than ancient greek meaning (he would have fit rigght in among Heracles, Agaememnon and Achilles) but he definitely did a good thing disarming the faith, religious wars are particularly nasty
  12. I'm more surprised that Jorah found someone willing to pay a fortune for poachers
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