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  1. The really messed up thing is how Leia, who watched her entire planet be destroyed, is the one comforting Luke.
  2. He could have just shown up to her as a force ghost. Bounty hunter quest from ToR here we come! Actually a sort of Great Hunt would be a good idea. Bo-Katan wants the dark saber, but doesn't want to kill the Mando for it, so they're able to get everyone to agree that a series of challenges consisting of hunting down and fighting dangerous targets would be an acceptable substitute for fighting over it directly.
  3. Is Luke a deepfake in the show? Based on how it looked I assumed it was CGI.
  4. HOA's always struck as sort of a quintessential American thing. We don't like government, even municipal government, telling us what to do. So we're going to create a local non-government entity to do much of what a government is supposed to, except this entity doesn't have any of the restrictions that a government would so it ends being more tyrannical than any local government ever could be.
  5. You think they're gonna stagger the release time of the new series? They did the smart thing for Mando and decided on a weekly release. Having all the different shows released at different times in the year with as little crossover as possible seems like both the next evolution of that, and a way to stop people from signing up for Disney+ only for a little while and then canceling their subscription after. On another note, how do you guys feel the appearance of Luke squares with the ST? Plenty of people on the internet think the Luke we saw there should have been what we saw in TLJ, but to me this makes sense as the Luke that believes his own legend that become the Luke in TLJ when he falls from that height.
  6. Kathleen Kennedy is responsible for nothing good about Star Wars but responsible for everything bad. That is the way for fanboys.
  7. Darkside and the Sith aren't the same thing. They thought the Sith were gone, but that doesn't mean the darkside is. Clone Wars gives us an example of non-sith darksiders like the Nightsisters. They're unlikely to be the only group, and the Jedi probably didn't deal with them cause the only way to really do so would be to wipe them out, and the Jedi aren't about to engage in genocide.
  8. The premise of the prophecy in the PT and how the Jedi thought is that the light side is the forces natural state, and the dark side is a corruption. So no darkside and only the light = force in balance. Pretty sure some of the new material contradicts this, but Lucas had in the past explicitly stated that. (though of course Lucas also often contradicts himself) Personally until it was shown otherwise I had assumed the prophecy was part of the Sith plot. The idea of a chosen one never seemed that Jedi, especially when the basis for who that chosen one was was power. Sith covet power, not Jedi. So I figured the prophecy was one of many avenues to start corrupting the Jedi by making them care more about raw power.
  9. Plot twist, we find out that there are tons of Mandalorians out there, but they don't care about the planet or the dark saber. As far as they're concerned Bo-Katan's group are just as much crazy extremists as the children of the watch that's why she's only got like three people at most.
  10. Now I'm imagining a version of this where they show up, the ship doesn't respond so they go in all cautious expecting an ambush. Then when they get to the bridge there's Luke with the kid in his lap, and he's just like "I want to offer the kid a place at my school, but I need his dad's permission first." Then the rest of the episode is just Luke and the Mando filling out paperwork and working out the details. Holidays, weekend visitation, stuff like that.
  11. It is weird that I was pretty meh on this episode? Didn't feel like the greatest season ender. First, is Bo-Katan supposed to be this dis-likable? Like first she starts talking shit, then she gets all high and mighty when Boba responds to her shit talking. "Not all Mandalorians are bounty hunters" yeah, some are terrorists. Get off your damn high horse. And I know the dialogue isn't this shows strongest point most of the time, most of the time it's video game dialogue. But this episode felt like bad video game dialogue. Especially all the weird pauses. Just once talk like normal people, please? Fight scenes were alright, but the stuff with the dark saber was stupid. First, the old canon mask of mandalore was IMO a better symbol of leadership, but also why add this nonsense about having to fight for it? Whatever people already mentioned that. Guess they need a conflict for next season Luke shows up! And instantly makes every other character pointless. This is probably the biggest issue, though I wasn't super sold on the episode prior. Really hard to care much about what happened when you realize had the heroes shown up 30 minutes later if would have been to an empty ship. Nothing says drama like destroying all stakes by having the super deadly adversary turned into a joke. I know they're taking a lot from video games, but usually the elite units you need to worry about aren't turned into mooks after at least a couple fights with them. Boba's apparently decided to take over the underworld... alright I'm in. ETA: Shit why couldn't that have been the premise of the next season instead of splitting the group? Let Bo-Katan fuck off with the stupid looking lightsaber, I want Boba Fett and the Mandalorian, partners in crime.
  12. Apparently those walking cranes in the last episode were stop motion. That's really cool.
  13. That's what I got, the whole "Empire troops celebrating like the rebels did when they blew up the Death Star" only for that officer to immediately show how terrible the Empire really is. The bad guys think they're the heroes, but they're really just the worst.
  14. Good news, they've changed their minds. Well I say changed their minds, but it's more like the teachers that would have been doing the language training refused to come back in person in sufficient numbers so they scrapped the whole thing. Unfortunately things aren't quite better, still struggling with getting work done (the really concerning thing is how little I care about getting work done), and I think the stress is causing physical symptoms that I'm gonna be talking to a doctor with tomorrow. acid reflux, trouble keeping food down, and my appetite is gone.
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