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I read a lot from an early age, from the classics(Tolkien) to the truly awful.(Eddings) Somewhere in there I managed to find a Game of Thrones. Of course, I stopped reading for pleasure during high school, and books both good and bad were packed into attics and basements.

Until one day in 2001, home on break from college, I picked up a book and started reading. Feeling dissatisfied, the thought occurred. "There was the one book, with the family from the north and wolves....." I scoured my parents storage areas and eventually found that copy of AGOT. "Whoa," I thought upon finishing it. "That was awesome." To my delight there was not one but two additional books available in the series. I devoured them and then started at the beginning and read them again. I found this forum shortly after(well not this forum, but you know what I mean) I lurked for a few months then worked up the courage to post. I started as SerJasonMallister, terrorizing the book forums as a card-carrying member of the LADL(Littlefinger Anti-Defamation League)

Then I found the lit forum and the sheer amount of recs astonished me. Goodbye board, as my spare time was taken up by Kay, Brust, Cook and a host of others. I returned often but just for more recs. I couldn't help myself.

In 2005, I logged on one day to find that old board was gone, or in any case moved. I signed up again, new name, new identity and began to post once more although sporadically (more recently lately) and mostly in misc.

I've since finished my own novel, Deviltown, which is oddly not spec fic in the least, despite that is what I mostly read. I like to think of it as GRRM meets Elmore Leonard meets Friday Night Lights. At least, I recognize those influences.