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  1. Huh, would have thought someone inventing FTL tech would have been bigger news. Instead I'm hearing about it here.
  2. The point of course being that vaccines are indeed mandatory in a lot of places or to travel to certain countries, so this pearl clutching about a practice that's been around for decades is nonsense. Though in the interest in honesty I should point out that despite thinking otherwise my home province does not in fact require vaccines. Having gotten all my shots and having gotten some at school I had assumed otherwise. It does seem to be moving in that direction though. But whatever replace mandatory vaccination with any of the other must do X thing to be allowed to do Y thing examples. Might as well bitch that you need to wear pants.
  3. Are we doing that thing were we pretend that requiring vaccination to access a service is new? Or is the UK really that different. Ya'll don't require a measles shot before going to school?
  4. Yeah, this is like how you have multiple agencies for immigration with a lot of overlap in what they do. Seems like a lot of this is definitely something the FBI could handle and would be a much better use of it resources than say, monitoring black activists, instead of expanding a different group to do it.
  5. My response would apply to that dumbassery as well, I should have made that clear. But don't pretend that your stance is actually any better.
  6. Yeah fuck all those people who for health reasons or other reasons can't get the vaccine or for whom the vaccine is less effective eugen... er "natural selection" will take care of it.
  7. How the fuck is Andrew Jackson ranked 22nd? And he was 13th in the 2000 poll? Jimmy Carter is 26th? WTF? ... REAGAN IS 9TH? WHAT THE HELL DOES THIS SURVEY MEASURE?
  8. Whoops sorry, It's so exactly like what happened this year I didn't notice the date when I looked for a news story rather than just linking some of the tweets I saw. https://www.bizpacreview.com/2021/06/28/nycs-pride-participants-clash-with-police-as-celebrations-turn-violent-1095334/ Okay, that one says 2021, and has some of the tweets I saw.
  9. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/nypd-attacks-pepper-sprays-pride-march-on-stonewall-anniversary/ar-BB166IX3 NYPD showing why not inviting them to participate in Pride was the right call. ETA: That's from basically the same thing happening last year, story from this year: https://www.bizpacreview.com/2021/06/28/nycs-pride-participants-clash-with-police-as-celebrations-turn-violent-1095334/
  10. Letting them wear it publicly has been working real great for all the people recently assaulted or killed by emboldened bigots who saw people espousing their bigoted views publicly and thought that it gave them license to hurt people. "Sunlight is the best disinfectant" has been tried, it was common wisdom for decades. It's also bullshit. All it does is let their ideas spread more easily. Even if you're right and once pushed down they'll pop up again that's still better than letting them stay out in the open constantly.
  11. That's only true if you think the only solution to bigotry is to get people to stop being bigots. I personally don't much care about that nor do I have the resources to invest. My resources go to the victims. My solution doesn't involve them no longer being bigots, it's getting them to STFU.
  12. IIRC it's not even great on planned out crimes, because if you plan it out you think you won't get caught. Like the two options for committing crime is, done in an emotional moment, which means you aren't going to be thinking about the consequences, or deliberate and planned out, which means you think you can avoid the consequences.
  13. Not to be defending that too much, but calling that court case fighting survivors in court isn't exactly correct per my understanding. People with a better understanding of it then me have told me it's about 2 things, making sure the government has enough time to actually sort out who gets compensation because the initial ruling didn't give much time for that and clarifying whether the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal actually had the authority to make the ruling they did. I don't really give a shit about the second, but I think the first is important and the government case isn't arguing they shouldn't have to pay compensation, they've agreed to that.
  14. Do we know if the first dose vaccination rate has slowed down because we've hit our vaccination limit, or is it because we're focusing more on second doses?
  15. Probably nothing, but it doesn't matter. Appeal successful I have been vindicated!
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