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  1. In my view he is a Blackfyre. I also think we should be looking for the threads of the story to start coming together, rather than hoping for 1000 separate solutions to 1000 separate mysteries. None of your arguments convince me otherwise. But of course I only mean Young Griff is a Blackfyre in the broad sense of being descended from the Blackfyres. In the narrow sense, he cannot be a Blackfyre because the male line is dead, extinguishing the Blackfyre name. Only the female line would survive. And that line would survive by marrying into another house, and carrying another name. What other line might that be? The logical step is to look at the major players of the Game of Thrones. Has one of them married a mystery lady from Essos? Hmmm! Source? We don't know what he thinks because we don't have access to his POV. We know Connington thinks YG is Aegon, but we don't know what YG thinks. YG spends alot of time alone with Lady Lemore, supposedly discussing the mysteries of the Faith, but actually (I suppose) saying things that they cannot say even in front of Connington. I suspect YG knows that Lemore is his mom; and if he knows that, he also knows that Elia is NOT his mom. But they CAN find a Blackfyre to support. They can, as Illyrio hints, support the female line. In other words, they can support Lemore. And whoever Lemore's husband is. And whoever Lemore's children are. And whoever Lemore's parents are (Illyio and Serra?). They can support Aegon Targaryen because Lemore et al have thrown their support beyind Aegon Targaryen, in exchange for whatever marriage alliances for Lemore's Blackfyre children, and for whatever Westerosi territory from the conquest. The Golden Company does not need to know that Lemore is secretly plotting to put her own child on the Iron Throne. Too much bad logic here. - One member of the GC knowing a secret does not mean they all do. Most are accustomed to following orders; and most just want to go home. - A handful of top leaders knowing that Lemore is a Blackfyre does not mean they all know; still less does it show that they know that Lemore is secretly plotting to put her own son on the Iron Throne. They can support Aegon because Lemore supports Aegon. - The idea that all 10,000 members of the GC hate all people named "Targaryens" on principle is a made-up premise. It has no support in the text. The whole premise of the Blackfyre claim to the Iron Throne is that the Blackfyres are heirs to the Targaryens. Their original claims died with the death of the last Blackfyre of the male line. Also you just argued yourself out of court. If your premise (not mine) is that the Blackfyres would never support a Targaryen then WHY ARE THEY DOING JUST THAT. Well then, perhaps he will never reveal himself. But we're getting too far ahead of ourselves here. If Aegon had dragons, he might take the risk. If he did not have dragons, it might be too much of a risk. My guess is he will get dragons, but ultimately lose the dragon wars. And yes, I think the truth will matter in the end, in one way or the other. After all, if he is not Elia's child, then he is not The Prince that was Promised and his is not the Song of Ice and Fire.
  2. This is very postmodern of you. Also very cynical and very Varys. Truth does not matter; only perception. Power resides where people think it resides. Better to look the part of Aegon than to actually be Aegon. Except that Varys is a villain who cuts out the tongues of children. I don't think GRRM is actually on his side. At least I hope not. One arguable clue that you may be overlooking is a certain prophesy, that tells us that Aegon is the Prince that was Promised, and his is the Song of Ice and Fire. And that prophesy concerns an Aegon that Elia held in her arms, and not some other Aegon.
  3. The two rumors I have heard (and I am too lazy to trace sources right now) is that the Prologue will involve Robb's widow; and (not specifically stated to be a POV IIRC); and that it would also have something to do with how Young Griff took storms end. An idea that potentially ties these two clues together is the use of blood magic to wake dragons out of stone. A child of Robb's widow could be "king's blood"; Young Griff's "friends in the Reach" could include blood sorcerers. The awakening of dragons out of stone could explain how Young Griff and his allies were able to take Storms End. And, in the event that Jeyne is the POV, she can die at the end of the chapter, as is the tradition for POVs, after seeing her child sacrificed.
  4. Summer Island culture sucks because of its sexual exploitation of female children. Skin color has nothing to do with it. So-called "sex work" should NOT be respected. A tiny tiny percentage of high-class prostitutes will make a ton of money, but the rest will just be used, abused and degraded. This is inevitable. And anyone who for whatever selfish reason buys into the lie is part of the problem. To some extent this exploitation is inevitable and has prevailed throughout history, but will become 10 times worse when society actively promotes it. We've seen this before. Criminal pimps were bad enough in the bad old days. But when you legalize prostitution, what happens in effect, is that the government gets involved in pimping in exchange for a cut. . And then there is nowhere to run to. I have no idea what GRRM's opinion is -- I am just stating mine.
  5. Dead wrong. A mystery knight we once knew as Sandor will use Dawn. Ned Dayne will be the mystery squire to this mysterious True Knight, Dunk & Egg style.
