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  1. Yeah, the simple explanation is just that not all Mandalorians think the same. The guys who saved Mando were part of Death Watch, but that doesn't mean that everyone that was part of it agreed on everything, since the unifying goal of Death Watch was the oppose the pacifism of the New Mandalorians and not anything else. So you've got a bunch of different clans united only under the banner of "fuck pacifism" and quite possibly a bunch of other clans that don't even care enough about the planet itself to get involved. And wouldn't that be a interesting thing to get brought up? That there are actually a bunch of Mandalorians running around that just weren't there for the purge.
  2. I'd like to be surprised that someone's actually trying to claim racism must be intentional to be so, but if the last couple years have proven anything (hell the last couple of months) it's the that world hasn't progressed nearly as much as we like to think it has. Take people out of their morally superior comfort zone and it's amazing how quickly people will adopt conservative talking points. "So fragile are your truths that you apparently can't stand the sight of mine." This reads like Ben Shapiro going on about snowflakes and how "facts don't care about your feelings". No self reflection, no actual attempt to counter the point. Let's just accuse the other side of being too emotional and not rational enough. Christ I'm so glad I grew out of my shitty rational atheist teenager phase.
  3. Bit more on that from the same person. https://edmontonjournal.com/opinion/columnists/opinion-no-deal-to-cut-environmental-monitoring-of-oilsands
  4. That's basically my take, it looks bad but I don't really care so much about looks, and any issue was over the minute the apology was issued. The bollocks the Cons and NDP have pulled in order to try and make something of this non-issue on the other hand. That pisses me off. Agree with Jeordhi, whatever's going on with the Alberta environmental protections thing is a concern, as is the lack of any talk on police reform, and the fact that someone tried to assassinate the PM but we're apparently not going to talk about that.
  5. Also, a lot of the damage comes *after* the cops deploy tear gas, pepper balls, and rubber bullets. Turns out escalating things ain't great for keeping things peaceful. Congratulation, you dispersed the crowd today (and potentially caused a whole bunch of unknown damage as the effect of tear gas aren't that well studied, we know it's an abortifacient and decomposes into some really toxic shit, not a lot about long term effect) tomorrow the crowds gonna be larger and pissed off. Also is amazes me that people are actually saying "if you ban tear gas the human adjacent scum in uniform will just switch to uses their more lethal options" and somehow this doesn't make you stop and think "hey maybe the defund the police people have a point" Like holy fucking shit how can you talk about he these people are so incredibly willing to murder the fuck out of anyone and be like "so yeah, we should keep them around, they're totally necessary".
  6. Teargas is indiscriminate, any argument for its use forgets that there's no way to restrict it's effects to just the people you've decided deserve it.
  7. Longer video because the uniformed bike cops only show up part way through. Which means initially it looks exactly like some randos trying to kidnap someone (which I mean that's still what it is after the uniforms show up) so what's gonna happen when someone in the crowd tries to really do something about this?
  8. I don't hold up a whole lot of hope because they still used the same engine for FO76. (And seemingly TES6) Which means a decade later your seeing the exact same bugs in FO76 as you got in Skyrim. So they'll almost certainly just going to keep trying to patch up and build upon that engine. And sure doing that you might be able to improve graphics, but changing physics is a different beast.
  9. I'd be curious to look at the correlation between "true democracies" (which the US isn't) and Free Speech. I'd bet there isn't much of one. Look, I get the desire to want to be able to debate people out of believing their nonsense, but you can only watch it not fucking work except for one time in several hundred until you realize that it just isn't effective. Heck if you go to some of my older posts you can probably watch my feelings go from "debate is the best" to "okay the main douchebag won't be convinced, but maybe it'll make the audience think" to "fuck it I just want to make fun of these people."
  10. Why? Rowling just pulled that number out of her ass, why do we have to do the work to disprove it? Some of ya'll have never tried to debate a creationist and it fucking shows.
  11. She's a well off British White women, being a TERF is like their national pastime.
  12. Nor have the protests exploded in size because of the arguments being made. Indeed if debate was an effective method of persuasion than these protests would never have become necessary in the first place.
  13. He is very dumb, and yet despite this having been proven over and over again, he's being brought onto Joe Rogan's show to spout his nonsense to yet even larger numbers of people.
  14. De-platforming is effective "rational responses" aren't. It's not a tactical error, its the exact opposite, treating an argument like it is worth actual debating gives it a form of legitimacy even when it deserve none. Ben Shapiro has had rational responses to literally every word he's spoken, not only does it not work, he doesn't even change his fucking arguments.
  15. So, at some point the protesters are going to stop showing their absolutely ridiculous levels of restraint and really fight back, and the thing that concerns me is that that's what these scumbags want.
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