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  1. It's kind of hit the spot where it's hot and sunny to just hottish warm. I went out and sunbathed!
  2. I've come to the conclusion that the computer is a freaking miracle and so is the cell phone but I don't want to have too much time spent on the phone. Just because of the way my Chromebook seems, I think it's one of my main hobbies because of the fact that it makes me think we are in the future. It's beyond me why people spend time away from it.
  3. We had Rib-Eye steak and a baked potato. The steak was so tender that it was ridiculous. I'm glad Mom decided to make it because it was delicious and really hit the spot.
  4. I'd like to learn Spanish and Mandarin. Navajo as well. I can't wait for the rest of my life so that I can go to classes for it. I believe I am going to exercise my brain and only become even more well-versed at life. Currently, the only language I know is English although I previously have taken classes in Spanish and French. But I never did retain the languages so I forgot it all. I guess I must let bygones be bygones and forgive myself of my inability to retain languages.
  5. The Kardashians and they even made the century kind of happen. It if you don’t know it, the Kardashians are ahead of their time because they are shaping people and morphing us all into the people of the future. Another I thought of was Obama because he kind of changed what we know and how we live.
  6. Has been not as sweltering hot recently but still hot. It's like in the upper eighties and I cannot wait for cooler weather because although high summer heat is nice, I still like it cooler.
  7. I've been going through periods of time where I am exceptionally happy....and it doesn't bother me. I feel like my mental illnesses are going to fade away for a little. I am more chatty sometimes which is tremendous and it makes me feel like I am being a real person! I am going to have to relax for now because sometimes I am all up in a tizzy and I get fussy. I believe I'm a wee little bit upset all the time, so I need to relax. But anyway, I am happy because I am laughing for several minutes and I cannot let the moment go because I was happy it ever happened - the moment, the laughter, the situation. I guess I can see the hope for me to just do better because I just needed to change my perspective on a few things. And since I went and changed that I am going to be able to go through with having a happy life
  8. I'm thinking about buying from Walmart season 1 of the Lord of the Rings TV show Rings of Power. I haven't watched any of it! But I sure do love The Lord of the Rings trilogy and the books as well. I keep watching Ancient Aliens since there are marathons on the History Channel. As well as Friends, The Office, Futurama, Chicago Fire. I guess that I am not that open to discovering new things because I've been viewing these things forever. I watched The Truman Show again and the music is stupidly good according to me.
  9. I bought some Mediterranean food for lunch. And had the leftovers for dinner. A Falafel bowl, small hummus, shoestring fries, and a soft drink. The food was super delicious and satiated my palate sooo good. I think this restaurant is going to become of of the ones I frequent often. I mostly go to Mexican restaurants with my Mom and Denny's with my parents. This is going to be a great change.
  10. It's still sunny here in Kansas and we're making sun tea. The weather seems to be just normal, no storms or high winds. There has been just good old high summer heat. I think I'm going to be super glad when fall comes.
  11. I am ceasing dating apps in hopes that I am going to find the man of my dreams somewhere out in the open, out in the fields. Jim and Pam in the Office have the romance that I would love to have. I have found the conviction to say no to these apps! I feel like it's going to get me farther than if I kept using them. I believe that I could find love my way, so I'm going to wait until some guy approaches me after we get to know each other. The dating apps were such a stagnant point in my life getting me nowhere fast and I would look at them every day. The exercise made me a little frazzled and I do not believe I would push my experience on anyone else.
  12. This has got to be the coolest song ever, and for some reason, I think it's about St. Michael the Archangel being an eagerly silly dog with forearms that slay it. It's called Monday by Imagine Dragons
  13. Whhooooot for that! I'm glad you could be ever better. Whoot whoot for smarts and being a smartypants. If all people were smartymarties all the time, well, the world would go better. Take care of yourself. And by all prayers on the Lord, stay smart! We shall see it happen.
  14. I'm reading from my Walmart book collection. I picked up The Outsiders by S. E. Hinton because I like the movie. I also bought The Creative Act by Rick Rubin. Walmart has some pretty okay books, but I think I still want to go to the used bookstore to find more eclectic books. I will have to be on the prowl and help myself to some incredible books and some incredible stories.
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