  6. Bonifer Hasty Fans tend to dismiss him because (1) he is old; (2) Jaime dismisses him with contempt and fans assume Jaime's perspective is that of the author; (3) some fans hate religion, and assume GRRM hates religion as much as they do. DIsclaimer: I cannot prove that any of the above assumptions are wrong. They could be dead on, for all I know. But this thread asks for guesses, and here's mine: It will be revealed that Bonifer is the son of Dunk; father of Rhaegar, grandpa of TPWP; was present at Summerhall and knows something about it; and most importantly, can still kick ass in his old age.
  7. Barristan all-but accuses Gerris to his face of mummery: "do you take me for a doting grandfather". But even putting the Quentyn is Alive theory aside, roles and identity are definitely themes in the story. Initially, GRRM by naming chapters after characters' true identities. But now has begun a pattern of naming chapters after roles played: Mercy, Alayne Stone, Reek, The Merchant's Man, etc. What with faceless men running around, surely GRRM will eventually use this to deceive the reader. A chapter will be named after a character, but it won't actually be that character, but someone playing the role of that character.
  8. Syncretism is a vague word, of which academics are fond, but which I don't find particularly useful. But I was not objecting to it. I was responding to the concrete example that you gave in plain English. It strikes me as extraordinarily unlikely that a missionary would think or talk that way. And of course, a missionary would not use the word "syncretism" either, because he is a missionary, and not an academic. Wikipedia cites the example of missionaries who identified "Manitou" with "God". I would not call that "syncretism" either. It merely represents the missionary's idea that God is not his local god, but the God of the Whole Universe, who was already present before the missionary arrived. The missionary is not trying to promote "syncretism", but merely to use a local word for "God".
  9. This sounds more like a post-modern academic, projecting his own beliefs and attitudes onto an ancient missionary. It seems to be very unlikely that an ancient missionary would actually think this way. There are much better explanations for why once-pagan practices survived in Christian communities. But perhaps you have an example of a modern missionary in mind.
  10. Yes, I think we will see a zombie homicidal maniac version of "Jon Snow". But it's a trick. It won't actually be Jon Snow. It will be Cregan Karstark, glamored by Mel to look like Jon, and having access to parts of Jon's mind and memory, thanks to having been warged by Jon at the time of its death.
  11. These are just names. A suffix this basic is not going to have a common derivation or significance across an influx of multiple cultures. Nor, realistically, will it have a common spelling. So "ei" and "ey" are basically the same. You might as well start a thread debating the significance of names beginning with the letter "b". But I'm sure a thread will be started for that soon. There seems to be some tendency to spell masculine names "ey" and feminine names "ei". Hence, we see Andrey but not Andrei. But that seems not to be universal, as I can think of at least one exception in Barbrey Dustin. And of course, the derivation of that is that GRRM started with Barbara, and changed it a bit; just as he changed Edward to Eddard. He could just as easily made it Barbrei. Similarly, "Winifred" became "Wynafrei"; "Circe" becomes "Cersei"; "Sally" becomes "Sallei"; "Janey" becomes "Janei"; "Elena" becomes "Elenei". Missandei is a foreign name from a foreign culture. It is not going to have anything in common with other names ending in "ei" except maybe that it got transliterated in a certain way. Janei named after Cersei? No. Just no. That's like saying Gandalf was named after Adolf [Hitler]. Women with the "ei" suffix are promiscuous? No. Just no.
  12. The reason he is called "Harry the Heir" is because he is the heir presumptive of Lord Robert Arryn, precisely as Littlefinger laboriously explains to Sansa in the books.
  13. My guess would be no. But we already have indirect testimony from UnBeric, who asks if he was born on the battlefield, and if Thoros is his mother. UnBeric, at least, does not think he is Beric. I can also see the dead appearing in dreams and visions to POV characters, in a way that might provide clues that they are separate beings from whatever evil spirit inhabits their corpse. Jaime had a vision of he and Brienne being trapped in the Underworld together. And Brienne was beautiful there. Brienne had a vision of following a man she loved through a forest. She calls to him, and he turns. Then a shadow, seeming to strike from her direction, kills him, much to her horror. I think this foreshadows the death of Jaime; and gives a clue as to what the perspective might be of a human spirit trapped in a zombie corpse. Able to observe, perhaps, but not really in control. I absolutely think GRRM is going to use the fantasy elements of the story in tricksy ways, including but not limited to tricky use of POVs: -- FACELESS MEN: Very tricksy characters, who can appear in the shape of a dead person, convincing characters and readers that such person is still alive. They can even have POV chapters; since the tradition of naming chapters after the role being played (Alayne, Mercy, The Merchant's Man, etc. etc.), has already firmly established by GRRM. - GLAMORS: self evident. - WARGING: Human's can be warged. And a character can "die in his own POV" while warging another human. All GRRM has to do to trick us is to conceal this information. In fact, I have an idea that this may have already happened, and Bowon Marsh and Friends assassinated a warged, glamored Cregan Karstark; only to have the real Jon Snow return to his body hiding in the ice cells. - ZOMBIES: I don't think they will get POVs but they can walk and talk; and convince certain POV characters that they are alive for a while. -- SECOND LIFE: A person's POV can continue after his body has died. We already saw this with Varamyr. And what will that second life be? Another human? A dragon?
