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  1. I have a very complete collaborative reading on my site. I'd post it, but we still need to refine it, but I'm happy to send a link to anyone who wants to start reading the recaps. We're just helping each other fill in blanks, but I'm comfortable enough to share what we have. Otherwise I'd just post the whole recap here. ETA: I was at the reading, I'm a primary source.
  2. Thanks for the advice, I'll organize a post and put a feeler out there for interest.
  3. Thanks, I'll see if there is anything there that looks organized.
  4. That's how I'm reading it. Reread forum is thru book 3 when I checked.
  5. Maybe this doesn't fit here, but do we have a place for a reread of Dance?
  6. I posted on this in a relevant thread, but got no reply. I'm not getting notified when I'm quoted or for thread subscriptions. Who helps with that?
  7. Admins, how about smileys for our favorite great house sigils? a direwolf, a kraken, a cutesy little lion, a smiley with deer horns, etc. I think this sould be kind of cool. I don't know how to design those things on the computer, but I have a few ideas on pen and ink about what some of them would look like. Even a black little raven smiley would be cute. Is there any way we could expand the list for some ASOIAF themed little smileys?? And who could we ask to make that happen?
  8. Rereading LOTR, and when Thorin Oakenshield is mentioned, I thought I recalled reading of a minor character by the name of Oakshield or Oakenshield. Is it just my imagination? Maybe its just a familiar name bc I've read LOTR so many times, but it just sounds Westerosi to me now anyway.
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