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  1. Our media sucks, and I'm not sure what to do about it because the way they suck means any attempt to fix that fact will result in them screaming about censorship.
  2. It's that a DPA was involved in this case, and it's a great thing for Canada and the PM, while the last time the PM was involved with a DPA people were (without cause) freaking out. Like I remember multiple people referring to the DPA as the PM "Trying to help out his buddies at SNC-Lavalin" when in reality it would have meant harsher penalties than what they ended up with. Again I find it personally funny, if you haven't followed some of the specifics I have it probably doesn't make much sense.
  3. A deferred prosecution agreement... which I personally find kind of hilarious given what happened with SNC-Lavalin.
  4. @Fragile Bird To answer your question in the last thread, I suspect that mail in vote will be good for both the Liberals and NDP, but since tight races are generally LPC vs CPC or NDP vs CPC rather than LPC vs NDP both the LPC and NDP stand to gain, but not at the expense of each other. @Varysblackfyre321 There have been some attempts at the mail in votes are fraudulent narrative here, they haven't been as successful at taking hold though.
  5. Thank you, though I want to amend the edit I made about the mail in ballots. Looking the the current results there are some ridings that are tighter than I thought, and more of them. With 1 million special ballots waiting to be counted I'm changing my prediction from unlikely to flip enough for a majority to definite possibility.
  6. Eh I don't consider any election pointless. No ultimate change in status quo is still a choice that needs to be made.
  7. On the one hand he didn't get the majority he clearly wanted, though on the other it wasn't a defeat and he'll be looking to form government, (as much as the other parties will try and spin it negatively). There's pretty much no chance that both the NDP and Bloc will refuse to work with him, and at any given point he can almost certainly rely on one of them going along with his plans. While to defeat him would require the Bloc, NDP, and Cons to work together. So it's just the status quo of the previous 2 years continuing. Not massive support, but not a repudiation either. ETA: Also note that there's still a lot of mail in ballots to count. From what I've seen there's a fair bit of speculation that they'll go in favour of the Liberals so it's possible, if unlikely, that it'll flip enough seats to give the Liberals a majority.
  8. Gotta be honest I've no idea how things are gonna shake out tonight. Been watching the polls, but polls are national not riding specific. I've also been on Twitter way to much and the Liberal hate is, well Twitter Liberal hate. I suspect these two things have set me up for a worse outcome than what will happen, but I don't want to get my hopes up.
  9. Only reason I knew about the US/UK/Australia deal is because the conservatives here were using it an another "example" of the PM's failure. Cause they're desperate. Everyone else was just confused at the idea of Canada being involved at all. We don't make subs, and we have no particular interests in the area. It was weird.
  10. On the one hand, I would love to see what would happen if the CPC had to deal with serious vote splitting. On the other the 1.62% of the vote the PPC got last election was way to much for me to feel comfortable, so the fact that most polls have it at more than double that is actually frightening.
  11. Absolutely, like technically a reservist can join CANSOFCOM, but the reality is if you're not willing to go full time I can't see you being picked over anyone reg forces.
  12. I didn't realize you meant Brazeau in the first case... he claimed to be special forces? He was a reservist.
  13. I'm not familiar with either of these events, what happened?
  14. Hasn't been quite the increase in Liberal numbers I was hoping for, but then the English debate was a shit show. The NDP also released their costed platform, and it's kind of crap. There are some good thing in there, but on a lot of the things they were hammering the Liberals on they're doing the same or worse. No wonder they waited so long to release it.
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