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    READ FIRST: Rules

    Thanks, Is it possible to retrieve my not accepted post (so I don't have to write it again?)? I'd like to reply to the thread that you just provided.
  2. guciomir

    READ FIRST: Rules

    Could some of the mods send me an email (or make a post here) and reply why the topic was not approved?
  3. guciomir

    READ FIRST: Rules

    I wanted to send PM to one of the mods, but I can't see their profiles. Anyway, I wanted to ask if my topic will be published here in ADWD forums. It is a crackpot theory about Victarion-Dusky Woman-Euron relationship
  4. where i can find Davos 2? i see only Davos 1 stickied
  5. is this chapter complete? i always felt that spoilers given by GRRM are not finished, that he just reads half of the chapter etc. Am i right?
  6. does it mean Jaime and Theon will be POV?