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  1. House Farring's coat of arms is incorrect and should be fixed. The current COA depicts two knights on a horse, but according to Citadel the knights are on foot. Indeed, the Farring knights are simply blazoned as knights combatant, without any reference to horses, differently from the knight of House Risley, who is appropriately blazoned as a knight on a horse. This is how the fixed COA could be: https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/gotascent/images/d/d5/250px-House_Farring.PNG/revision/latest?cb=20170830110718
  2. I think you're right. There's no clear indication that Littlefinger founded a new House. House Baelish is a single House with two seats, just like the Targaryens had Dragonstone, the Red Keep and Summerhall. I'd merge the pages.
  3. In my opinion it doesn't seem the text states that the day of the coronation is also the first day of 1 AC. It's mentioned that the start date of the reign is the second coronation instead of the first (Even the start date is a matter of some misconception. Many assume, wrongly, that the reign of King Aegon I Targaryen began on the day he landed at the mouth of the Blackwater Rush, etc.), not that the first day of 1 AC and the first day of the reign are the same. The day of the coronation in the Starry Sept could be in the middle of the year 1 AC, for all we know. It is possibile that Aegon's Conquest simply changed the way years are counted, while days and months are still counted as before the Conquest, for example based on the movements of the celestial bodies or the Faith holydays.
  4. In the text it's never said the first year of Aegon's reign started exactly in the first day of the new calendar. Furthermore, it doesn't seem that the war started in 3 BC (most of Aegon's actual conquering took place from 2-1 BC; The World of Ice & Fire) For example, it is possibile that the Conquest started on the second month of 2 BC and ended in the fourth month of 1 AC, with the beginning of the reign in the middle of the year. That would mean, indeed, that the war lasted more than two years.
  5. In the text it's implied that there isn't a year 0. We know that the Conquest lasted two years, from 2 BC to 1 AC. If there was a year 0 it would be three years.
  6. A question for @Ran. The first Lord of Highgarden is called Harlen Tyrell in the appendices of the main series, while is called Harlan in The World of Ice & Fire, Fire & Blood and The Rise of the Dragon. Which should it be the correct spelling? Personally I think it shoud be Harlan, since it is the most recent, is the most used and is featured in the book texts, not only in the appendices. Thank you in advance.
  7. In my opinion they are equated with traditional rock wives, because they are not concubines kidnapped in raids, an exception to the rule. In doubt, I would not categorize their children as salt ones.
  8. Do you mean the comment saying Alysanne never was Maegor's daughter in Targaryen's family tree is the correct one? (English is not my native language, I want to be sure I don't misunderstand)
  9. According to the Did you know/119 page, The reference is a 2018 comment by @Ran However, in Alysanne Targaryen's Behind the Scenes section, there's a note that says: In this case, the reference is a 2017 comment by Ran. Which is the correct reference, the most recent or the less recent?
  10. Perhaps the black chief is a mistake and it is really white. A black battering ram would be barely visible on a black chief. Otherwise it could mean that the black ram fills up the chief entirely, which is why they are both black. In doubt, I would write "on a chief", not specifying the color, and would make the ram bigger.
  11. It seems the login issue affects my account once in a month. It's been a couple of days I cannot save my edits.
  12. In my opinion it's safe to say that "born that same year" refers to the year mentioned a few lines earlier, that is 7 AC, when Aenys was born.
  13. I'm having again the login issue after my session stopped working and I had to log out. Is someone else getting the error message?
  14. I'm having the same problem right now.
  15. I've rewritten the sentence explaining that there are no references about Rhaenyra knowing what happened to Daemon.
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