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  1. What's the difference between ignorance and apathy? I don't know and I don't care.
  2. We had leftover ham n bean soup and a Sloppy Joe grilled cheese sandwich.
  3. It's rainy and wet in Wichita. A little murky and cold.
  4. I just ate a heaping bowl full of pistachios, flamin hot potato chips, and cheese balls. It was good but it was not dinner; we had beef stew for that and it was yummers.
  5. I've been through Piggily Wiggily, so I think I can take on anything!

  6. I'm trying to stop online dating but this is just calling me back all the time. My biggest date fail was that he was trying to say he was fat and I said, "I'm not fat, you are". Another date fail was putting on only half of my makeup, including eyebrows. Another in the early stages of my adulthood is that I would constantly talk about my family. But anyway, I believe that I am going to learn from these things. I went on a date with this one guy and he didn't even add me as a friend on Facebook. I think it goes without saying that I will probably only improve my game.
  7. It rained for a while here in cute little KS and I wore a turtleneck sweater from Old Navy and some green skinny jeans for some of the time, a grey mini skirt for some time, and some Champion sweatpants for the rest. It was chilly, so I was thinking, "I'm a little solemn today for real".
  8. My Mom and I bought some movies at the local trade-in movie and TV show shop some time ago. We bought Underworld and Resident Evil. Those were soooo cool. The Last Unicorn made me reminisce of growing up. I also got The Truman Show and The Lion King. My Mom bought me more movies on Amazon. I received movies that were in a series like Harry Potter, Twilight, and The Hunger Games. I also bought some movies at Walmart like The Matrix and Divergent. I was watching quite a few of them. They were all stunningly good and I'm glad I have them.
  9. Does anyone else have times when they think two minutes is the longest time? I was just cooking some tea in the microwave and lost my patience.
  10. I've realize how important Keratin products are! This chemical helps to de-frizz hair and make it straighter. I'm really glad I bought this shit on Amazon because it even produces accelerated growth! I used to get a buzzcut and it hasn't lengthened out yet. This way I can grow my hair sooo much faster. For hair, I've continued to use just Walmart and Amazon products and it works out! For skincare, I'm just going through Walmart. I don't know how rudimentary this is....
  11. We had Taco Soup made from leftover ground beef enchiladas.
  12. This is totally the song I would play if I were a Succubus.
  13. I'm collecting some of the pieces of jewelry from Lord of the Rings like the rings of Galadriel, Aragorn, Gandalf, and the One Ring to Rule Them All, and also Arwen's Evenstar. I've always been a fan of LOTR. Waiting on Galadriel's ring today to arrive in the mail.
  14. It was a little windy last night but we survived. There's tons of clouds today and it's chilly.
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