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  1. Do you shave for Water Polo?
  2. Fitting to your sitting.

  3. Farya, there's plenty of boarders from around the world on here, you are not alone. Lady Melisandre, you'll find a wealth of talking about all you love on this board, especially in Gen Chat and Literature. Maxime, Larrytheimp, and perhaps a personal name crush of mine now ABongOfIceandFire, welcome to the fun!
  4. Now with stainless finish

  5. Would it help if I got HUGS? tattooed on my penis?

  6. Welcome new members! Enjoy your stay and be careful of spoilers. I see you've already added a picture so you've most likely answered your own question? You'll need to accumulate 700 posts before you can change the title above your AV but that is the only restriction. Soon as you hit "Council Member" you should be ready for a custom. If you're really wanting to get there sooner than later (Takes some years!) I suggest the TTNE spam threads in Forum Games.
  7. There's no such thing as winnocence, only varying degrees of loser.

  8. Welcome The White Wolf of Winter, shensation. Serie, Ser Gei, Ser Pink of Floyd. Val the Wildling Princess, and Spartanette! Much like the Hotel California, you can check out any time you want but you can never leave. Enjoy your stay, make use of the search function as best you can, and be careful of spoiling in certain subforums. Also, don't feed the General Chatters after midnight after calculating timezones.
  9. I'm here for the free food.

  10. Welcome to the forums Tomas! Now just imagine Dexter as a faceless man...
  11. I need a new pair of boots.

  12. I must ask, how much of a shock was it reading ASoIaF to fill in for Harry Potter? Going from Haggred to Gregor Clegane and all should be eye-popping for anyone.
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