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  1. Here is why I believe so 1. Reading into the history of the Iron Islands, we find that there was a King of the Iron Islands named Urrathon IV Goodbrother. During a Kingsmoot, he swayed the vote into his favor, over the previous King’s sons. Upon winning the throne, he had all of them killed. Save for one, who was not at the Kingsmoot to press his claim. He was raiding along the Mander when this happened. Urrathon was such a cruel and impious man that even the Drowned Men hated him. He was eventually overthrown and killed by the living brother once he returned. When Euron arrives at the Kingsmoot he sways the vote in his favor, winning the crown of the Iron Islands over the previous King’s daughter, and his brother Victarion. Asha flees for her life, as she no doubt expected Euron to kill her. Victarion stayed (because he is as dumb as a sack of bricks) but His mission seems doomed for failure. So, in a way, it’s part of Euron’s plan for him to die. Most of the other claimants to the throne are all given precarious positions that seemed doomed as well. Euron also openly admits to Aeron that he has killed 3 of his brothers, and it’s heavily implied through the text that Euron raped Aeron multiple times as a child. Euron is literally a bad brother. Meanwhile in Qarth during Dany’s chapters in Clash, we hear of an owner of a house with glass candles that have awoken in the house of URRATHON NIGHT-WALKER. Urrathon, a now known name that is infamous in the Iron Islands. We also know that Euron has been to Qarth, recently, and is a known practitioner of sorcery. Euron is Urrathon Night-Walker. 2. Theon was not present at the Kingsmoot. Much like the historical Ironborn prince, he was away from the Islands, and was unable to press his claim. Finally, during the Kingsmoot, Aeron says to Euron “No godless man may sit the Seastone Chair.” Well, the name Theon is Greek in origin, for “theos”. It translate to “Hunter” OR “Godly” Theon is a godly man, and will sit the Seastone Chair at the end of the series. As King or Lord, it matters not.
  2. If you are like I, then you believe the theory that the Lords of the North, Riverlands, Vale, and Stormlands were planning on seceding from the 7K. The Targaryen rule of Westeros was only ever as legitimate as their ability to keep it together. Not only that, the Targaryens routinely abused their power and subjects as much as they helped Westeros. The North being the perfect example. Ending the right of first night was a good thing, though it was a dying tradition anyway. But immediately giving the Gift to the NW essentially took farmland away from the Northern lords, and gave it to a group that could never use it. Lest we also forget before that how Lords Jaehaerys sent to the Wall rebelled again and killed a Stark Lord. And then the Dance of the Dragons where the North had a poor harvest, that could’ve been aided by the land, and the civil war made sure that the rest of 7K couldn’t help. In short, they were absolutely in the right to rebel against the weak and ineffectual Targaryens of their time.
  3. You lost me at the “Tully disposition for insanity” nonsense. Pretty much discredits anything you say.
  4. Also I don’t think anyone on here hates Dany except Corvo. We just don’t refrain from criticizing her. You are your kind’s character assassinations of the Starks are a problem, however. It’d be different if it was based on text, but 90% of what you guys says in your own headcanons that you perpetuate between each other on this forum.
  5. Jon is the Prince that was promised and Daenerys is AAR. Bran is the Last Hero parallel. Together all 3 are the 3 heads of the dragon.
  6. I think that is true, Valyrian colonies in Sothoryos are said to have practiced some form of magical splicing with animals and it was said at one colony that slave women were “bred with animals”
  7. I find this so fascinating, and I completely see it. I’m surprised I never noticed it before.
  8. It was dragons that always have 4 legs. Wyverns have 2 with wings used as legs. Perhaps George planned this from the start, Valyrian dragons, are not dragons, but biologically engineered wyverns
  9. Her main purpose would be to solidify Cregan to The Blacks and add depth to Jace’s shallow character
  10. According to leaks that may not be true they may have Cregan marching south with Roddy
  11. I have never even considered their shared experience of being bastards
  12. I was just reading about how Robb and Jon used to play games as children, and how’d they’d pretend to be famous heroes from Westerosi history. Then I had a funny thought. imagine Ned running into Jon and Robb playing a game, Ned asks them what they are playing and Jon just yells “ I’m a Targaryen!” Ned: “I’m Prince Daeron, the Young Dragon!”
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