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  1. I like the idea of Rickard or Brandon having Lyanna abducted. If Rhaeghar rescued her... that's another Bael the bard parallel.
  2. Aerys was infamous for infidelity. Did I misspeak somewhere?
  3. A love tryst in the dungeon would mirror Ken Follet's Pillars of the Earth. And I think this book is referenced in ASOIAF.
  4. Jon is often associated with the dawn. He even fights 3 against a large number to defend Sam. Pyp has bat like ears. Grenn is described as bull like. I like the symmetry of Jon being Nights watch with all it's vows if his father was Kingsguard (with all their vows).
  5. I am not convinced Lyanna had a baby. She isn't associated with fertility (big breasts, big hips, she's referred to as "a child", she's from "Cold", "wintery" North. Ashara Dayne has all the hallmarks of fertility that Lyanna did not have. And Ashara was with Rhaegar and Elia all the time as hand maid. The hints that she had a baby from the limited TOJ dream might be a red herring. Jon had at least one parent that was a Stark. But we don't know if it was the father or the mother. GRRM has said Brandon had no sons... but he is a known liar. I don't think it can be ruled out that Jon had a Stark father and not a Stark mother. And I am glad you liked the Rhaegar rescue idea. I might write more on it later.
  6. At least one. But he could also have two Stark Parents. Afterall, the plot of the first book pivoted on charges of incest.
  7. This doesn't have to conflict with Mance = Arthur Dayne or someone else. So I am not opposed on it's face. But I tend to believe that Jon's parentage falls into the categories I supplied above. Mance could be involved.
  8. I am going to break your question into pieces. 1. Who is Rhaegar's child? Option 1: You will laugh... Sam Tarley is a more interesting candidate for being Rhaegar's son than Jon. And Sam saving the day is more interesting than Jon Snow saving the day. Sam is not the typical hero of a fantasy novel and I think GRRM sees more of himself in Sam than Jon. Sam and Rhaegar have more in common than Jon... Sam sings (he loves it), Jon does not! Option 2: Dany. Dany looks like Rhaegar and Ashara Dayne. Dany's first romantic partner Khal Drogo is like an inversion of Rhaegar. This would make Dany a potential heir before Viserys. And him lying about her birth would make him a usurper uncle! Option 3: Both. the Dragon needs 3 heads! 2. Who are Jon Snow's parents? Option 1: Jon Snow is an incest baby (Rickard, Brandon, or Ned - by Accident). I think this works nicely with Bael the Bard. I suspect Bael the Bard was rescuing the Stark Maid from "her father" in the story. Option 1A: Aerys. I said above that Lyanna might be Aerys bastard daughter. He might have found out about Harrenhal and kidnapped her. Option 2: Arthur Dayne and Lyanna (I like the symbolism of Jon's father being Kingsguard... it makes Jon and his father share the same fate of "oath breaking" for women...). Bonus points if Arthur Dayne has/had red-hair like a mirror of Ygritte. Arthur means bear... So the "Bear and the maiden fair" takes on a new meaning... Also you have Jorah Mormont (A bear and bodyguard/queensquard) to Dany. Dany is like Lyanna, people tried to sell her off into a marriage. Option 3: Brandon and Ashara Dayne (if they married, this makes Ned a usurper uncle (a re-occuring theme in the books!). And Ned is haunted by visions of Lyanna! Bonus points if Brandon escaped from KL like Jaime escaped Harrenhal. 3. What's wrong or missing from R+L=J? It makes Lyanna boring. All she does is make 1 baby and immediately die. She should be the center of the story. So it is odd that this central character does so little. Every other woman gets to travel, see and do things. Not Lyanna. She makes 1 baby and dies from it. It makes Rhaegar a boring loser. He makes Lyanna pregnant and dies. What was all his training for? He probably cheated at Harrenhal... and he lost at the Trident. I think Rhaegar rescued Lyanna from someone, like I think Bael rescued the Stark maid. I think he was successful, and may have died in the attempt (I am not certain who was in Rhaegar's armor on the Trident! - A common theme in the books not to trust armor as a form of identification) I see the chapter where Theon rescues Jeyne Pool (A "Stark" Maid) as showing us what the Tower of Joy rescue was really like. The evidence for it is circumstantial and weaker than it appears. I won't go into that here. 4. Why? What's the point? I am looking for parallels between people's lives. I expect patterns of people's lives in the text to repeat, although not 100% every time. -Rhaegar/Abel/Bael the Bard all seem to Rhyme with each other. So while people may read the text a certain way (often literally). I am not compelled to read the book 100% literally, especially when it comes to past events. When it comes to Robert's Rebellion, obviously there are the accounts we have of it. But I see the current events as mirroring Robert's Rebellion. The current books are telling us something about that period.
  9. What if Rhaegar and Lyanna were half siblings? Rhaegar's imagery (Fire/Red/Dragon= Sun, Harp = Bow) are like Apollo. Apollo is the Sun (fire) God. Where Apollo has a golden bow Rhaegar has a silver Harp. Apollo and Rhaegar are both musicians. Apollo and Rhaegar are both associated with prophecy. Where Apollo is the son of the great god Zeus, Rhaegar is the son of the king. Both their fathers are infamous for their affairs and infidelities. Let's look at Lyanna. If Lyanna is like Arya, that would make them both "hunters" (Huntress). They are both "direwolves" and wolves are known for howling at the moon. Rickard and Lyarra are supposed to be her parents. But paternity is fickle in ASOIAF. Did Lyarra accompany Rickard to Kingslanding before Robert's Rebellion? Artemis is the goddess of Nature and wildlife. The Starks have a unique connection to wildlife through their warging abilities. Another name for Artemis is Dianna (Rhymes with Lyanna). Artemis was an unmarried maiden (as we know Lyanna to be). Artemis is associated with bears (Bear and the maiden fair). I say this because I am not convinced by R+L=J. I think there are more interesting alternatives. Rhaegar trained all his life... For what? He cheated at Tourneys... He didn't need to train for that. What if Lyanna was kidnapped by someone and Rhaegar and his half a dozen (7!) had to rescue her? What if her kidnappers were 3 people ("they were seven facing three")? Did this take place at a tower? This would mirror Bael's "rescue" of the Stark Maid (I have argued the Lords of Winterfell may have an incentive to lock Stark Maids away... if they are Matrilineal...". This would mirror Abel's ("Bael" spelt differently) r and his half dozen (7!) escue of the woman impersonating a "Stark Maid", Jeyne Poole. From a tower no less! But mainly I wanted to point out Rhaegar and Lyanna's symbolism. They line up well with Apollo and Artemis. This would make them symbolic siblings (half siblings), even if they are not actually siblings.
  10. If Aegon is genuinely Rhaegar's son that means Varys supported the son but not the father. Varys is the reason Aerys left Kingslanding to attend the Tourney at Harrenhal. The two ideas conflict with one another. It seems unlikely Varys was anti-Rhaegar but supports his real son. The most likely thing is that Aegon isn't Rhaegar's son. He's someone else's.
  11. Thank you for taking the time to provide that. I'm guessing the heresies are a collaborative effort and there are multiple ideas out there. Any others thanks stand out or are memorable?
  12. I've seen their threads around but I'm having trouble getting into their voluminous writing/threads. Do they have anything interesting that I should take a second look? I know it may be hard to summarize all of it. But could maybe I get an example why I should consider taking a second look? Any major findings that may demonstrate what they are trying to do?
  13. Symbolically, if you give Tyrion the wrong answer to his question you die of strangulation. Chances are.
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