  14. I'm not ruing anything out. But when your sentence has been passed and you are already facing the hangman, the hangman will not typically cut you down no matter what you shout. It is not a good time to change your mind about the plea bargain you rejected. UnCat's orders to the hangman were not conditional, as far as I can see. Seems to me that Brienne's best hope is for the rope to break, and/or for the proverbial "cavalry" to arrive. Maybe Edric and a couple of buddies will rush out swinging swords at the last minute. But, if she won't be cut down by her captors, what is the significance of the word she screamed? I have ideas about that, but you are probably not going to like them. Where there is life, there is hope, they say. Yes, it is reasonable to hope, no matter how dire their situation, if only because of there is a certain story logic to dire cliffhangers. In this case, I think GRRM (the evil bastard) is counting on us to hope for their survival, so that he can then play with our expectations, when a mystery knight and his mystery squire appear at the Vale Tourney in Sansa's POV. But that's only my guess. GRRM has said in an interview that this kind of wight (the UnBeric kind) is driven by its oaths. So oaths are the one thing that you would expect it to understand. Beric is gone. She would be either raised by Thoros, maybe at LS's instruction, or raised by Stoneheart herself. Ah, people will get mad at me. And it's only my guess, after all. Yes, I think Brienne is undead. A fire wight pursuing a monstrous and twisted version of her dying oath and other prior oaths. Brienne made an oath to take [Renly's] sword and kill Renly's slayer with it. When she entered Catelyn's service, Catelyn swore to her that she would not keep her from fulfilling that oath. As she dies, Brienne screams a word that signifies an oath to "take the sword and kill the kingslayer". This curiously echos her prior oath regarding Renly. Except it has now been extended to a different Kingslayer, and perhaps, in her damaged zombie mind, to all kingslayers, including Gregor Clegane (reputed slayer of Aegon) and Sansa Stark (reputed slayer of Joffrey). And of course she will pursue Stannis as well. In the fever dreams that precede her handing, Jaime and Renly already seem to be becoming confused. Brienne and Sandor have many curious parallels. I think both will become their opposites, messing with the readers expectations. Brienne will take up the Hound helm and fight Gregor, and hunt Sansa to avenge Joffrey (as Sansa half expects Sandor to do). Sandor will become a True Knight, and become a knight errant embodying the best ideals of knighthood. And he will be accompanied, I guess, by a shy 12-year old squire. And he will carry a large sword, which he will refuse to draw against lesser adversaries. And readers will say, "that's obviously Brienne, accompanied by Pod, refusing to draw Oathkeeper -- remember her story about honor and the Just Maid". But it will actually be Sandor, accompanied by Edric, Lord of Starfall, and refusing to draw Dawn. And, as ironically foreshadowed by his terror of fire, he will slay a dragon (Can a man be brave when he is afraid? That is the only time a man can be brave!). He will draw Dawn for that adversary, at least.. Etc. etc. My guess is, that all the curious parallels between Brienne and Sandor, and between Podrick and Edric, are part of this curious plot to mislead Sansa and the reader. But some of the parallels between Dunk and Egg, on the one hand, and Sandor and Edric on the other, will be thematic.
  15. That much is for sure. What is it already? Eighteen years? Even in the Potterverse, boys don't necessarily live merely because they are boys. Cedric Diggory died just to prove how evil Voldemort was; to show that his murderous acts can affect people we know and like. Cat is gone. UnCat is not Cat. It is an undead monster, making use of a few aspects of Cat's mind and memories. Some fans don't accept this. They think that if someone gives this Demon-Haunted Corpse a nice talk, this Demon-Haunted Corpse will somehow rediscover its lost humanity. So they think that, when UnCat ordered hanged an innocent 12-year old boy that we know and like, she did not really mean it, deep down in her heart of hearts. My guess is, they are wrong. Cat would not approve of UnCat's actions, to be sure. But Cat, wherever her spirit dwells, is not in charge of this demon corpse. Ser Dontos is dead. He did not exactly die of old age either. Ser Barristan's mercy shows that Ser Barristan is merciful. It does not tell us anything about Dontos; nor about Littlefinger. So basically, even the murderous Lord Tywin has more mercy in his heart than Mother Merciless. That's the message I'm getting from this parallel.
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